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Devon, located in South West England, is a remarkable tourist destination with plenty of attractive beaches. If you have a pet, you can visit the Beaches in Devon. The beaches are pet friendly, and you will have a wonderful experience if you go for Pet-Friendly Weekend Breaks. Well-known for its scenic coastlines and warm cups of tea and coffee, a trip to Devon will remove the stresses of city life.

The article about the Best Beaches in Devon will guide you about the numerous Beaches in Devon. There are many accommodations available in and around Devon. You can book Holiday Extra group and enjoy your trip or staycation.

Beaches in Devon

A few Beaches in Devon are:

 1. Woolacombe Beach

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Woolacombe is an award-winning beach and one of the sandy Beaches in Devon. The beach is well-known among surfers and tourists searching for a conventional seaside experience. Parking Estates has been the owner of Woolacombe Beach since 1848. The beach has remarkable services, which include regular cleaning and accommodation rentals. It is well-known for water sports activities such as kayaking, swimming, kitesurfing, surfing, jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and walking along the sandy beach. The nearest town to the beach is Ilfracombe and comprises three large parking areas.

The Woolacombe Village is in the northern part of the beach and comprises numerous seaside shops, eateries, cafes, restaurants, etc. Lifeguards run the activities on the beach. You can witness the spectacular views of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel from the beach. During World War II. The U.S. Army trained on the beach, which was integral to Normandy Landings. A stone memorial dedicated to the soldiers lies on the grassy headland in the northern part of the sandy beach.

 2. Bantham Beach

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Located at the Aron River entrance and one of the Beaches in Devon that overlook Bigbury and Burgh Island. Dunes and the hills of the South Hams support Bantham Beach. It is an apt beach if you plan a trip to the beach with your family. Activities like

 snack serving, drinks, pub, café, etc., are available on the beach. Seasonal lifeguard services make the beach a safer tourist attraction. The nearest town to Bantham beach is Kingsbridge.

Bantham beach is popular for being one of the safest Beaches in Devon for surfing. It lies in the southern part of Devon. If you are fond of surfing and want to try it, you can visit Bantham Surfing Academy. In addition to the village near it, the beach is privately owned. Bantham beach allows pet dogs throughout the year except between the 1st of May and the 30th of September. The beaches comprise a huge parking area.

 3. Bigbury on Sea Beach

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Bigbury on Sea Beach is one of the Beaches in Devon, offering multiple facilities, and situated between the Avon and Emre rivers in the southern part of Devon. It is a sandy beach, and lifeguard services are available. The nearest town to the beach is Kingsbridge. The beach does not allow dogs and comprises a large display parking space. Swimming, surfing, and windsurfing are a few activities available for tourists on the beach.

 4. Blackpool Sands Beach

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The Blackpool Sands Beach is crescent-shaped. The background of pine trees and the countryside of South Hams makes the view mesmerising. Waters sports enthusiasts participate in kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, and paddle boating, among others. Wetsuits and accessories required for water sports are available for rent. The adjacent town to the beach is Dartmouth.

 The beach allows dogs except for Easter-November. The Blackpool Sands Beach offers toilets, showers, parking spaces, lifeguard services, etc. It frequently wins the Blue Flag award. The beach does not allow dogs in the parking spaces. There is only one eatery on the beach, and it gets busy. If you park your car for an entire day, you can expect the parking fee to be around ten pounds.

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 5. Saunton Sands Beach

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The adjacent town to the Saunton Sands Beach is Northam. It is one of the sandy Beaches in Devon with no lifeguard service. Parking space with affordable fees is available. It allows pets on the beach; pet owners must clear the waste and clean the beach. The beach owner has the right not to allow pets at any time throughout the year. The beach is well-known among tourists travelling to the beach with their family members. Activities such as swimming and surfing are available for visitors.

 6. Beer Beach

Bear Beach
Bear Beach | frontceleb

The adjacent town to the beach is Seaton, and no lifeguard service is available. The beach allows pets from 1st October to 30th April. During the summer, the beach does not allow pets. The beach’s name does not connect to beverage, and the name has been derived from the old English translation of the word “grove.” Tourists will see magnificently coloured fishing boats parked on the edge, indicating that fishing has a strong role to play in the economy in addition to tourism. The beach is apt for expert swimmers, but safety precautions are mandatory since no lifeguard services are available.

In the afternoon, tourists can watch the fishermen bringing fish, lobsters, and crabs. Even though the beach has limited parking space, the village near the beach has a huge parking space. Tourists must walk 100 metres from the beach to access the village parking space. The village consists of public toilets, cafes, eateries, and restaurants that specialises in serving seafood. Over the bay, a Jubilee Garden is built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, and it is a must-visit tourist attraction offering extraordinary views.


The North and South part of Devon has plenty of beaches where you can go and enjoy your holidays. If you are fond of beaches, you must visit Devon and explore the gorgeous beaches along the coastlines of Devon. The article about the Beaches in Devon will give you some insights to plan your next trip or staycation. You will get more detailed information about the Beaches in Devon in Front Celeb.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which part of Devon has the best beaches?
The coastal part of South Devon is effortless to walk around. The beaches in the Northern part of Devon comprise long stretches of sandy beaches.
Are there any sandy Beaches in Devon?
Yes, there are many sandy Beaches in Devon.
Which part of Devon is best for holidays?
South Devon is well-known for its Mediterranean climate and has good beaches, while North Devon attracts many tourists.
What is the biggest beach in Devon?
Bigbury-on—Sea Beach is the biggest beach in Devon.

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