Curb Your Hanger With 5 Mozzarella Pizzas That Will Melt Your Heart


Craving melty, mouthwatering mozzarella? You’ve come to the right place. Domino’s offers a menu packed with mozzarella-loaded pizzas that will fulfil all your cheesy dreams. From classic Margaritas to meaty supremes, read on to discover Domino’s tastiest mozzarella pizzas for stretchy, satisfying meals. We’ll highlight the mozzarella magic found in Domino’s top dishes so you can find your perfect match. With so many gooey, cheese-centric pizzas to choose from, get ready to drool over Domino’s mozzarella pizzas galore. But, first, let’s see how this heave of cheese is made.

The Magic Behind Melty Mozzarella

So how does mozzarella get that irresistibly smooth, melted texture? The secret lies in the cheesemaking process. Authentic mozzarella starts by heating and curdling milk to separate the curds from the whey. After draining the whey, the curds are stretched and kneaded in hot water until smooth and elastic. This process aligns the proteins in the cheese, giving mozzarella its signature stretchiness when melted.  

The magic continues as the mozzarella is formed into balls or braids and soaked in brine. The brine adds seasoning while the cheese sets, cooling into a soft, pliable texture. Fresh mozzarella is best eaten within days to enjoy its bright, milky flavour and pillowy melted consistency. Low moisture mozzarella is aged longer, making it easier to grate and bake without becoming rubbery.

With this traditional process, skilled cheesemakers transform milk into the melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella we love. The next time you bite into an  gooey mozzarella pizza or pasta, thank the artisans who crafted such a melty marvel. 

Ranking the Top 5 Mozzarella Pizzas by Domino’s You Have to Try

1. The Festive One

The Festive One
The Festive One | Frontceleb

The Festive One pizza from Domino’s brings all the flavours of the holidays to your door. This mozzarella pizza starts with a hearty red sauce and melty mozzarella cheese as the base. Heaps of smoked bacon, tender roasted potatoes, caramelised onions, earthy mushrooms, and fragrant rosemary are piled on top for a merry medley of tastes and textures in every bite. The smoky bacon and umami mushrooms complement the sweet caramelised onions and roasted potatoes beautifully. Fresh rosemary adds a piney note to tie it all together. Between the gooey mozzarella, crispy bacon, soft potatoes, and savoury toppings, The Festive One encapsulates the comforting, indulgent flavours of the season in each cheerful cheese-filled bite.

2. Original Cheese & Tomato

As the name suggests, the Original Cheese & Tomato pizza from Domino’s keeps things classic. Domino’s signature tomato sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes provides a fresh, tangy base. Oozy, stretchy mozzarella cheese is generously layered on top, blanketed edge to edge. The creamy, melty mozzarella perfectly balances the vibrant tomato sauce for a dynamic duo of flavours. This basic but delicious combination allows the essence of the high-quality ingredients to shine through. Customise this mozzarella cheese pizza with your choice of meats or veggies to create your own festive feast. But however you top it, you can’t go wrong with the timeless tastes of cheese and tomato.

3. Pepperoni Passion

Pepperoni Passion
Pepperoni Passion | Frontceleb

For pepperoni pizzaiolos, Pepperoni Passion is a dream pizza. It starts with Domino’s savoury tomato sauce and melty mozzarella base. The star of the show – spicy pepperoni – is loaded on by the dozen for meaty intensity. The thin pepperoni slices get crispy around the edges when baked, providing an irresistible texture. Their robust, smoky flavour balances beautifully with the milky mozzarella and bright tomato sauce. This perfect peppy pepperoni pairing will ignite your taste buds and leave you craving more. If you can’t get enough of pepperoni’s punchy flavour and delightful crispness, Pepperoni Passion will soon be your favourite mozzarella pizza!

4. Texas BBQ

With Texas BBQ pizza, Domino’s brings authentic southern barbecue flavour to your home. Hickory smoked pulled chicken gives this pizza tender, shreddable meat and a smoky flavour. Domino’s signature tomato sauce is swapped for a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce from the Lone Star State. The sauce’s blend of molasses, garlic, mustard and chilli makes a finger-lickin match for the chicken. Melty mozzarella cheese binds it all together for cheesy satisfaction in every saucy bite. And bits of red onion provide a nice fresh crunch. Together these southern-style ingredients make one mighty tasty mozzarella pizza that’s a little bit country, and a whole lot delicious.

5. Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy
Hot & Spicy | Frontceleb

If you like some heat with your pizza, Hot & Spicy is sure to bring the fire. It starts with a spicy tomato and chilli sauce to ignite your tastebuds. Fiery beef, sliced jalapeños, and red chilli flakes turn up the temperature even more. Cool it down slightly with creamy mozzarella to balance the heat. Fresh rocket on top adds a nice spicy-cool contrast. Each blistering bite of the Hot & Spicy pizza will set your mouth ablaze thanks to the blend of spicy meats, peppers and seasonings. This mozzarella pizza packs some serious punch for extreme pizza lovers. Keep some cool dip nearby to tame the flames!


When a cheesy, gooey pizza is calling your name, look no further than Domino’s melted mozzarella pizzas. From the classic Cheese & Tomato to festive holiday pizzas, Domino’s offers no shortage of mozzarella-loaded options to satisfy any craving. The secret lies in using high-quality ingredients, like vine-ripened tomatoes, smoky meats, fresh veggies, and of course, melty mozzarella. Skilled pizza masters craft each pizza to melty perfection. Then quick baking seals in the flavours and textures that make these mozzarella pizzas so mouthwatering. 

So next time you get a hankering, let Domino’s cover you in ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness. Their mozzarella pizzas feature favourite flavours and premium ingredients that pizza dreams are made of. Just don’t forget the napkins for all that delicious mozz! For more such updates, visit FrontCeleb.


What is mozzarella on pizza?
Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese that melts and stretches beautifully, making it the perfect cheese for pizza. Fresh mozzarella and low moisture mozzarella are commonly used.
What is proper mozzarella for pizza?
Low moisture mozzarella is considered the proper mozzarella for pizza. It melts without getting rubbery and browns nicely. Fresh mozzarella works too but may create a slightly wetter result.
Is mozzarella cheese enough for pizza?
While you can make pizza with only mozzarella cheese, most pizzas also include a hard-grated cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino Romano to add a nutritional boost and more complex flavour.









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