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craft supplies

Art and craft are a part of life. When you are a kid you enjoy these craft supplies from the bottom of your heart. Even as an adult, you couldn’t help but smell that colorful box of crayons. For a person who likes to organize things, nicely stacked art supplies are easy on the eyes. If you are someone who is just starting out their artistic endeavors and doesn’t know how to begin, there is no need to worry as we have got you covered. But let us first determine what exactly are art and craft. Art & craft and tools are needed for an artistic project like drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, and jewelry making. You do not need to be a Picasso to start your artistic journey, all you need is to get your starter kit, craft supplies, and start painting or anything you would want to do with your supplies. There are a variety of art supplies and essential DIY crafts that are essentially needed for these activities like paper scissors, glue, and tapes that comes in various colors and shapes. All you need to have is an artistic awakening to gather up the courage to pick up that brush and paint the town red!

Let us have a look at some of these craft supplies from one of the best online stores, QVC.

1. Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Sparkle Pens

Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Sparkle Pens
Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Sparkle Pens | Frontceleb

These craft supplies will not only give birth to your artistic talent but will also elevate your skills. These pens are packed with glittery micro pigments and are blendable water-based colors. Each pen contains a flexible brush tip for a mess-free drawing making them perfect for drawing, sketching and even writing beautiful letters if you are into letter writing or calligraphy.

2. Crafters Companion Shimmer Sprays

These craft supplies make the perfect gift for someone who is an artist. Even if you are starting out in the art field, these Crafters Companion Shimmer Sprays will bring joy to your life. This is a multipurpose art tool that can be used with paper, wood, or any kind of fabric with other materials. These shimmer sprays contain 6 gorgeous colors.

3. Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Summer Pen Taster Kit

Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Summer Pen Taster Kit
Spectrum Noir by Crafters Companion Summer Pen Taster Kit | Frontceleb

These craft supplies are a must-buy if you are someone who is an art fanatic. The Triblend Exotic blend contains a variety of colors like blue, green yellow, purple, and orange. It has a unique 3 in 1 design with each Triblend marker holding three blendable related colors. Create colorful depths and dimensions with ease. Discover endless possibilities with these craft supplies which can even be used for illustration.

4. Crafters Companion Easy to Organise Set of 4 Zip & Store Bags

These craft supplies are extremely portable for someone who loves to draw a sunrise or a sunset. You can store, organize, and carry your art supplies with ease with a crafters companion. The fun is in the name.  It is highly accessible and is the perfect size for all of your creative ideas with ease. Each bag is made from durable vinyl that adds extra strength to your bag of wonder.

5. Crafters Companion Bumper Gilding Flakes Kit

Crafters Companion Bumper Gilding Flakes Kit
Crafters Companion Bumper Gilding Flakes Kit | Frontceleb

These craft supplies add a luxurious glow to your art projects. Inside the kit, you will find specialist glue that is easy to use. There are a variety of colors to choose from. With a box filled with wonderful shimmery shades to choose from, you can even give your stamp designs a dazzling lift and add a beautiful border to cards and boxes making it attractive, especially when you are going to pack a gift for someone.


Add a little bit of color to your life with these amazing craft supplies. Make sure to have loads of fun when you are embarking on this vibrant journey filled with beautiful and exciting craft products. These products will not only help enhance a child’s creativity but will also help in strengthening their artistic skills as an adult. Art is an interesting passion that one should never get rid of. You can head to Frontceleb for the best DIY craft ideas.


How do I start organizing my craft supplies?
For an artistic person, an art cart with multiple storage options is the way to go. Different drawers can be used for different craft supplies which will remain in an organised manner.
What materials and tools are used for paper crafting?
There are various materials and tools that are used for paper crafting. For example, papercraft scissors are the most important appliances when it comes to paper crafting. Tweezers for card making and scrapbooking and glue for sticking materials.
What are five materials for papercraft?
The five most important materials for papercraft are Scissors, Paper, a crafting mat, a paper trimmer, and a sharpened pencil. However, if you are an exceptional and experienced artist who wants to make more complex models using papercraft, you can invest a little more from your side and buy card stocks to print models on.

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