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How to Add Drama With Decorative Stones for Garden: Top Benefits and Picks

decorative stones for garden

Want to take your garden from drab to fab? It’s amazing how quickly the right rocks can transform an ordinary space into a thriving garden oasis. When used thoughtfully, decorative stones for garden inject visual excitement and make plants pop as focal points.

From humble pebbles to striking boulders, decorative stones for garden offer affordable hardscaping options perfect for DIYers. Mix various shapes, textures and colours to design borders, pathways, patios and rock gardens bursting with personality. Mimic stream beds, dry creek beds or alpine landscapes without costly excavation or drainage issues.

This season, rediscover the endless possibilities for upgrading your home landscape with decorative stones for garden from Travis Perkins. Durable, natural stones last indefinitely with minimal upkeep while providing four-season interest. Refresh borders and beds by simply rearranging stones into new configurations.

1. Decorative Stones for Garden: Explore Top Benefits

Not sure if you should invest in decorative stones for garden? Here are some of the top reasons to take your garden design to the next level with hardscaping rocks.

Visual Interest 

Variegated colours, bold textures and diverse organic shapes inherently draw the eye and create focal points. Contrasting stone finishes like matte vs glossy add depth.


Nature-formed rocks and stones withstand all weather conditions indefinitely with zero upkeep, unlike wood or metal features. They won’t rot, fade or need repainting.


Compared to constructed water features, stone walls or elaborate patios, loose rock is budget-friendly and installs in a single weekend. Reuse found rocks for free!

Easy Maintenance

A thick gravel mulch inhibits weeds between established plants. No need for continuous digging, edging and soil amending.

Creative Versatility

Rocks enable building raised beds, fire pits, retaining walls, waterfall spillways and other custom features limited only by your imagination!

Whether you’re seeking low-cost, low-maintenance solutions or dramatic focal points, decorative stones for garden deliver on all fronts. Get ready to rock and roll by incorporating earth’s most fundamental raw material into your garden in bold new ways.

2. From Drab to Fab: 5 Decorative Stones for Garden Renovation

1. Golden Gravel Bulk Bag 20mm

Golden Gravel Bulk Bag 20mm
Golden Gravel Bulk Bag 20mm

Add a warm golden glow to flowerbeds and paths with this bulk bag of smooth golden pea gravel. The rounded pebbles measure 20mm for versatile landscaping uses. Scatter them as fillers between pavers or patio blocks to inhibit weeds. Use as decorative mulch in plant beds or as drainage fill beneath decorative rocks in DIY rock gardens. The subtle sparkle dresses up pathways while allowing easy walking. Bulk bags keep project costs low. Combine with boulders or bricks in contrasting hues for showstopping hardscapes with depth and dimension. 

2. Cotswold Stone Chippings Buff Bulk Bag

Rustic cottage garden lovers rejoice over these Cotswold chippings. Their multidimensional buff brown and tan tones evoke idyllic English landscapes. The flatted oval shapes and varied sizes from 20-50mm create organic visual interest when spread between plants or around features. Use as mulch, pathway fillers or drainage for rock gardens. For patios, fill cracks between pavers or blocks to inhibit weeds. Bulk bags make large coverage affordable. Scatter among greenery for instant charm.

3. Suburban Stone Panda Gravel Bulk Bag

Suburban Stone Panda Gravel Bulk Bag
Suburban Stone Panda Gravel Bulk Bag

Livable yet undeniably lovable, Panda gravel delights with white pebbles sporting black speckles. The panda motif creates dynamic texture when incorporated into pots, borders and rock gardens. Use bulk bags to generously mulch planting beds where dark specks pop against diverse greenery. Better yet, fill spaces between stepping stones on garden pathways with this peppy gravel. Contrast against rich red bricks on patios or entries for an exotic yin-yang colour vibe in your outdoor sanctum.

4. Cotswold Stone Chippings Buff Trade Pack

These Cotswold chippings in 20kg trade packs are perfect for big landscaping jobs. Their versatile buff tones with multi-tonal hues complement any garden style, from formal to cottage. It is used for drainage, weed control, and decoration of garden plants. Level paths by tamping chippings between pavers or brick. For patios and entries, fill wide joints while inhibiting weeds. Available at bulk rates for contractors and serious DIYers tackling large gardens and properties. Achieve timeless English garden inspiration on any scale.

5. Suburban Stone Gravel Trade Pack Flamenco 20kg

Suburban Stone Gravel Trade Pack Flamenco 20kg
Suburban Stone Gravel Trade Pack Flamenco 20kg

Electrify garden spaces with brilliant red Flamenco gravel. Sold in 20kg contractor packs, it allows for tackling sizable landscaping projects on a budget. Contrast this fiery crushed stone against rich greens, gentle pastels or pink blooms. Use as decorative mulch under roses, in rock gardens or between tropicals to energise the colour palette. For walkways, fill around bricks or pavers with bold red gravel as a dynamic alternative to drab cement. Let Flamenco gravel ignite visual spice in your surroundings!

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From Zen gardens to lush waterfalls, let your inner rock artist transform any tired plot into a scenic garden gem. Read on for inspiring ideas to guide your stone selection and design process. Then get ready to rock your outdoor room! Travis Perkins has the perfect selection of decorative stones for garden! Browse through their vast and diverse selection and pick the one that suits your personal taste.

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How do you use decorative stones for garden?
Decorative stones for gardens can be incorporated as accents, mulch, fillers between pavers, drainage material in rock gardens, and for building paths, borders and beds. Larger stones create focal points, and smaller gravels provide texture.
How do you keep decorative stones for garden in place?
To keep decorative stones for garden from shifting, create an edge or border using wood planks, bricks, metal edging or plastic landscape borders. For loose gravel paths, use landscape fabric underneath with edges secured by stakes. Apply polymeric sand between pavers and tamp gravel down.
What do you put under decorative stones for garden?
It’s best to put down landscape fabric or weed barrier first, then 1-2 inches of coarse gravel or sand for drainage, before adding a decorative stone top layer. This prevents weeds from sprouting up between stones.

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