Discover The Irresistible Magic Of Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls

Domino's twisted dough balls

Looking for side options that are tasteful but not full meals? Check out Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls on the side menu. They’re a delightful treat for pizza lovers, giving you a taste of pizza in a savoury bite. You can choose from different options for a yummy twist to your meal.

Luscious, fresh dough you already adore, now infused with the creamy delight of 100% mozzarella found on the classic pizzas. But that’s not all – for those who revel in the irresistible allure of the Garlic and Herb Dip, you’re in for a treat with the herby flavour generously spread on every Twisted Dough Ball. And here’s the twist – while every store boasts the cheesy classic, lucky ones might discover the Pepperoni and Ham-infused stars, adding an extra layer of indulgence to the Domino’s side menu.

In this blog, we’re going to explore Domino’s twisted dough balls in detail and the popular types that you must know about. 

What variety of Domino’s twisted dough balls can you find?

What variety of Domino’s twisted dough balls can you find?
What variety of Domino’s twisted dough balls can you find? | Frontceleb

If you’re thinking of getting Domino’s twisted dough balls, try out its different types. Here are the most popular types of Domino’s twisted dough balls that you’d love to cherish due to their unique tastes. 

Domino’s Cheese Twisted Dough Balls

Domino’s Cheese Twisted Dough Balls will take you on a voyage of pure cheese delight. These morsels take the typical fresh dough to innovative heights by embracing the rich and gooey allure of 100% mozzarella, which is exactly the essence that makes Domino’s pizzas renowned. With a wonderful crispness on the outside and a warm, cheesy interior, every bite is a symphony of textures. 

When combined with the herbaceous richness that is reminiscent of the well-known Garlic and Herb Dip, the Cheese Twisted Dough Balls turn into a delicious treat that will satisfy the craving of any cheese fan. 

If you want to go on a delightful cheesy exploration, cherishing Domino’s cheese twisted dough balls must be at the top of your list.

Domino’s Pepperoni Twisted Dough Balls

Cherish Domino’s Pepperoni Twisted Dough Balls if you’re someone who craves a savoury and indulgent twist. These tasteful doughy delights are infused with the bold and robust taste of pepperoni and ham. Experience a perfect balance of spice and the signature smokiness of cured meats in each bite with a savoury delight.

The Pepperoni Twisted Dough Balls have the essence of a classic pizza that introduces a playful and irresistible dimension to the Domino’s side menu. These twisted dough balls are a blend of delightful flavours when complemented with your favourite dipping sauce. This makes them a standout choice for those seeking a more savoury touch to their meat flavour. Enjoy Domino’s Pepperoni Twisted Dough Balls that’s a great combination of pizza and dough balls!

Perfect Pairings for Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls

Perfect Pairings for Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls
Perfect Pairings for Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls | Frontceleb

You cannot miss out on tasteful culinary dips when getting Domino’s twisted dough balls. There is a huge variety of dips that go well with these twisted dough balls. Go through them and pick your favourite. 

1.Classic Marinara Dip

Dip into tradition with the timeless marinara sauce. Its rich tomato base and aromatic herbs complement the cheesy goodness of Twisted Dough Balls, creating a symphony of flavours in every bite.

2. Garlic and Herb Perfection

For those who can’t get enough of the iconic Garlic and Herb Dip, this pairing is a match made in flavour heaven. The herby infusion on the Twisted Dough Balls harmonises beautifully with the creamy allure of garlic and herbs.

3. Fiery Kick with Spicy Jalapeño Ranch

Turn up the heat with a zesty Spicy Jalapeño Ranch dip. The cool ranch undertones balance the spice, offering a tantalising contrast to the warm, cheesy interior of the Twisted Dough Balls.

4. Bold and Tangy BBQ Bliss

Indulge in a flavour adventure by pairing Twisted Dough Balls with a bold BBQ dip. The smoky, tangy notes of barbecue sauce add a delightful twist, enhancing the overall experience with each twisted bite.

5. Creamy Blue Cheese Delight

For a touch of sophistication, opt for a creamy Blue Cheese dip. The velvety texture and distinctive flavour profile create a gourmet pairing that elevates the indulgence of Twisted Dough Balls.How to Order Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls?

If you’re craving an extra cheesy hit during your next Domino’s order, securing these delectable bites is a breeze. As this flavour explosion returns to Domino’s across the UK, simply explore the menu and dive into the enticing side selection to find the resplendent return of Twisted Dough Balls.

For added convenience, make use of the Domino’s app, available on Android or iOS. It will help you find the best deals around you, and you can obtain the cheesiest delight with only a few taps with its help.

Cherish the tasteful delight of Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls – a fan-favourite for all the pizza lovers out there!


Domino’s very often comes up with unique culinary innovations which offer a delightful experience for its customers. Taste its culinary creativity in every delicious bite and explore the range of Domino’s twisted dough balls for delightful bliss. There are options for every taste like Pepporoni twisted dough balls for meat lovers and Cheese twisted dough balls for cheese lovers. Experience tasteful flavours at Domino’s where each tasty piece is like a culinary masterpiece. 

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What flavours of dipping sauce are available with Domino's twisted dough balls?
You can find a tasteful selection of dipping sauces like zesty marinara, creamy garlic, and other special sauces that combine well with the savoury flavour of the twisted dough balls.
Do Domino's twisted dough balls come in different sizes or portions?
Yes, Domino’s twisted dough balls are available in different sizes/portions. Customers can choose the portion size that best suits their preferences for a solo snack or when sharing with friends.
Can customers order twisted dough balls as a standalone item without pizza?
Yes, customers can order Domino’s twisted dough balls as a standalone item without pizza. It’s a perfect option for those who crave the delightful taste of twisted dough without a full pizza order.
Are there any sweet or dessert variations of twisted dough balls at Domino's?
Yes, Domino’s offers dessert twisted dough balls as Cinnamon Chocolate Rolls. These are made with fresh dough, coated in milk chocolate, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Keep an eye on the menu that can surprise you with limited-time offers.

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