Which Brands and Designers Participated in New York Fashion Week 2023?

Melitta Baumeister

The designer will be showcasing the world with her collection on the very last day of the New York Fashion Week 2023, which will be tomorrow the 13th of September.


The 22-year-old fashion designer, Keith Herron, started her fashion brand, Advisry as his penchant for styling, and it actually became a fully-fledged company in 2013


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Another inspiring brand that made its debut on the New York Fashion Week 2023 was Chan Chit Lo. Venu Lo, who owns the brand learned the craft of knitting from the top fashion icons Alexander Wang and Jason Wu and showcased her motivated and creative collection that wowed the people attending the show

Chan Chit Lo


Fforme’s newest creative director, Paul Helbers, who has worked with various lavish brands like Louis Vuitton, and The Row, showcased the newest women’s fashion collection on the runway