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What Are The Features And Uses Of A Revolut Business Travel Card?

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If you have frequent business trips then you’ll understand how difficult it is to manage so many things. Whether it’s food expenses, tickets, accommodations to packing all your things of convenience, there are so many things to do. And that’s why Revolut’s special business travel cards are here. With a plethora of features and advantages available for traveling, you won’t feel like business travel is a painful experience anymore. With the best exchange rates, SmartDelay, cost splitting, and card security, you can take maximum advantage of your travel experiences. Keep reading to find out more about business travel cards on Revolut.

Revolut: A Financial Solution for a Firm

Revolut A Financial Solution for a Firm
Revolut A Financial Solution for a Firm | Frontceleb

Revolut is a financial services website catering to both business and personal needs. Whether it’s investing, security, exchange management, or foreign payments, you can do it all with this handy and functional platform. Revolut believes in providing a seamless experience with the processes in which money is involved. With its services, you can handle such matters with a few clicks! You can borrow, spend, invest, and send money easily on Revolut. Started in 2015, Revolut has managed to make a strong footing in the finance world and is a go-to for many customers.

What are the benefits of using business travel cards from Revolut?

What are the benefits of using business travel cards from Revolut
What are the benefits of using business travel cards from Revolut | Frontceleb

Business travel cards from Revolut have several amazing advantages which include:

1. Connect Immediately

You can connect Revolut with your Apple or Google Pay. There is no need to wait for the physical card, all you need to do is connect and you are good to go! Start buying whatever you need.

2. SmartDelay

The SmartDelay feature on the travel card allows users to upgrade! They can opt for the complimentary airport lounge and chill in style. No need to be uncomfortable and impatient while waiting for your flight. Make the most out of the delay and be ‘Smart’ about it.

3. Cost Splitting

Going on a team dinner? Worry not because it is easy to split costs! Revolut will do all the hectic calculations for you. All you need to do is type in the numbers and you can even split bills with users who are not on Revolut. Now that’s a treat, isn’t it?

4. Unlocking Lounge Access

The Premium and Metal card options let you get access to airport lounges that too at lower prices! There are more than 1000 airports in Revolut’s catalog. Who said waiting has to be restless? You can relax in a cozy manner.

5. ATM Withdrawals

If you need cash then don’t worry! Because Revolut’s cards allow easy withdrawal from ATMs. You can use the Revolut app to find ATMs closer to you and get as much cash as you need.

6. Rewards

Revolut has made traveling more fun and beneficial with its business travel cards! You can get access to cashback and other rewards for different purposes. Whether it’s accommodation, booking tickets, or car rental.

How to apply for a business travel card from Revolut?

The process to apply for Revolut travel cards is simple and quick! All you need to do is download the Revolut app, sign in (if you don’t have an account make one, it is free), and then wait till you are logged in. After that, provide the necessary information required and then apply for a travel card! Now, just wait until your application is approved and you are good to go.

What travel-related perks are associated with Revolut business travel cards?

With the use of Revolut’s business travel cards, you can take advantage of perks like cashback and other rewards. When you pay for accommodation, car rentals, tickets, etc., you may receive a cashback or another complimentary reward to help you out. Besides that, you can easily withdraw cash in an ATM and even find nearby ATMs to smoothen the process. You can transfer money internationally as well. There are no hidden charges or unreasonable fees for this process. If you do not want to go through the process of exchanging currencies then load up your wallets for those particular currencies and have a worry-free travel experience.


In conclusion, travel cards make traveling a fun and convenient process. Especially when it’s a Revolut business travel card. With a multitude of benefits and rewards, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of them? Through these cards, you can easily split bills, find nearby ATMs, make international payments, and find airport lounge benefits. With the enhanced security system of Revolut, the card will make traveling secure and keep your money safe too. So you have nothing to be alarmed about. You can choose the plan that caters the most to your needs- Whether it’s standard, premium, or metal. Each of the plans has different benefits and price ranges. So, are you ready to join hands with Revolut and make business trips a light and breezy process? For more information, visit Frontceleb.


What security options do Revolut cards have?
Revolut cards have the option of freezing, pin, and security as well as other enhanced settings to make safety a plus point. You can use spending limits to ensure that you stay within the budget and your card isn’t being taken advantage of. Plus, the extra verification procedure is enough to make sure that it is you who is using the card. There are other security features that you can explore and take advantage of.
Can I use Revolut business travel cards to make international payments?
Yes! Revolut business travel cards can be used for abroad payments. You can even withdraw cash abroad seamlessly. The exchange rate charged is reasonable and there are no hidden charges or fees while doing so.
What are the different plans available for Revolut’s business travel cards?
The different plans available for Revolut’s business cards are- Standard, premium, and metal. In the standard program, there is no monthly fee. Premium has a fee of $9.99 per month and Metal charges $24.99 per month. Metal is one of the best and most exclusive options out of all three with the best benefits available. So if you want the best travel experience then opt for this one.

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