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5 Wooden Garden Sheds to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Wooden garden shed

Life gets busy. Between work, family, and the hustle of everyday tasks, people crave an escape – a place to sneak away and unwind alone. For many, the answer is as simple as a wooden garden shed. These humble havens offer refuge without extravagance or pretence. No flashy features, just simple timber walls, a solitary seat, and maybe a window or two to allow natural light and greenery. 

Easy-to-assemble wooden sheds bring why less is more back into focus. Their blank canvas interiors hold potential for all your refuge ambitions. Make it a pottering shed packed with gardening gadgets galore. Line the walls with bookshelves and escape with a cup of tea and a paperback. Bring in cosy cabin vibes with plush rugs, lantern lights, and a mini-fridge stocked with snacks.

This season, consider the wooden garden sheds available at Travis Perkins! Their high-quality products at reasonable prices make sure you get the best deal! Let’s explore their selection and some tips on how to pick the right wooden garden shed for your backyard!

Things to Consider When Picking the Perfect Wooden Garden Shed

When daydreaming about your future backyard sanctuary space, deciding on the right wooden garden shed style and size may seem daunting initially. But a few key considerations make the choice easy.

Consider the Shed’s Purpose

First, how will you use your shed? Visualise your activity wishlist, from potting benches for gardening to book nooks for reading. If a workshop is your goal, more spacious dimensions and electrical outlets become priorities. 

Measure Your Space

Next, physically measure your prospective shed site in the yard for accurate sizing. Remember to account for proper clearance space around the structure. Sketch out different shapes and orientations to optimise backyard flow.

Weigh Constructed vs DIY 

Consider prefab fully constructed sheds for convenient installation or cheaper DIY shed kits you build yourself. Assess your budget and builder confidence before deciding.

Choose Complementary Style

Select shed aesthetic to suit your home’s architecture, whether modern, rustic or classic. Paint the trim in coordinating accent shades that pop against the wood.

Add Personal Touches

Finally, customise with fun touches like garden planters, wind chimes, and hand-painted signs with cheeky sayings to infuse personality. Your shed can reflect you!

Follow this framework when choosing your perfect wooden garden shed. Before you know it, you’ll be sneaking away to your private refuge oasis anytime life gets too loud.

Top 5 Wooden garden sheds to check out on Travis Perkins

1. 10 x 8 Power Pent Garden Shed

10 x 8 Power Pent Garden Shed
10 x 8 Power Pent Garden Shed | Frontceleb

Need a spacious wooden retreat? The 10 x 8 Power Pent shed offers ample room for all your storage, crafting and relaxation needs. Its clean pentagon shape maximises every inch of the 80 square feet interior. Skylight panels allow lovely natural light to fill the space. Double doors make access and moving items in and out a breeze. Built from durable sheet material on a sturdy timber frame, this wooden garden shed comes with 10-year anti-rot guarantees. Choose from earthy grey or green colour schemes.

2. Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Shed Double Door 8 ft x 6 ft

This handsome apex shed brings a touch of country charm to backyards. It combines a practical 48-square-foot interior with charming barn-style doors. The apex roofline adds architectural interest while allowing rain runoff. Built from pressure-treated timber with an anti-rot guarantee, it outlasts regular wood sheds. Inside, a three-window design welcomes cheerful daylight and garden views. The timber Construction makes decorating fun with paints and stains to personalise your retreat. Add character with window boxes, lanterns and garden stools.

3. Overlap Apex No Window Pressure Treated Shed

Overlap Apex No Window Pressure Treated Shed
Overlap Apex No Window Pressure Treated Shed | Frontceleb

For an understated look, this windowless apex shed focuses fully on pure functionality. Lacking views outside, its interior offers an enclosed cocoon for hobbies, storage and projects. Pressure-treated timber withstands weathering, while the pent roof design sheds rain and snow easily. At nearly 6 x 4 ft inside, shelves and hooks maximise storage potential for outdoor gear, tools and lumber. The single door of this wooden garden shed provides ample access. With a natural wood tone that blends into gardens, it becomes an unobtrusive backyard addition. Bring your own decor touches like benches or blackboard paint.

4. 4 x 6 Power Overlap APEX, No Windows

Small on space but big on charm, this compact apex design shed squeezes storage into 24 square feet. The signature A-frame roofline adds architectural interest, while interior height allows taller items. Its no-frills windowless design provides an enclosed private workspace. Flooring and framing from sustainably sourced timber means quality construction. The natural wood finish complements any yard style, from modern to country. Compact yet mighty, this small wooden garden shed holds all your outdoor gear needs, from bikes to garden tools. Just bring your own bold and creative decor style!

5. Overlap Pressure Treated 6 x 4 Apex Shed – No WINDOW, Double Door Home Delivery

Overlap Pressure Treated 6 x 4 Apex Shed - No WINDOW, Double Door Home Delivery
Overlap Pressure Treated 6 x 4 Apex Shed – No WINDOW, Double Door Home Delivery | Frontceleb

This 6 x 4 ft pressure-treated shed ships fully assembled for instant backyard installation. Just unpack and enjoy your sturdy new haven. The rustic overlapping timber planks of this wooden garden shed provide character while protecting interior contents from the elements. Inside offers organised storage with dual doors for easy access. The apex roof design ensures excellent water runoff. While windowless for privacy, add your own skylights or solar lights. Options for paint colours let you complement your home. Affordable yet built to last, this shed simplifies upgrading your yard.


With imaginative decor, basic backyard sheds transform into writing nooks, yoga dens, and workshop spaces – wherever your mind craves escaping. The limited square footage forces focus on what matters most. The rest of life’s clutter fades away within simple timber walls. On Travis Perkins, you can find a wide selection of wooden garden sheds that are both stylish and under the budget!

For more reviews and recommendations on anything related to home and gardening, don’t forget to visit FrontCeleb!


How long should a wooden shed last?
With proper care and maintenance, a quality wooden shed built of weather-resistant woods like cedar or pressure-treated pine can last 15-20 years. Keeping the wood sealed and stained, securing the structure to the ground, and having a sloped roof design all help maximise lifespan.
Should a wooden shed be off the ground?
Yes, wooden sheds should be installed on a gravel, concrete, or paved base rather than directly on grass or dirt. This prevents moisture damage from ground contact and decomposition. Placing on gravel or blocks allows airflow and drainage underneath.
How close to the boundary can I build a shed?
Shed setback rules vary by municipality, but a typical requirement is maintaining at least 3 feet of clearance from rear and side property boundaries for a small shed. Larger shed placement often requires double the standard house setbacks. Check your local permit codes for exact property line shed placement specifications.

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