10 Best French Tip Nails Ideas to Try in 2023 to Reinvent the Classic Style

Best French Tip Nails Ideas

A French Tip Nails manicure is a traditional and attractive design distinguished by the white polish that spans the nail’s tip. It emanates elegance and can be both casual and professional. Nonetheless, there are several modern interpretations with noteworthy guidance. You’ll be blown away by the creative use of color, space, accents, and patterns. Pastel hues are always popular; for a particularly eye-catching look, paint the tips of each nail with a different dreamy lacquer. Cobalt blue tips are another fuss-free but entertaining option; this hue represents peace and harmony.

Because they are classic and adaptable, French manicures are a great option for any situation. A chic and polished look can be achieved with French manicures, whether you prefer the traditional white tip or want to try some colorful variations. Furthermore, French tips’ simple design goes well with both formal and casual hairstyles, making them a popular choice for people who want a manicure that looks great in a variety of settings and outfits. Discover the countless options and select the ideal French manicure look to showcase your distinct taste and personality.

List of The Best French Tip Nails To Try

Although, there are various french tip nails to try in 2023. However, we at Frontceleb have curated a list of the ten best french tip nails to make it easy for you to select. The list of the ten best french tip nails is as follows:

1. Charming shorts with skinny French tip nails

Charming shorts with skinny French tip nails
Charming shorts with skinny French tip nails | Frontceleb

Simple aesthetics do not have to be boring. This ultra-slim French manicure emphasizes the natural health and beauty of the nail bed. You’ll feel like a million bucks with the reviving classic nail style. Do we even need to mention how beneficial this trendy look is?

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2. Gorgeous rose gold coffin nails

Gorgeous rose gold coffin nails
Gorgeous rose gold coffin nails | Frontceleb

Long and thin coffin nails make a statement. These naked bases and dazzling rose gold tips are tempting. The gaudy acrylic extensions stand out against the plain nail beds. After reading this novel, we can’t wait to book our subsequent nail treatment.

3. V-Shaped Points

Whatever your nail form is — almond, coffin, round, or square — you may fine-tune your French manicure with rounded slivers around the tips to sharp Vs. to accentuate the same region. Riley Miranda’s painting was made more colorful by a beige background. Pria B, aka BhamBNails, a nail artist based in London, added eyeballs to her rainbow points. Anouska Anastasia, the cofounder of Nuka Nails in London, demonstrated how nicely this style works on square nails in the lower-left corner. Violetta, a nail artist based in Barcelona, wore it with a matte top coat.

4. French Nail Tips in a Subtle Pink Ombre

French Nail Tips in a Subtle Pink Ombre
French Nail Tips in a Subtle Pink Ombre | Frontceleb

Pink and white nails are a beautiful take on the traditional French tip nails manicure design. The foundation hue is soft shell pink, transitioning to pure white at the tips. These natural nails are practical and short in length. This refined look will complement both casual and formal clothes.

5. Butterflies

butterfly french nails
butterfly french nails | Frontceleb

Butterfly manicures have reappeared, thanks to ’90s fashion influencing nail trends. However, nail artist Honey from New York City tells Allure that their comeback has a deeper meaning. “Butterflies symbolize rebirth,” she says. “We must go through the battle first to gain any newness, and everything is new to us.”

Riley Miranda adorned her French manicure with butterfly-shaped glitter. Humphrey went similarly for DuaLipa’s design, while Nyah hand-painted her interconnecting wings and gold.

6. Manicure with Pink Matte and Chrome Tip

The base for this French tip nails design is a thin coat of matte pinkish-white lacquer with a clean and accurate line of pink chrome sparkles at the ends. The traditional French tip nails manicure is modernized to reflect current nail trends. This nail polish option is ideal for anybody wishing to add a subtle yet perfect touch to any outfit.

7. Pale Pink Nail Polish as a Subtle Accent

Each nail has the lightest shade of pink. The white tips are to give the French tip manicure a contemporary touch. The ends of the pins are for a new silhouette. Natural nails offer the model a charming, carefree air that complements her traditional dress.

8. Pale Pink Nail Polish as a Subtle Accent

Pale Pink Nail Polish as a Subtle Accent
Pale Pink Nail Polish as a Subtle Accent | Frontceleb

These nails have a classic oval form. A light layer of glossy baby pink paint applies to them. The white nail paint tips are subtle and blend well with the pink nail hue. These natural-looking nails are great for a traditional look that matches current manicure color trends.

9. Long Nails with French Tips

Long Nails with French Tips
Long Nails with French Tips | Frontceleb

This beautiful black nail design is ideal for anyone looking for a punk rocker look. Each hand’s two nails cover in a rich black gloss. On the middle fingernails, silver glitter lies over a black foundation. The ring fingernails’ French tips are black, and the lacquer is a glossy light grey.

10. French x 5

Nail artist Jessica Washick refers to this aesthetic as “hot girl color,” or the nail art counterpart of hot girl summer. The style amplifies the classic French vibe by including different striped hues. This medium-length manicure has five colors, but with longer nails (or thinner stripes), you may have as many as you like. Use these bright colors for a summery style, or swap them up for pastel girl color, Christmas girl color, Pride girl color, and so on.


French tip nails are popular and straightforward to apply with a traditional manicure. Like every nail fad, the design has evolved, and new variants keep coming out. French tip nails are classic styles that have stood the test of time. The basic idea behind a French manicure is to paint the tip of the nail with a color that contrasts or complements the base color. These innovative ideas depict the French tip manicure from several perspectives. Using different nail art techniques and mixing different manicure styles makes nails stand out. You’re guaranteed to find at least one French manicure trend that appeals to your aesthetic on this list. Moreover, you can check the official Frontceleb website for more such articles.


How long do typical French tips last?
If done in gel, a French manicure can last up to two to three weeks or up to seven days if done in regular polish.
Is it true that French hints go with everything?
A beautifully done French manicure, whether applied to fingers or toes, is appropriate for any outfit or occasion and is suitable for all skin tones.
How do you maintain your French tips?
Moisturize your hands every day to extend the life of your French manicure or artificial nails.

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