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Holiday to Montenegro

Welcome to the stunning country of Montenegro, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Balkans. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Montenegro offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast seeking adventure, a history buff fascinated by ancient civilizations, or simply looking to relax on picturesque beaches, Montenegro has something for everyone. As you embark on your holiday to Montenegro, be prepared to be amazed by the country’s diverse geography.

From the towering peaks of the Durmitor National Park to the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro’s natural beauty is bound to leave you in awe. Discover the awe-inspiring Bay of Kotor, often referred to as Europe’s southernmost fjord, with its dramatic cliffs and charming medieval towns. Explore the untouched wilderness of Biogradska Gora, one of Europe’s last remaining primaeval forests. Or soak up the Mediterranean sunshine on the sandy beaches of Budva or Ulcinj.

In addition to its natural wonders, Montenegro boasts a rich historical heritage. Immerse yourself in the centuries-old architecture of the coastal towns, such as Kotor, Perast, and Herceg Novi, where Venetian and Ottoman influences blend seamlessly with local traditions. Visit the ancient city of Stari Bar, with its well-preserved ruins, or journey to Cetinje, the former royal capital, where you can explore fascinating museums and witness the country’s royal history. Read the following article to learn more about the best holiday to Montenegro, package holidays to Montenegro and cheap holidays to Montenegro. 

The list of the Best Holiday To Montenegro

There are multiple ways to find the best holiday to Montenegro online. However, Frontceleb has curated a list of the best holiday to montenegro to ease your research. The list of the best holiday to montenegro is as follows: 

Montenegro Beach Resort 

Montenegro Beach Resort
Montenegro Beach Resort | Frontceleb

Montenegro is renowned for its beautiful coastline and stunning beaches along the Adriatic Sea. It offers a range of beach resorts that cater to different preferences and budgets. From lively and bustling resorts to secluded and tranquil retreats, you can find the perfect spot to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. One of the popular beach resort destinations in Montenegro is Budva. Known for its vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, and historical charm, Budva attracts tourists from around the world. The Old Town of Budva is a must-visit, with its narrow cobblestone streets, ancient walls, and picturesque squares. Another notable beach resort is Kotor, located in the stunning Bay of Kotor. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town is nestled between towering mountains and features a charming waterfront promenade, perfect for leisurely strolls.

If you prefer a quieter and more secluded beach experience, consider exploring the beaches of Ulcinj or Petrovac. Ulcinj boasts long stretches of sandy beaches, including the renowned Velika Plaza (Long Beach), which is one of the longest beaches on the Adriatic coast. Petrovac, on the other hand, offers a more intimate atmosphere with its small, picturesque bay and crystal-clear waters. When booking a beach resort in Montenegro, make sure to consider factors such as location, amenities, and reviews to find the one that best suits your preferences. Additionally, check for activities and attractions in the surrounding area to enhance your holiday experience. It is one of the best holidays to montenegro. 

Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort

Located in Budva, the Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort is a luxurious five-star property that lives up to its name. With its beachfront location, elegant rooms, and wide range of facilities, this hotel offers a truly indulgent experience. Guests can enjoy the private beach, multiple swimming pools, spa and wellness centre, as well as numerous dining options. The hotel’s impeccable service and attention to detail ensure a memorable stay.

Regent Porto Montenegro

Regent Porto Montenegro
Regent Porto Montenegro | Frontceleb

For those seeking a blend of luxury and sophistication, the Regent Porto Montenegro in Tivat is an excellent choice. This five-star hotel boasts stylish rooms, breathtaking views of the marina, and a range of amenities including a swimming pool, spa, and gourmet restaurants. With its prime location in the prestigious Porto Montenegro development, guests can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and access to an array of shops, bars, and entertainment options.

Hotel Astoria

Situated in the heart of Kotor’s UNESCO-listed Old Town, Hotel Astoria offers a charming and intimate experience. This boutique hotel features elegantly designed rooms with a mix of traditional and modern touches. Guests can immerse themselves in the history and beauty of Kotor, explore the winding streets and historic landmarks, and savour local cuisine at nearby restaurants. The attentive staff and personalized service ensure a delightful stay.

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Maestral Resort & Casino

Maestral Resort & Casino
Maestral Resort & Casino | Frontceleb

For those looking for a beachside retreat in the Budva area, the Maestral Resort & Casino is a fantastic choice. Located in the picturesque village of Pržno, this four-star resort offers comfortable rooms, a private beach, and an array of facilities including swimming pools, a spa, and a casino. Guests can enjoy the peaceful ambience, indulge in delicious cuisine, and take advantage of the resort’s convenient location for exploring nearby attractions.

Hotel Forza Mare

Nestled in the charming village of Dobrota, near Kotor, the Hotel Forza Mare is a boutique hotel with a unique character. Its stylish rooms and suites, each with a distinct theme, offer breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor. Guests can relax on the hotel’s terrace, unwind in the wellness centre, and enjoy fine dining at the on-site restaurant. The intimate atmosphere and personalized service make for a truly memorable experience.


Holiday to Montenegro, when it comes to finding the perfect hotel is crucial for a memorable experience. On The Beach offers a range of exceptional accommodation options that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking luxury, tranquillity, or a combination of both, the hotels mentioned above provide an excellent starting point. With On The Beach, you can rest assured that your stay in Montenegro will be comfortable, enjoyable, and filled with unforgettable moments. Book your dream holiday with On The Beach and embark on an adventure in this stunning Balkan gem. These are one of the best holidays in Montenegro. For more information, visit Frontceleb.


What is the best time to go to Montenegro?
The best time to visit Montenegro depends on your preferences and the activities you plan to engage in. Generally, the peak tourist season in Montenegro is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is warm and ideal for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. However, this period can also be crowded, especially in popular coastal areas.
What's Montenegro famous for?
Montenegro is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, including the picturesque Bay of Kotor, which is often described as Europe’s southernmost fjord. The country’s diverse geography encompasses mountains, national parks, and a beautiful coastline, offering opportunities for hiking, water sports, and relaxation on the beaches. Montenegro is also renowned for its historical and cultural heritage, with ancient cities, medieval towns, and well-preserved ruins that showcase its rich history.
What is the best area to stay in Montenegro?
If you prefer a lively atmosphere with vibrant nightlife and a range of entertainment options, Budva is a popular choice. It offers a mix of beautiful beaches, historical sites, and a bustling old town with a lively atmosphere.

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