Add Some Highlight To Your Life With A Rainbow of Highlighter Pens

Highlighter Pens

We’ve all been there – slogging through dense textbook chapters, squinting at tiny footnotes, or trying to locate key info scattered across multiple pages. That’s when you need the power of colourful highlighter pens to swoop in and illuminate the good stuff! WHSmith offers an eye-catching selection of highlighters to brighten your work and studies. 

From wacky neon multi-packs to the iconic chisel-tip highlighter that’s highlighted its way through generations of school days, WHSmith stacks highlighters galore. There’s something for every highlighting need.

5 Ways to Use Highlighter Pens Beyond the Textbooks

When it comes to stationery, the humble highlighter pen packs a punch! Though small in size, highlighters have a diverse range of uses that make them a true power player.

In the classroom

Highlighter pens help scholastic concepts leap off the page. Vibrant ink gliding over keywords and crucial passages might just be the thing that cements that tricky concept in your head. And when it comes to studying, highlighters give focus to what’s truly important. No more wasting time on irrelevant info!  

Beyond academia

Highlighters shine in office settings too. Marking up reports, presentations, or documents with highlighter ink makes critical points and action items stand out. Even in your personal life, grabbing a highlighter to emphasise meaningful passages in books or flag must-remember dates on your calendar keeps you on track.

Multitude of Colours

With highlighter pens available in a spectrum of colours from bright primaries to neon markers and hues, there’s a shade perfect for any task. Chisel tips glide smoothly over paper for crisp lines, while soft brush tips create diffused highlighting that’s gentle on documents. 

So don’t underestimate the power of the highlighter pens! With its versatile flair for calling attention to what matters most, this colourful tool punches far above its weight. From schooling to scheduling and everything in between, keep a highlighter pen handy.

Top 5 Highlighter Pens Available For The Ultimate Productivity

1. Stabilo swing cool Pastel Highlighters (Pack of 6)

Stabilo swing cool Pastel Highlighters (Pack of 6)
Stabilo swing cool Pastel Highlighters (Pack of 6)

Give your notes a gentle splash of colour with the Stabilo swing cool Pastel Highlighters. This pack includes 6 softly saturated shades. It is perfect for highlighting without overpowering the page. You can find a versatile range of colours like a dusty pink reminiscent of ballet slippers. There’s also a minty turquoise and a lavender. The slim, pen-shaped barrel provides a comfortable grip so your hand stays relaxed during long study sessions. The chisel tip glides smoothly over both thick and thin paper without catching or tearing thanks to Stabilo’s quality engineering. If you love to colour-code your notes in a delicate style, these pastel highlighter pens are just what you need.

2. Stabilo Boss Original Pastel Highlighters, Chisel Nib, Multi Ink (Pack of 8)  

For classic highlighter performance, reach for the Stabilo Boss Original Pastels. The broad chisel nib creates vibrant lines of colour in a variety of widths – from thin detail lines to wide swaths of colour. The 8-shade range covers all the highlighter hues you need with softly saturated versions of yellow, pink, orange, green, turquoise, purple, blue and berry. True to Stabilo’s reputation, the colours deliver richly saturated and even coverage every time for flawless highlighting. Each highlighter provides ample ink in a twist-up pen-style body. The 40+ years of Stabilo highlighter expertise results in a smooth effortless glide across diverse paper types. For top-quality highlighting that packs a soft pastel punch, choose the Stabilo Boss Originals. 

3. WHSmith 15 Slim Highlighters

WHSmith 15 Slim Highlighters
WHSmith 15 Slim Highlighters

Get maximum versatility on a budget with the WHSmith 15 Slim Highlighter pens. This wallet-friendly set is loaded with 15 vibrant colours that span the rainbow so you can highlight them with wild abandon. There are bright primaries like lemon yellow and fire engine red for high-impact highlighting. Then cool tones like seafoam green and sky blue for a chill vibe. And gentle pastels ranging from pale peach to orchid purple for a delicate touch. The slim, round barrel fits comfortably in your hand. It’s also perfect for tucking in a pencil case or bag. With so many colour options, you’ll be prepared to highlight just about any text or document with the perfect shade. The WHSmith highlighter set has you covered without breaking the bank.

4. Bic Highlighter Grip Pastel Highlighters (Pack of 4) Plus BIC 4 Colour Ballpoint Pen

This duo pack pairs peak highlighter performance with top-notch writing in one portable set. Start with the essential Bic Highlighter Grip Pastels, an iconic 4-pack of soft pastel chisel-tip highlighters. The contoured barrel provides a secure, slip-free grip. The see-through colours including sunny yellow, cotton candy pink, seafoam green and lavender purple offer subtle highlighting. Pair it with the BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen loaded with black, blue, red and green ink. The capped pens prevent drying out while the cushioned grip gives smooth writing comfort. With both highlighters and pens in coordinated colours, this dynamic BIC duo is ready to take on any study session, project or task!

5. Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters, Chisel Nib, Multi Ink (Pack of 4)

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters, Chisel Nib, Multi Ink (Pack of 4)
Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters, Chisel Nib, Multi Ink (Pack of 4)

This slim 4-pack has the core colours any highlighter user needs. The colours include sunshine yellow, cotton candy pink, grassy green and ocean blue delivered in Stabilo’s trademark broad chisel nib for thick, vivid lines. The pen-shaped barrel gives a comfortable grip. Twist up the end to reveal the highlighter nib and get ready to glide effortlessly over notes, textbooks, reports and more. The ink flows smoothly and evenly for a solid, vivid colour. True to the Stabilo name, you can count on quality construction and flawless performance. For no-fuss highlighting in classic shades, the Stabilo Boss Pastel 4-pack has you covered.


When it comes to making your words pop, highlighter pens pack some serious punch! No matter if you’re a student seeking study aids, an office worker trying to stand out in meetings, or someone looking to organise your life, highlighters help the important stuff shine.

With chisel tips for bold colour or brush tips for delicate detail, highlighter pens come in a rainbow of shades to suit any situation. And brands like Bic and Stabilo put quality in the palm of your hand. 

So the next time you need to illuminate important ideas, look for Whsmith and reinforce memorable concepts, or highlight must-see sections, reach for highlighter pens! With the ability to spotlight anything in vibrant colour, these little pens make work and studies clearer…and a whole lot more colourful. 

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What features distinguish one highlighter pen from another?
Key features that set highlighters apart include nib shape and size (fine point, chisel tip, wedge tip), ink opacity and vibrancy, comfort of the barrel, and special innovations like smear-resistant ink. Brand reputation can signify quality too.
How do different highlighter colours serve different purposes?
Bright bold shades like yellow and orange make text pop for focus. Softer colours like blue, pink and green are less distracting for detailed work. Some people colour-code notes by topic with different hues.
Are there specific techniques for effective highlighting with highlighter pens?
Strategies like highlighting key words rather than full sentences, leaving white space between highlighted sections, and reviewing after 10-30 mins of highlighting promote retention. Avoid over-highlighting large blocks of text. 

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