Ham & Pineapple Pizza: A Pizza Delight That You Will Cherish Forever

Ham & Pineapple Pizza

When it involves pizza, everyone has their preferred toppings that satisfy their flavour buds and create a lovely enjoyment. One such undying mixture that has sparked admiration and debate is the traditional Ham and Pineapple pizza from Domino’s.  Whether you are a big fan of veggies or not one such pizza that has captured the heart of many foodies is Ham & Pineapple Pizza. The heavenly delight will not only galvanize your taste buds but melt your heart. 

How Has Ham & Pineapple Pizza Come To The Table Delight?

The Ham and Pineapple pizza, often affectionately referred to as the “Hawaiian” pizza, has an interesting story of how it came to be a prominent choice for foodies and pizza lovers. Contrary to what a few would possibly consider, it did now not originate in Hawaii but alternatively in Canada. The credit for this sweet and savoury combination goes to Sam Panopoulos, a Greek-Canadian pizza maker, who first delivered the Ham and Pineapple pizza at his dining place in Ontario in the early Sixties. The idea of mixing ham and pineapple on a pizza became quite unconventional at the time, however, its recognition speedy unfolded slowly. Later the pizza in the end made its way globally liked by everyone. 

Speciality Of Ham & Pineapple Pizza 

The magic of the Ham & Pineapple pizza lies in the correct concord of flavours. The savoury and barely salty taste of the ham enhances the sweet and tangy pineapple, growing a culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds. When paired with Domino’s signature hand-tossed crust and amazing mozzarella cheese, the result is a lovely medley of textures and flavours that keeps pizza lovers coming back for more bites. 

The sweet delicacy of this pizza is a masterpiece. Whether you are having it during lunchtime or having it with friends and family the irresistible flavours of the pizza combined make the experience delightful and memorable. The Ham & Pineapple pizza is one of those pizzas that you will not get over with. Especially the rich taste it carries with it.

No dialogue about Ham & Pineapple pizza is entirely without acknowledging the ongoing debate surrounding pineapple as a pizza topping. While some purists argue that fruit has no location on a pizza, others admire the culinary innovation and unexpected flavour delight it brings. The splendour of pizza lies in its range, and the Ham and Pineapple pizza is a testament to the infinite possibilities that may be performed when experimenting with flavours.

Domino’s Take On Ham & Pineapple Pizza Is A Masterpiece 

Domino’s is well known for globally delivering pizza on a massive scale and has mastered the artwork of crafting the right Ham & Pineapple pizza fortunately. Using top-class ingredients and a commitment to exceptional delight for pizza lovers and foodies alike. It ensures that each slice is a burst of flavour. The ham is expertly cooked to perfection, and the pineapple adds a clean sweetness that elevates the whole pizza dining experience. The crust, crispy on the outside and gentle on the internal, serves as the right texture for this particular taste mixture. Overall what sets Ham & Pineapple Pizza apart from Domino’s is: 

Customers can customise their pizza

One of the reasons its Ham and Pineapple pizza remains a favourite choice among foodies is the flexibility of toppings and crust it offers for personalization. Whether you opt for a thin crust, hand-tossed, or pan pizza, it lets you customize your order to suit your personal preferences. Additionally, you can add a wide variety of toppings or pick out from a range of crust flavors to make your pizza even extra customized.

Cust And Toppings Options For Ham & Pineapple Pizza  

The best part of experiencing Ham & Pineapple Pizza at Domino’s is that there are multiple options Crust and topping options. Simply choose and personalize your ingredients while making an order. Each of these toppings added to the pizza has an offer unique taste or flavour. Here are the options for Crust and toppings: 

Food type Crust  Toppings 
Ham & Pineapple Pizza
  • Classic Crust- Fresh Dough base 
  • Italian Style- Fresh Dough, Hand Stretched out to a thin base
  • Domino’s Stuffed Crust- Delicious Mozzarella Cheese With a hint of famous fresh dough crust 
  • Double Decadence- Layers of cheese & herb sauce sandwiched between two thin and crispy Bases
  • Cranberry Drizzle 
  • Pepperoni 
  • Chicken breast strips 
  • Ham 
  • Mushroom 
  • Tandoori Chicken 
  • Sausage 
  • Burger Sauce 
  • Ground Beef 
  • Plant-based Soay & Wheat Pepperoni and more 
  • Pulled Sage & Onion Turkey 
  • Tuna
  • Garlic Spread 
  • Olives 
  • Pineapple 
  • Sweetcorn 
  • Hotdog Slice 


Must Try Sauce With Ham & Pineapple Pizza 

Pizza and sauce are irreplaceable. A pizza without a tasty sauce? We know it’s not happening. Your ultimate delight in Ham and Pineapple pizza is not complete without dipping in a scrumptious sauce. We have three scrumptious sauces that are just right for picky eaters as well

Domino’s Own Tomato Sauce

This speciality comes with perfect seasoning with fresh tomatoes and creamy dippings. With its own recipe that blends the conventional sauce taste with new tomato sauce will make your bites heaven on earth.  

Sundried Tomato and Garlic Sauce

This sauce is full of rich garlic flavour with tomato paste. If you love the taste of garlic, especially with fresh tomato paste this sauce will blow your mind. Every dipping is irresistible. 

BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce offers a unique taste with a smoky tangy and sweet kick to every bite. With rich enhancing culinary taste with perfect seasoning make your dipping drooling. 


Domino’s Ham & Pineapple Pizza is a culinary journey that has stood the test of time. Its unique aggregate of savoury ham, sweet pineapple, and flawlessly baked crust has received the hearts of pizza fans worldwide. So, the next time you’re yearning for a sweet pizza bite experience that dances on your flavour buds, simply place your order and get your pizza picked up or delivered to your doorstep. Anytime anywhere your ultimate pizza experience is one step away. 

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Where was ham and pineapple pizza originally from?
It is also known as Hawaiian pizza topped with ham and pineapple, cheese, tomato sauce, and bacon. It was first said to have been invented by a Greek Immigrant in Canada called Sam Panopoulos. 
What is another name for ham and pineapple pizza?
The Ham and Pineapple pizza is also known by the name Hawaiian pizza which originally came from Canada. It’s one of those pizzas that offer rich and sweet pineapple flavour with other ingredients. 
Does Domino's have a pineapple and ham pizza?
Yes, the most demanded the picked pizza on the menu is none other than ham and pineapple pizza. If you are looking for a flavourful veggie taste with a customized topping option this is a must-try on Domino’s.









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