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Consider Your Go-To Beach Style With Halter Neck Swimming Costume

Halter neck swimming costume

Good news: you’ll soon be able to enjoy days at the pool and follow your wildest summer vacation dreams. If you’re like me (shh…I know you are), you’re already thinking about what to wear this summer. There’s no question in my mind that you’re already eyeing a few swimsuits! Even though it can be hard to choose a bathing suit, my favourite part is looking at all the different styles, colours, and designs. Lucky for you, I’ve already shown you the most stylish styles for this season, making your search a lot easier.

There are a variety of swimsuit styles trending this year including halter neck swimming costume! Let’s explore these styles and some of the best options available on Simply Be!

The 6 Best 2024 Swimwear Trends for a Hot Summer Ahead

Minimal Cuts and Colors

Get ready to see lots of clean lines and grey or understated colours on your feeds and in your own beach bag. For 2024 and beyond, clothing with few details is in style. This style will last because it’s very versatile and can be worn with a lot of different cover-ups.

Twists and Cutouts

Simple categories like “one-piece” and “two-piece” were made to be broken. This summer, you can change out your classic swimsuits for ones that are cropped or draped in daring ways.

I love it when designers push the limits of standard swimwear shapes, going beyond the basic cuts that are common in the genre and coming up with new shapes. You can get creative with layers because the straps are twisted and the cutouts are big. Any of these look great at the beach, no matter where you are, and they’re easy to pair with ready-to-wear clothes for a quick and easy holiday look.

Mermaid Motifs

The best place to try out the mermaid-core style is in swimwear. For a taste of the ocean, try the beachy collection on Simply Be with its sparkling accents, or go all the way in with an all-over shell print.

Return of the Halter Top

Every season has its own styles that bring back memories, and this summer, halter neck swimming costumes are very popular for going to the pool and having parties outside. I’m happy to see top styles back in style this season! This style from the past looks and feels new again.

Glittery Fabrics

You can start your summer glow this year with a shimmery swimsuit. All one-pieces and bikinis, no matter what colour or cut, have little sparkles that will catch the light wherever you go this summer. Shiny swimwear is favoured by fashion experts all around.

One-Shoulder Suits

I was glad that this summer’s swimwear designs had a lot of one-shoulder swimsuits. This style strikes a good balance between being showing and comfortable, so it won’t get in the way of a busy day at the beach or pool. This summer’s simple trend can be worn with a streamlined bikini like Anemos’ or a colour block version of a two-piece like J.Crew’s to get the look of a bright one.

Best halter neck swimming costume

  1. Padded Underwired Swimsuit

Padded Underwired Swimsuit
Padded Underwired Swimsuit | frontceleb

Wish you had a costume that made people take notice this summer? This beautiful striped pattern halter neck swimming costume is all you need. It has a halter top that looks good on most body types and supportive underwired, padded cups for the most comfortable fit. Soak up the sun by the pool or take it easy on the beach—this swimsuit is great for all your summer activities. Buy now!

 2. Halter Neck Padded Non Wired Swimsuit

Enjoy summer with this stunning halterneck swimsuit. This swimsuit will make you feel confident and ready to swim with its figure-flattering shape and eye-catching stripe print. The combination of this halter neck swimming suit dries rapidly, making it comfortable and easy to maintain. Shop now!

 3. Tummy Control Halterneck Swimsuit

Tummy Control Halterneck Swimsuit
Tummy Control Halterneck Swimsuit | frontceleb

Enjoy summer with this stunning halterneck swimsuit. This swimsuit will make you feel confident and ready to swim with its figure-flattering shape and eye-catching stripe print. This combination dries rapidly, making it comfortable and easy to maintain. 

 4. Underwired Padded Swimsuit

This breathtaking new leaf pattern swim collection will transport you to a tropical paradise. The halter neckline, which is both flattering and supportive, is paired with underwired cups, which ensures both comfort and confidence. This swimsuit is an absolute must for lounging by the pool because of its panelled design, which provides a form that is universally flattering.

5. Non Wired Padded Halter Neck Swimsuit

Non Wired Padded Halter Neck Swimsuit
Non Wired Padded Halter Neck Swimsuit | frontceleb

This flexible black halter neck swimming costume helps you flaunt your contours. A nylon-elastane combination makes this suit fit, and the lining is polyester alone. It fits and retains shape. You may customize the bra’s fit and coverage with the non-wired, cushioned cups and adjustable straps. Machine-washable, this swimwear is easy to maintain. It makes a splash at the beach or pool. 


Don’t worry about finding a halter neck swimming costume—it’s back. This form flatters most body shapes and comes in many styles with support, covering, and features. There are halter neck swimsuits with underwires for support and fashionable cutouts on Simply Be for everyone. This summer has so many gorgeous suits that you’ll discover one to turn heads by the pool or look great on the beach. Check out Simply Be’s finest swimsuits to find your new fave!

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Are halter neck swimming costumes suitable for different bust sizes?
Halter necks can look good on a range of bust sizes, but before you buy, think about how much support, adjustability, and covering the style gives you.
Can halter neck swimming costumes provide enough support for active swimming?
Trying on a halter neck is the best way to find out if it gives you enough support. Look for a tight fit that can be adjusted well. If support is important to you for busy swimming, you might want to look at a different style.
How do I tie and adjust the halter neck of a swimming costume for the best fit?

Wear a bikini halter top and grasp the straps.
Cross one neck strap over the other.
Tie the straps at your neck.
Pull the straps to tighten and adjust the knot.

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