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Building a Sustainable Home: Innovative Waste Bins for Kitchen

Waste bins for kitchen

A clean and organised kitchen is what you need for a soothing cooking experience. However, maintaining your kitchen’s hygiene can be tricky and when it comes to managing the waste, it becomes even harder and messier. This article holds amazing and affordable waste bins that you can place in your kitchen along with how they can keep the space squeaky clean.

Why Do You Need Waste Bins for Kitchen?

  • Castle of Cleanliness

Trash cans are the foundation of a clean and tidy home. They keep waste separate and prevent it from littering your apartment. A clean and organised kitchen not only looks great but it feels soothing working inside one as well.

  • Health Hero

Waste bins for kitchen play a great role in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. So, with proper waste management in place, it reduces the risk of bacteria spreading and attracting pests. Trash cans are your first line of defence against these health risks, protecting your family.

  • Odour Eliminator

In kitchens, where food waste can get stinky, properly covered trash cans are very important for odour control. They help keep your home fresh and inviting, so choose odour-catching waste bins for kitchen.

  • Convenient Masters

Strategically placed trash cans make trash disposal easy. When trash cans are readily available, everyone in the family is more likely to participate in cleaning things up. Convenience is the key to good waste management habits, so make it an easy part of your daily routine.

Eco-friendly Waste Bins for Kitchen to Shop Today

  1. DIHL Hanging Compost Kitchen Bin

DIHL Hanging Compost Kitchen Bin
DIHL Hanging Compost Kitchen Bin | frontceleb


This compact 9-litre waste bin is designed to be a versatile waste solution for your kitchen. Mount it on the wall or hang it in a closet to free up valuable floor space. The multi-functional lid helps keep things clean and hygienic, and the bin itself is easy to clean. Ideal for composting or general kitchen waste, it’s a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. You can purchase some of the best waste bins for kitchen from The Range at affordable prices.

 2.  Hanging Waste Bin with Lid for Kitchen Bathroom

This cabinet hanging bin is made of durable waterproof PP material and has a very tight lid to prevent odour. It is space-saving and designed for easy use with wide-opening and double-opening methods. This versatile wastebasket can be widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and other places. It has two easy-to-install mounting options: tape for flat surfaces and a hanger for cabinet doors up to 2.5 cm thick. You can buy high-quality waste bins for kitchen at affordable prices from The Range.

 3.  40L Sorter Kitchen Recycle Waste Bin

40L Sorter Kitchen Recycle Waste Bin
40L Sorter Kitchen Recycle Waste Bin | frontceleb


This under-counter kitchen waste bin is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing kitchen cabinets and make recycling easier. It has a three-compartment system with a large 20-liter bin and two smaller 10-liter bins, perfect for sorting recyclables. The containers are completely removable for easy cleaning, and the pull-out system with a soft-close function ensures smooth operation. The overall width of this bin fits standard 40cm kitchen cupboards, so it hides waste whilst promoting eco-friendly practices in your home.

 4. Pull-Out Kitchen Undermount Waste Bin Trash Can

This kitchen trash bin offers several features to make waste management a breeze. Made from durable, non-toxic PP material, it boasts a long lifespan and easy cleaning. A smooth-gliding sliding track allows for effortless opening and closing, while the hidden design keeps your kitchen clutter-free. The lidded bin keeps unpleasant odours contained, and its multiple compartments allow for efficient waste sorting. You can get great kitchen waste bins at low prices from The Range.

 5.  Kitchen Compost Waste Bin Hanging Trash Can

Kitchen Compost Waste Bin Hanging Trash Can
Kitchen Compost Waste Bin Hanging Trash Can | frontceleb

This trash can offers a functional and space-saving design for your kitchen. With a 9L capacity, it’s ideal for daily use. The lid effectively traps odours to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. A special ring keeps the rubbish bag in place and allows for easy removal when full. The trash can can be hung on cabinet doors or walls to free up counter space and maintain a clean aesthetic. You can buy excellent waste bins for kitchen affordably at The Range.

Tailored Trash Cans for Every Room

Garbage bins are very important articles as they keep your home clean, hygienic, and organised. So, take a look at the different roles these waste bins play when it comes to different rooms.

  • Kitchen Command Center

The kitchen, bustling with activity, produces a significant amount of waste, predominantly consisting of food scraps and packaging. A dedicated, possibly larger, bin here is a must-have to keep things tidy and hygienic.

  • Bathroom Sanitation Station

Bathrooms need a smaller but equally important container for certain waste items, such as used towels, cotton buds, and empty plates. Choose a trash can with a lid to keep the environment clean and odour-free.

  • Home Office Efficiency Improvement

In today’s world, a home office needs its own trash can to handle trash, used pens, and snacks. A strategically placed bin keeps your workspace clear and creates a focused environment.


Kitchen mess got you down? Tired of fruit flies hovering around overflowing bins? The Range has your back! Their selection of waste bins for kitchen goes beyond just keeping things clean. They have a bin for every personality, with stylish designs and practical features that make throwing away scraps a breeze. Upgrade your kitchen routine (and your nose’s happiness) with a bin from The Range – it’s the simple switch that makes a big difference.

For more information, visit FrontCeleb.


What size trash can is right for a tiny kitchen?
Bins with a capacity of 10-30 litres are ideal for small kitchens, especially for one or two people or tight spaces. You can also go for smaller bins if you separate waste types, like using separate bins for general waste, recycling, and food scraps.
What kind of bin is for kitchen garbage?
Green bins are for kitchen waste, like food scraps, peels, coffee, and tea, while blue bins are for recyclables like cardboard, magazines, plastic bottles, and food tins.
Can I use regular trash bags with these waste bins for kitchen use?
Regular trash bags are suitable for use with these kitchen waste bins. They offer an easy way to dispose of kitchen waste without requiring special bags. Simply insert them into the bin and dispose of them as usual.

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