Things to Know While on Holidays in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus

Flopping on the beach or by the pool is usually the first (and final) idea that comes to mind when most people think of a Holidays in Cyprus. However, as I discovered on a recent research trip, this Mediterranean jewel has some fantastic culture, activities, and landscapes up its sleeve. There’s so much to do and learn here, and it’s all just outside your door (for us Brits, at least).  We also recommend you check the deal on Jet2holidays while planning Holidays in Cyprus.

Best Things to Know While on Holidays in Cyprus

1. Foodie Paradise

Culinary is an important aspect of Cypriot culture
Foodie Paradise | Frontceleb

If you ever find yourself here while on holidays in Cyprus, a cooking lesson with Roddy Damalis at Piatakia is a must. Culinary is an important aspect of Cypriot culture, and after working in the food sector for many years, Roddy now prepares delicious classic Cypriot recipes with a modern twist. The workshop is held at his restaurant, which is modern yet homey, and as soon as you walk in, you’re hit with mouth-watering aromas. When you leave, you’ll be clutching a handful of recipes that are simple to recreate at home, and having tasted them there, you’ll be eager to head home and try them for yourself!

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2. The Troodos Range

don’t overlook the mountains.
The Troodos Range | Frontceleb

When you hear Holidays in Cyprus, your first idea is usually beach, which isn’t incorrect; there are some beautiful beaches nearby but don’t overlook the mountains. The Troodos Mountains are a wonderful area to explore all year; in the winter, climb up for some terrific skiing (I know, who knew!) During the remainder of the year, hike up for some breathtaking vistas. There are several hiking and cycling paths, as well as charming tiny towns to drive through and stop in, as well as the Byzantine monastery of AyiosIoannis Lambadistis. This monastery’s actual foundation date is uncertain, although paintings are going back to the 11th century, earning it the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage classification.

3. More Background

make time to see the mosaics at Paphos.
More Background | Frontceleb

Keeping with the historical theme, make time to see the mosaics at Paphos. These antique mosaics (formerly housed in a Roman Villa dating back to the second century AD) are a delightful cultural fix for anybody with an iota of interest in history. After you’ve taken in all of the mosaics depicting old Roman legends, come to the dock for some well-deserved ice cream and a cool drink.

4. On Two Wheels in Cyprus

cycling in Cyprus is a far more relaxed experience
On Two Wheels in Cyprus | Frontceleb

Riding may seem intimidating in London (I prefer to have two feet on the ground at all times rather than risk a bike on such busy streets), but cycling in Cyprus is a far more relaxed experience. We traveled north from Paphos to Latsi, where we had a moderate bike ride through the city, along rural roads, and along the seafront for even more spectacular vistas.

After all, that action, treat yourself to a meal at one of the numerous tavernas along the seafront. Make sure to take a boat ride along the shore while at Latsi. There are some spectacular vistas along the beach, but the Blue Lagoon is by far the standout. With clear turquoise water, bring your swimming suits so you can leap off the boat and go for a swim in the unexpectedly shallow water – and even swim to the beach for a brief tan. One of the best experiences while on holidays in Cyprus.

5. Bee-keeping

 You’ll learn all about the interesting work
Bee-keeping | Frontceleb

If you have time on your way back to the UK from Larnaca airport, stop at Eco Physics and get dressed up (in the appropriate gear, of course) for some beekeeping. You’ll learn all about the interesting work these tiny creatures perform here, and you’ll be able to buy some of their honey back at the store. Top tip: wear covered shoes rather than sandals while on Holidays in Cyptus!


Make sure Cyprus is on your list of places to visit if you’re looking for a beach vacation spot. If you’re interested in the past, let us tell you about Cyprus. Don’t forget about Cyprus if you’re searching for a vacation with a lot of different kinds of adventures. We hope that this article will going to help you with your holidays in Cyprus Please visit the official website of Frontceleb if you need any information on holidays in Cyprus 2023.


Which part of Cyprus is best for holiday?

Cyprus’s most picturesque locations

  • Nissi Beach- Cyprus’s most renowned beach,
  • Flamingo Lake near Larnaca.
  • Fig Tree Bay
  • Mountains of Troodos
  • Peninsula of Akamas
Are cheap holidays to Cyprus a Reality?
Cyprus has prices that are, more or less, on pace with those of other mid-range European locations, such as Croatia and Spain. This indicates that a trip to Cyprus may be quite reasonable and that it is not at all impossible to go there on a budget.
Is Cyprus a luxury holiday?
With its meandering cobblestone alleyways, rich history, and several monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Cyprus is the perfect place to go for a luxurious vacation. Choose restaurants offering anything from upscale dining to local tavernas, all of which are staffed by warm and welcoming people who take delight in each dish they create.

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