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bestseller horror books

Step into the dark and mysterious world of horror literature, where fear lurks in the shadows and every page holds the promise of spine-tingling thrills. For avid fans of the horror genre, there’s an undeniable allure in immersing oneself in tales that tap into our deepest fears, provoking a delicious mix of terror and excitement. The haunting prose, sinister atmospheres, and unforgettable characters have made bestseller horror books a perennial favourite among readers.

However, the perception of horror books being expensive and inaccessible is a common misconception. In fact, there is a treasure trove of affordable bestseller horror books just waiting to be discovered, offering an escape into the realms of the supernatural, psychological turmoil, and heart-pounding suspense—all without draining your wallet. Whether you’re a seasoned horror enthusiast seeking fresh additions to your collection or a curious reader looking to explore the genre for the first time, this article will guide you through the world of affordable horror literature.

Here is the top Bestseller Horror Books collection:

1. Za granicą:

“Za granicą” by Wojciech Chmielarz is a gripping tale set during a scorching Croatian summer. Daria and Marek embark on a seemingly perfect vacation, but their encounter with a Swedish couple, Johan and Vera, takes a dark turn. As Marek becomes engrossed in a new job opportunity, Daria finds herself drawn to Johan and Vera. Day by day, her fascination grows, leading to a dangerous obsession.

Lust, jealousy, and rejection fuel the story as passions ignite under the Croatian sun, pushing everyone to the brink of madness. “Za granicą” explores the transformation of fascination into obsession and the consequences that unfold is 

2. Reina Roja. Czerwona Królowa

Reina Roja. Czerwona Królowa
Reina Roja. Czerwona Królowa | Frontceleb

“Reina Roja” (Czerwona Królowa) by Juan Gómez-Jurado is the first volume in a bestselling thriller series that has sold over two million copies in Spain and is included in bestseller horror books. In Madrid, a seemingly impossible murder takes place, with the son of a prominent bank president as the victim.

Inspector Jon Gutiérrez, with nothing to lose, agrees to collaborate with the enigmatic Antonia Scott, renowned for her brilliant mind and unconventional methods. Together, they are determined to apprehend the killer who managed to evade all security measures in an exclusive villa. In a relentless pursuit of justice, they will stop at nothing to solve the complex case in this gripping and suspenseful novel.

3. Para spod numeru 9

When pregnant Saffron Cutler moves with her boyfriend, Tom, into the house at 9 Skelton Place, the last thing she expects is for construction workers to discover bodies. Two bodies. Forensics indicate that the bodies were buried there at least 30 years ago, leading the police to question the former owner of the house, Rose. Rose suffers from Alzheimer’s, causing her memory to become increasingly tangled. She is unable to assist the police, but it becomes clear that Rose remembers something. As fragmented memories resurface and the police delve deeper into the investigation, Saffy begins to fear that her home is being watched. It is one of the best-selling horror books in spain

4. Schronisko, które przetrwało

Schronisko, które przetrwało
Schronisko, które przetrwało | Frontceleb

In this gripping novel “Schronisko, które przetrwało” (The Shelter that Endured) by Sławek Gortych, where secrets hold the key to survival.  A Nazi fugitive evading justice, a woman striving to restore her family’s honour, and burglars on a quest for clues from the past. What ties them together? The shelter. Odrodzenie, a Karkonosze shelter, is closed for renovations. Justyna Skała, the facility’s manager and a friend of Marta and Maks, seizes the chance to accept an invitation from a mysterious admirer to a theatre in her hometown.

However, when the admirer fails to show up, Justyna’s unsettled instincts lead her back to the shelter, only to discover the caretaker missing and intruders prowling the basement. Soon, the dark Nazi history of Odrodzenie resurfaces, raising questions about a wartime murder within its walls and its connection to a German partisan attack on a Polish train. As Maksymilian’s findings and troubling events weigh heavily on Justyna, one thing becomes clear: the secrets of Odrodzenie must come to light. Yet, there are those willing to risk lives to keep them hidden.

5. Marika i Sonia:

In the thrilling novel “Marika i Sonia” by Karolina Wójciak which is also included in bestseller horror books, where fame attracts both admirers and deceivers, Marika, a renowned film star, finds herself surrounded by envious individuals who cunningly vie for her friendship. With a need to carefully vet those she allows into her inner circle, Marika has been let down by many and even faced threats to her safety. Amidst this backdrop, she encounters Sonia during the celebration of Teacher’s Day at her daughter’s private school. As the rivalry between the mothers of two six-year-old girls intensifies, the question arises: could this competition turn perilous?


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What is the most-sold horror book?
Identifying the most-sold horror book is challenging due to varying sales data, editions, and trends. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is a classic, while other notable horror novels like “It,” “Frankenstein,” and “The Haunting of Hill House” have gained critical acclaim.
What is the best horror book to read right now?
Popular horror books to consider include “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides, “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and “The Only Good Indians” by Stephen Graham Jones.
Which five are popular horror novels?
Some well-regarded horror novels are Stephen King’s “The Shining” and “It,” Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist,” and Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House.”

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