Bench Radiators As An Efficient Heating Solution For Your Home 

bench radiator

A bench radiator is a type of heating system that is designed to provide warmth and comfort to a room while also serving as a functional piece of furniture. This type of radiator is typically installed beneath a bench or seating area, allowing you to sit comfortably while enjoying the warmth it provides. 

When choosing a bench radiator from B&Q, it is important to consider the size of your room and the heating needs of your household. If you have a larger room or a particularly cold home, you may need a larger one with a higher heat output. Alternatively, if you have a smaller room or a well-insulated home, a smaller product may be sufficient.

Advantages of getting bench radiators

One of the advantages of using a radiator bench seat is that it is a space-saving solution that can help to free up floor space in your room. This is because the radiator is installed beneath a bench, rather than taking up valuable wall space or floor space like traditional radiators. Additionally, bench radiators are often sleek and stylish in design, making them an attractive addition to any room in the house.

Another benefit is that they can be very energy-efficient. This is because they use a low-water content, which means they heat up quickly and use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. This not only saves you money on your energy bills but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Here is a list of the top bench radiator to look out for:

1. Acova 4 Column Radiator, White 

The Acova 4 Column Radiator in White (W)1000mm (H)455mm is a stylish and efficient heating solution that is available on B&Q. This bench radiator is an excellent choice for those looking for a heating solution that can also double up as a piece of furniture. 

One of the key features of the Acova 4 Column Radiator is its four-column design, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. The radiator is also highly efficient and can provide warmth quickly, making it an ideal choice for those cold winter months. Moreover, the white finish of this radiator gives it a sleek and modern look that can blend in with any decor.

3. Acova White 3 Column Radiator

The Acova White 3 Column Radiator is a popular heating solution available on B&Q. With dimensions of (W)1042mm x (H)600mm, this radiator is designed to fit comfortably into a variety of spaces, providing ample heat and ensure your home remains cosy and comfortable throughout the colder months.

One of the key features of the Acova White 3-Column Radiator is that it is a bench radiator, which means that it is designed to be installed in a horizontal position, making it perfect for placement under windows or along walls with limited vertical space. The three columns of the radiator ensure even heat distribution, providing warmth throughout the room, while the white finish gives it a sleek and modern look that will complement any decor.

2. Arroll Neo-Classic White 4 Column Radiator

Acova White 3 Column Radiator
Acova White 3 Column Radiator | Frontceleb

The Arroll Neo-Classic White 4-Column Radiator, available on B&Q, is a stunning and efficient bench radiator that offers both style and practicality. Measuring (W)1234mm x (H)460mm, this radiator is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and warmth to any room in your home.

Featuring four columns and a sleek white finish, the Arroll Neo-Classic White 4-Column Radiator is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. It is strong and long-lasting because it is constructed of high-quality steel.  Moreover, its design means that it can serve not only as a source of heat but also as a stylish seating option.

4. Acova White 4 Column Radiator

Acova White 4 Column Radiator
Acova White 4 Column Radiator | Frontceleb

The Acova White 4 Column Radiator is a high-quality heating solution that offers both style and performance. With its elegant design and impressive heat output, this radiator is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home’s heating system.

The design of the Acova White 4 Column Radiator also makes it an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their available space. With its slim profile and low height, this radiator can be easily installed in tight spaces or narrow alcoves, without taking up too much valuable floor space. 

5. Acova Silver 4 Column Radiator

The Acova Silver 4 Column Radiator, available on B&Q, is a sleek and stylish heating solution that not only provides warmth to your space but also adds an elegant touch to your decor. With its impressive dimensions of (W)1042mm x (H)300mm, this radiator is ideal for larger rooms, where it can effectively distribute heat.

Apart from its versatility, the Acova Silver 4 Column Radiator is also designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Made of high-quality materials, this radiator is built to last and can provide reliable heating for years to come. With its impressive heat output, it can quickly warm up your space, making it comfortable and cosy in no time.


A bench radiator is an excellent choice for those looking for a functional and stylish heating solution. With its space-saving design, energy-efficient technology, and wide range of options available on B&Q, they are a great investment for any home. Whether you are looking to add warmth and comfort to your living room, bedroom, or home office, a bench radiator can provide the perfect solution. For more information, visit Frontceleb.



Are bench radiators any good?
Bench radiators, also known as plinth heaters, are a great option for those who want to save space and have a discreet heating system. They are installed at floor level, typically beneath kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and provide a steady flow of warm air.
Which radiators give out the best heat?
The heat output of a radiator depends on a variety of factors, including its size, shape, and material. In general, larger radiators with more surface area will give out more heat than smaller ones. Radiators with a double panel and double convector (also known as a Type 22 radiator) will also produce more heat than a single panel radiator.
What is the best type of radiator material?
Radiators can be made from a variety of materials, including cast iron, steel, and aluminium. Cast iron radiators are durable and can retain heat for longer periods, but they can be heavy and difficult to install. Steel radiators are lightweight and easy to install, but they can corrode over time. 


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