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Nowadays, humans are getting more and more involved in dog parenting and they believe it is a good thing to take care of dogs. When it comes to feeding your dog, we buy any dog bowl without taking into account whether or not the dog bowl is appropriate for your dog. Every dog should have a dog bowl according to their height, age, and breed. To help pet parents decide, Chewy brings all the information about what type of dog bowl should be bought for your dog and what is the best feeding way. 

What type of bowl is best for dogs?

Sometimes foster dog parents are not aware of the right type of dog bowl for their pets. Hence we are here to make you aware of the appropriate dog bowl you should consider buying for your dogs. Chewy brings you some tips to follow along with various products that are appropriate for the same. 


Tips to select dog bowl for your dog:

Humans, also called hoomans for dogs, are mostly in a dilemma: what size of the dog bowl is good for a puppy, and how to choose one. Here are some tips to guide you in buying the right dog bowls-


  • Never say yes to plastic bowls as they look colorful and are a cheaper option. But they are easy to get damaged and chewed by your pet dog. Also, plastic dog bowls are not that easy to wash and leave stains. 


  • For dogs that are allergic to other substances, one should prefer buying a ceramic dog bowl. They are heavier than a plastic dog bowl and come in various styles and designs that attract the pet. 


  • If you are looking for something durable and heavy, then you must go for the stainless steel dog bowl. These bowls are easy to clean and are disinfectant on their own. They come in attractive designs, frames, and shapes that are dependent upon the breed and size of the dog. 


  • Also select the right size of the dog bowl, as it differs for every dog breed. If you have small dogs, then a small bowl is the best option. Whereas, for big dogs, bowls should be of a certain height so that they are able to eat their food properly. 

Best dog bowls you can buy for your dog

For the best and the right-sized dog bowl for your pet, Chewy has produced some amazing and high-quality products. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Fisco dog bowl with bamboo stand

Fisco dog bowl with bamboo stand
Fisco dog bowl with bamboo stand

To give your dog a wholesome treat with their favorite food, use this aesthetic dog bowl. Chewy has this contemporary design bamboo dog bowl that is suitable for every dog breed. It has a melamine bowl that can be easily detached for washing and also to keep the dish stand safe. This Frisco square dog bowl is not just stylish but also good home decor for your dog house. The stand also helps to save the floor from getting dirty while your dog is enjoying its food. 

2. Metallic blueberry dog bowl

This beautiful paw-printed bowl is not just a cute and adorable bowl for your puppy. Made up of a stainless steel interior, it is bacteria-resistant, has a poly-resin exterior, and also the rubber base is easily removable. So to give your dog a fun time meal, you can buy this dog bowl from Chewy. This is amongst the best dog bowls and also comes in different color variants. 

3. Double dog bowl with stainless steel 

Double dog bowl with stainless steel 
Double dog bowl with stainless steel

If you want to add the dog meal and water together but in different panels, this bowl from Chewy will be a good option for you. This is the best thing that any dog parent will love, as it helps them feed their pet without getting the floor dirty. It has a stylish texture as it is made of melamine stand and stainless steel inside. It is easily removable so that you can wash the dog bowl easily without any extra effort. 

4. Signature ceramic dog bowl

With the best quality, beautiful design, and made of ceramic, this is an ideal dog bowl for your little pup. Chewy has one of the best dog bowls, and one of them is this one. It is made of glazed stoneware, which can be cleaned easily with any dishwasher, and is a great dog bowl for storing food and water. 

5. Collapsible silicone travel dog bowl 

Collapsible silicone travel dog bowl 
Collapsible silicone travel dog bowl

If you are a frequent traveler and love to take your fur friend with you, then you need a dog bowl that is safe to take along. This silicone bowl from Chewy is the best option for you. It comes in different variants of colors that are attractive and playful for the dog. It is collapsible and made of silicone; you just have to open it to feed your pup and it can easily fit in your travel bag. It is compact in size and easy to take along anywhere. 


Now whenever you try to shop for a dog bowl for your fur friend, keep in mind these tips. Always check the quality of the bowl, the desired size according to the breed of the dog, and the material it is made of. Chewy has a variety of selections of the most affordable dog bowls. They have some of the best products for your pets. You can check out FrontCeleb for more information about dog bowls. 


What dish soap is safe for dogs?
There is a dish soap known as Dawn dish soap that is a perfect option to wash the dog bowl. However, you should use dish soap that is chemical-free and mild.
How often should I change my dog's water?
You should change the dog’s water at least once a day. This will not contaminate the water they drink and make the dog feel fresh.
How often is OK to wash your dog?
The washing of the dog depends on the height, fur, and the coat of the dog. Dogs with medium or long coats should be washed once a month, whereas dogs that are small and with short coats should be washed once in two or three months. 

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