What Is Revolut’s Ultra Plan: Let’s Delve Into The Specifics Of This Membership!

Ultra plan business card

Revolut’s Ultra Plan is an exclusive membership option to make a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle available for everyone. It has a multitude of perks with it that benefit a lot of different parts of your life. Whether it’s traveling, trading, or cashback, it brings forward a wide range of benefits for you to take advantage of. 

Why should you consider using Revolut?

Why should you consider using Revolut?
Why should you consider using Revolut? | Frontceleb

Revolut is a versatile financial services platform that caters to both personal and business needs, covering a wide range of financial activities such as investments, security, currency exchange, and international payments. This user-friendly platform is committed to simplifying financial transactions, allowing users to manage their money effortlessly with just a few clicks. Whether it’s borrowing, spending, investing, or transferring funds, Revolut has got your back. Established in 2015, Revolut has successfully established itself as a trusted and popular choice in the world of finance.

What are the features of Revolut Ultra Plan?

What are the features of Revolut Ultra Plan?
What are the features of Revolut Ultra Plan? | Frontceleb

The Revolut ultra plan has so many expansive benefits that you won’t think twice about upgrading to this membership. The features of this plan include- 

1. Partner Benefits 

If you want to get access to platforms like NordVPN, Picsart, WeWork, Financial Times, etc., without any additional costs then the ultra plan is suitable for you! You will be able to enjoy using these platforms without exclusively subscribing to them. Although the subscriptions provided depend upon location, check if your geo is available before making a decision. 

2. Cashbacks 

You’ll also get cashbacks of up to 1% after every transaction with an Ultra plan business card. Your cashback amount also depends upon the monthly plan price you have chosen. 

3. Cancellation Flexibility 

With the ultra plan, you can get up to £5000 back even if you cancel at the last minute. It’s okay if your plans change and you need to cancel your trip last minute. Whether it’s flights, hotels, trains, or accommodations, this feature is available for all types of travel-related needs.

4. Ultra Plan Business Card

Revolut also provides an Ultra plan business card with this exclusive subscription. So you can travel in style. If you love an extraordinary and fun lifestyle then Revolut has made sure to give you the best possible experience. With its unique Ultra plan business card, you can invest, travel, and enjoy life even better. 

5. Travel Coverage

Whether it’s flight deals, medical injuries, or any luggage-related issues, you will be insured from all such worries. The insurance scheme also includes skiing accidents! So, travel freely because Revolut has your back. 

What is the Ultra Plan Business Card? 

What is the Ultra Plan Business Card? 
What is the Ultra Plan Business Card? | Frontceleb

This membership also gives you access to an Ultra plan business card that is platinum-plated and has a fee. Currently, you will be charged £540 per year. This special feature gives the Ultra Plan business card a sleek look and makes it stand out from already existing cards. 

Currently, Revolut offers the following subscription modes-

1. Standard

This is a free option and will help you optimize your spending experience with its various budgeting tools and features. If you have trouble budgeting and want to make the most out of it without spending anything then this is the one for you. 

2. Plus

The Plus subscription is £2.99/month and has extra benefits in addition to the ones provided by the Standard plan. It is cheap and very attractive for those who don’t want to spend too much but also learn about expense management. 

3. Premium

This subscription plan is available for £7.99/month. Through this plan, you can spend, invest, and save wisely and also take advantage of some perks offered by the plan. 

4. Metal

The metal plan is available for £13.99/month. With this plan, you will not only get access to featured tools, but you will also get 1% cashback and an exclusive metal card

5. Ultra

The ultra plan business card is the final and luxurious subscription option. It is for £50/month and will give your lifestyle the upgrade it deserves. Moreover, traveling and investing will also be a fun experience because of the ultra plan and ultra plan business card. 


Revolut’s ultra plan is a premium and extravagant option for those folks who feel like their life needs an upgrade. Incorporating the ultra plan business card into your life will make experiences like traveling and investing a smooth process. You will be able to reap cashback and get free access to lounge and insurance while traveling. If you face any uncertainties while traveling and end up losing something or getting hurt then the insurance provided by the ultra plan business card will cover it all! So, are you ready to upgrade? Then let Revolut be your ultimate navigator and change your life for the best. 

For more information, visit Frontceleb. 


Is Revolut’s ultra plan business card worth it?
Yes! Revolut’s ultra plan is super worth it and one of the best options for those who want multiple benefits. Through this subscription, you will unlock a myriad of benefits associated with traveling, and investing and also have insurance coverage for different types of uncertainties.
Is the Revolut ultra plan expensive?
The Revolut ultra plan costs £50 per month. It is not very expensive but if you want cheaper options then you can go through Revolut’s other plans which include- Standard, Plus, Metal, and Premium. They are cheaper and also come with various benefits.
How does the Revolut Ultra plan help with trading?
With Revolut’s ultra plan, you will get commission-free stock trades, low trading, and crypto fees. The cheap fees are attractive and make users keen to invest without spending too much.

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