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Holidays in Maldives: Best Time To Visit This Dreamy Destination

holidays in Maldives

Holidays in Maldives; Expecting a trip to the Maldives soon? The Indian Ocean is a tropical haven that welcomes thousands of visitors annually. The Maldives, less crowded than comparable sunny island locations, offer beaches, a fascinating culture, and marine adventures to please every kind of traveller.

In our travel guide to holidays in the Maldives, you’ll find advice on the cheapest and least crowded times to go and the best time to explore the Maldives. The ideal time to go on holiday in Maldives can vary from the peaceful dry season with highs in the 70F to 80F range to the significantly less expensive and crowded, wet season with brief cloudbursts. But before you go ahead and plan holidays in Maldives, you need a reliable flight partner like eDreams to book your tickets. eDreams is one of the biggest travel agencies that help you book affordable tickets to your dream destinations. To find out more about the best time to visit the Maldives, continue reading. 

When is the ideal time of year to plan holidays in Maldives?

ideal time of year to plan holidays in Maldives
Ideal time of year to plan holidays in Maldives | Frontceleb

The Maldives can be visited at any time, but few locations provide a great escape from the UK’s protracted, gloomy winters. It truly has it all: upwards of eight hours of sunlight per day, temperatures typically around 28°C, an ocean teeming with wildlife, and some of the most cutting-edge hotels in the entire globe. 

The dry season, which lasts from December to April, offers bright blue skies, cloudless days, and still, comfortable nights. For many people, this is the ideal time to travel for the holidays in Maldives. With significantly more rain and rarely strong winds, the wet season begins in May and lasts until October. Because the region experiences bigger waves and superior storms for surfing during these months, this time of year is well-liked by surfers. Even though the waters can be hazardous, an adventurous traveller with the proper equipment can expect a blast. 

What’s it like in the Maldives over Christmas and new year?

Santa doesn’t use a sled during the holiday season in the Maldives; instead, he uses a seaplane. In addition, many resorts in the Maldives still know how to put on a party and get visitors in the holiday spirit. For instance, Gili Lankanfushi kicks off the holiday season with a tree-lighting ceremony, while The Nautilus offers kid-friendly Santa hat-making workshops, and Father Christmas brings gifts to Joali for both adults and children. Even those attempting to avoid the obligations that the holiday season can bring can’t help but get into the holiday mood, whether watching Christmas movies on the beach or having New Year’s celebrations under the stars.

When to travel to the Maldives for water sports and diving?

water sports and diving
Water sports and diving | Frontceleb

There is a specific time of year when certain water activities, particularly surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and boating, are most popular in addition to the wet and dry seasons. Planning a trip between February and November, when there are choppier waterways and larger waves that are ideal for surfing, is ideal if you’re looking for excitement and adventure. Travelling between December and January is preferable if you prefer calmer waters and slower pursuits like snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, or canoeing. The finest months for scuba diving and snorkelling are January through April.


There are many benefits to this extended low season, including affordable rates, fewer guests at the resorts, and ideal surf and scuba conditions. There will be a few moments of heavy rain, but storms typically pass quickly over the archipelago. And you can anticipate the typical 80-degree daytime and nighttime temps in the Maldives.


The holidays in Maldives are perfect between December and April for sunbathers. However, there is also less marine life on the islands. Also, hotel prices are at an all-time high.

Important guidelines to keep in mind

  • Given that this is peak season, hotel rates and costs for different activities can be very high. Travellers on a tighter budget might prefer to go in April, near the conclusion of the busy season and the start of the slow season. 
  • Being a popular tourist destination, one can enjoy cuisine from all over the world in addition to Indian and Maldivian choices. Coconuts, fish, and grains are the main ingredients in traditional Maldivian cooking. Skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, frigate tuna, and wahoo are a few popular fish dishes featured in the regional cuisine. Given the proximity, there is a noticeable Indian impact, resulting in many curries and other flavours and spices. 
  • Avoid bringing literature on religion, alcohol, tobacco, and pork. In this respect, the law is very stringent. 
  • Finally, always shop around and compare costs before reserving for water sports. Price increases are common during peak seasons.


The best time to explore the Maldives is from December to March because this is the busiest travel season there. One of Asia’s most beautiful countries is the Republic of Maldives, a tiny country in the Indian Ocean’s Arabian Sea. During this time, rainfall is nonexistent, and the weather is still pleasant. As a result of the perfect weather, this time is also regarded as the best time to go on a honeymoon to the Maldives because it allows couples to participate in several activities. However, it is also the time when Maldives beach resorts are most costly because it is the busiest season there.

Families and couples on honeymoon are choosing the holidays in Maldives more frequently. The Maldives experience hot, sunny weather year-round with average temps ranging from 23°C to 31°C. Since there are no official winters in the Maldives, the best time to visit could be any time of the year, depending on your chosen activity. For more information on the holidays in Maldives and the best places to visit in Maldives, you can follow the FrontCeleb website.  


How much would a vacation in Maldives cost?
The expense of usual 7-day holidays in Maldives may vary between € 2994 to € 3548. There are many expenses included in this seven-day trip to the Maldives, such as airfare, transportation, meals, accommodations, and more.
Which month is best for the Maldives?
You can refer to the above article to learn about the best time to visit Maldives. The peak tourist season for holidays in Maldives is usually from December to April. 
Are the Maldives cheap for a holiday?
Yes, the holidays in Maldives are cheap and affordable if you manage to accommodate your budget accordingly. eDreams also offers discounts on flight tickets around the year. This makes your trip even cheaper. 

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