How To Choose The Best Basic Mobile Phone For Your Needs?

How To Choose The Best Basic Mobile Phone For Your Needs?

As the name suggests, a basic mobile phone is the most fundamental type of mobile phone available to customers. These phones are reminiscent of the first mobile devices; they are composed of a small display and a typical numerical keyboard and provide two main functionalities: voice calls and messaging, typically through the Short Messaging Service (SMS). As basic phones are not linked to the web, they depend on wireless networks to send communications. Due to their affordability and wide availability, these phones are widely used in many emerging markets. To get the perfect basic mobile phone, here are 5 of the best basic mobile phones in the UK to buy.

Here is a list of the best Basic Mobile Phones: 

1. Alcatel 1 2021 

Alcatel 1 2021 
Alcatel 1 2021 | frontceleb

The Alcatel 1 2021 is a great basic mobile phone with the latest and greatest Android 11, allowing for increased battery life and quicker app launches. Smart Manager optimises performance by freeing up RAM to enhance responsiveness and facilitate seamless multitasking. The Alcatel 1 offers a 5-inch 18:9 display and an ergonomic, one-handed grip, making it compact and comfortable to handle.

Equipped with a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, the Alcatel 2021 is built for capturing those perfect social media snapshots. Non-slip covers and features such as Face Tracking and Face Beauty make taking portraits easier.

2. IMO, Dash 4G

IMO, Dash 4G
IMO, Dash 4G | frontceleb

The IMO Dash 4G is a perfect basic mobile phone. It features a convenient 2.4-inch display. It runs on the Feature Phone OS. This device has a Feature Phone processor, 48MB of RAM, and a removable Li-Ion battery with 1500 mAh. It also has 128MB (0.25GB) of onboard storage. It also has a microSD card slot allowing up to 32GB of expansion. 

The 4G connectivity and integrated Bluetooth support let you stay connected with your loved ones with greater clarity and speed through social media or calls. It also has a 2MP camera, which makes it perfect for capturing quick photos or recording special events. And, the IMO Dash 4G comes with a 1500 mAh battery, which offers you an incredible 14 days of standby time and 15 hours of talk time on a single charge.

3. Alcatel 3082x

Alcatel 3082x
Alcatel 3082x | frontceleb

The Alcatel 3082X is the best basic mobile phone. It has 4G-enabled High Definition voice calls with a smooth and superior quality experience. Its classic flip design features a bright 2.4″ display that is safeguarded when closed. You can answer and end calls with just a flip. 

In addition, the device comes with a charging cradle, so you can easily power up the phone with ease. Specifications for the device include Thread X operating system, QVGA screen resolution, a 1.3MP rear camera with flash, 128MB of internal memory, 64MB of RAM, and the ability to expand the internal memory up to 32GB (MicroSD) with a 1380mAh battery.

4. Nokia 110 4G

Nokia 110 4G
Nokia 110 4G | frontceleb

The Nokia 110 4G is designed to last and astonish. This basic mobile phone is a future-ready phone. It comes with features such as 4G VoLTE¹ connectivity, simplified and enhanced navigable menus with an audio Readout feature, wireless and wired FM radio, expandable memory with 32 GB card compatibility, pre-installed games, and a built-in torch and camera. Not only is it an attractive phone, but it also has all you need for your daily life. 

The Nokia 110 4G has easy-to-use zoomed-in menus with audio Readout and comes in 3 colours – Yellow, Aqua, and Black. Additionally, the phone offers entertainment options such as a built-in camera, internet access, games, and more. Furthermore, it has a clear sound with HD voice call quality for a seamless conversation experience. Above all, it offers a simplified design for easy navigation.

5. Doro 6620

Doro 6620
Doro 6620 | frontceleb

The Doro 6620 is a specially designed basic mobile phone for the elderly UK. It has been designed to be intuitive and has a loud and clear sound. It also has a special emergency button to provide quick and easy support. It can be programmed with up to five support numbers to ensure help is available in an emergency. 

Furthermore, it has HD Voice Technology for high-quality sound and is compatible with many hearing aids. Lastly, the phone is easy to use with a backlit keyboard, large adjustable text, and quick call access. The device is Hearing Aid Compatible (T4/M4), making it work with a broad range of hearing aids. Additionally, the keyboard is illuminated, the text size is adjustable, and it has quick access shortcuts for making calls.


Tesco Mobile offers some of the best basic phones you can buy. With the above selection from Frontcelebs, you can choose between a variety of models with press-button inputs and small non-touch displays for basic mobile phones. Additionally, Tesco Mobile offers up to a 36-month credit agreement and a rolling monthly usage contract to make your purchase more budget-friendly. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade your phone once per month as long as you pay any outstanding credit balances in full. For more information, visit Frontcelebs


What are basic mobile phones?
Basic mobile phones are those which only allow users to make calls, send and receive text messages, and access the internet in limited amounts. 
Is there a phone that only texts and calls?
There are phones available that are specifically designed for texting and calling only. These phones usually have a larger, easy-to-read keypad and are suitable for elderly users who prefer only to use the phone for basic functions. 
What is the simplest mobile phone for an elderly person?
The simplest mobile phone for an elderly person would be a feature phone that only allows them to make calls and send/receive text messages. These may also include basic features such as a flashlight, calculator, and alarm clock.

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