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Simplifying Your Mobile Plan: A Guide to Sim Only Contracts

sim only contracts

Tesco Mobile is a mobile network provider based in the UK that provides clients with a variety of mobile phone services, including SIM only contracts. Since they provide clients with more freedom and cost savings compared to conventional mobile phone contracts that include a handset, SIM only contracts have grown in popularity in recent years. Customers can profit from a mobile phone contract with a Tesco Mobile SIM only plan without being locked into a lengthy agreement or having to pay for a new handset. 

With the purpose of assisting you in making an informed decision when selecting your next mobile phone plan, we will cover everything there is to know about Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts in this post, including the many plans that are offered, pricing, network coverage, and more.

Tesco Mobile SIM only contract plans

  • 12 month contract with 2GB – £7.50 per month.
  • 12 month contract with 12GB-£11 per month.
  • 24 month contract with 30 GB – £12.50 per month.
  • 24 month contract with 100GB- £17.50 per month.
  •  (Family Pack) 1 month contract with Unlimited Data -£30 per month.

Tesco Mobile offers a variety of SIM only contract plans to accommodate various requirements and price ranges. Some of the main components of their plans are as follows:

  1. Data allowance: Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts come with varying data allowances, ranging from 1GB to unlimited data.
  2. Minutes and messages: Tesco Mobile SIM only users can select a plan with 500, 5,000, or limitless minutes, and all plans include unlimited texts.
  3. Cost: Tesco Mobile SIM only plans are reasonably priced and provide clients with good value. Depending on the data allowance and minutes included, the plans’ prices change.
  4. Rolling Contracts: Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts are rolling contracts, thus users are not obligated to an extended agreement. Clients are not charged any termination fees if they decide to terminate their contract early or change their plan.
  5. Family benefits: Families who sign up for SIM only subscriptions from Tesco Mobile receive additional advantages. Discounts on additional lines and increased data allotments for every family member are included.
  6. Options for roaming: Tesco Mobile phone  SIM only plans include inclusive roaming in more than 40 locations, enabling consumers to use their phone overseas without being charged extra.

Customers can select from a variety of Tesco Mobile or Vodafone SIM only contract plans, making it possible for them to find one that meets their data and communication requirements. Tesco Mobile is an excellent choice for those searching for flexibility and value because of the rolling contracts and added benefits.

How to sign up for a Tesco Mobile SIM only contract?

sim only contracts
Sign up for a Tesco Mobile SIM | Frontceleb

The procedure of signing up for a Tesco Mobile SIM only contract is easy and simple. Here is how you do it:

  1. Choose an approach: To find a SIM only package that works for you, Visit Tesco store. Tesco Mobile offers a variety of plans with various included minutes and data allowances.
  2. Order a SIM card: After selecting a plan, you may order a SIM card in-person or online. Your SIM card will arrive at your door within a few days if you order online.
  3. Activate your SIM card: You must activate your SIM card once you’ve got it. You can do this by phoning the Tesco Mobile customer support line or entering into your Tesco Mobile account.
  4. Transfer your number (optional): To keep your current phone number, you must ask your current network provider for a PAC code. After you give Tesco Mobile this code, they will transfer your phone number to your new SIM card.
  5. Use your Tesco Mobile SIM to make calls, send texts, and access the internet after your SIM card has been activated and, if applicable, your number has been moved.

Overall, signing up for a Tesco Mobile SIM only contract may be done online or in-store and is a straightforward procedure. Customers who seek flexibility and value for money can consider Tesco Mobile, which offers a variety of plans and the ability to keep your existing number.

Benefits of Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts

The following are a few advantages of Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts:

  1. Flexibility: Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts provide customers the freedom to select the plan that most closely matches their needs without being bound by a lengthy commitment. 
  2. Savings: Compared to conventional mobile phone plans that include a handset, SIM only contracts are typically less expensive. 
  3. Variety of plans: To meet a range of demands, Tesco Mobile provides a number of SIM only plans. Users have the option of selecting a plan with unlimited minutes, messages, and data usage or a plan with a smaller data capacity and less minutes and texts to fit their usage needs.
  4. No credit check: Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts don’t call for a credit check, in contrast to conventional mobile phone contracts that frequently do.
  5. Same network coverage: Tesco Mobile operates on the O2 network, which provides comprehensive network coverage across the UK. 

In comparison to conventional mobile phone contracts, Tesco Mobile SIM only plans provide customers with more flexibility and financial savings. Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts are an excellent choice for clients seeking for a mobile phone plan that meets their needs and budget because they offer a variety of plans to select from and the ease of being able to change plans or network providers simply.

Network Coverage

sim only contracts
Network Coverage | Frontceleb

Operating on the O2 network, Tesco Mobile offers complete network coverage throughout the UK. Around 98% of UK residents can get 3G services, while 99% of the population has access to 4G services on the O2 network.

O2 has made significant investments in its network infrastructure, and the UK is home to more than 30,000 mobile sites. Customers of Tesco Mobile may anticipate dependable network coverage, even in outlying or rural places.

Tesco Mobile offers inclusive roaming in over 40 locations in addition to its network coverage in the UK, enabling consumers to use their phone internationally without being charged extra fees. Popular vacation spots including Spain, France, and the United States are included in this.

Customer service and support

Tesco Mobile is dedicated to provide its clients top-notch assistance and customer care. Here are a some of the ways Tesco Mobile helps its clients:

  1. Customer service team: Tesco Mobile offers a dedicated customer support team accessible to assist customers with any questions or problems they may encounter.
  2. Online help: Tesco Mobile’s website has a thorough support area with solutions to frequently asked queries and how-to instructions.
  3. Community forum: Tesco Mobile offers an active community forum where users may exchange experiences, seek guidance, and receive assistance from other users.
  4. Support for apps: Customers can easily manage their plans, check their usage, and make payments using the Tesco Mobile app.
  5. In-store support: Consumers can visit any Tesco location to chat with a staff member about their Tesco Mobile plan or device for in-store support.


In conclusion, Tesco Mobile SIM only contracts offer a range of benefits, including competitive pricing, flexible plans, and reliable network coverage. Look out more on Frontceleb.


Are SIM only contracts cheaper?
SIM only contracts can be cheaper than traditional phone contracts that come with a handset included.
Can you get a SIM only without a contract?
Yes, you can get a SIM only plan without a contract. These plans are called Pay as You Go (PAYG) plans.
How do I get a contract from SIM only?
To get a SIM only contract, you can visit the website of the network provider of your choice or go to a store that sells SIM cards.

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