Discover The Joy Of Deliciously Cheesy Vegan Pizzas From Domino’s

vegan pizzas

Looking for a deliciously cheesy, flavorful pizza night without the dairy? Welcome to the wonderful world of vegan pizzas! Thanks to innovative recipes and plant-based cheese alternatives, you can recreate the joy of a gooey, sliceable pizza piled high with your favourite toppings, with no sacrifice required. Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or just pizza-obsessed, cheesy vegan pizzas let you indulge 100% guilt-free. Read on for mouthwatering recipes, pro tips and guides to all things vegan pizza. Get ready to be amazed by how simple, satisfying and downright addictive dairy-free pizzas can be!

What is considered a vegan pizza?

A vegan pizza excludes all animal-derived ingredients. It typically starts with a plant-based crust made without animal products, then topped with tomato sauce, vegetables (such as bell peppers, onions, spinach), plant-based cheese alternatives (like vegan mozzarella or cashew-based cheese), and sometimes additional toppings like vegan sausage or tofu crumbles. It avoids traditional animal-based toppings like meat, dairy-based cheese, or any other ingredients sourced from animals.

What are the top ingredients used in vegan pizzas?

The following are the top ingredients used in vegan pizzas:

– Plant-based crusts made from whole grains, cauliflower, or gluten-free flour 

– Tomato sauces and bases made without cheese or animal products

– Vegan mozzarella substitutes like ones based on almond, soy or coconut 

– Plant-based meat substitutes like seitan “pepperoni” or “sausage” 

– Nutritional yeast for a creamy, cheesy flavour

– Veggie toppings like mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, etc.

– Plant-based protein sources like tofu, tempeh, beans

– Fresh herbs like basil, oregano, parsley

– Glazes and drizzles like balsamic, pesto or olive oil 

– Nuts and seeds for crunch and nutrition

– Dairy-free cheese alternatives like cashew or almond-based

– Creative bases like cauliflower crust or zucchini rounds

– Housemade nut-based “cheese” sauces 

– Hearty roasted or grilled veggies like eggplant, squash, zucchini

Fuel Your Body and Soul with Nutritious Vegan Pizzas

  1. Plant-Based American Hot

Plant-Based American Hot
Plant-Based American Hot | frontceleb

Domino’s Plant-Based American Hot Pizza delivers spicy, meatless indulgence. It starts with their signature hand-stretched sourdough base, perfectly crispy yet chewy. For the sauce, they use a flavour-packed marinara made from vine-ripened tomatoes. The pizza is loaded with plant-based pepperoni made from pea protein and flavoured to mimic traditional pepperoni. Peppers, red onion and spinach provide fresh contrast. The star ingredient is dairy-free mozzarella-style shreds that melt and stretch just like the real deal. A spicy tomato drizzle tops it off. Each bite is a delicious meatless experience, with just the right amount of heat.

 2. Plant-Based Peppy-roni

Craving pepperoni but want a plant-based option? Dominos’ Peppy-roni pizza hits the spot. Their famous hand-tossed sourdough crust provides the perfect base for flavour-packed marinara sauce and mozzarella-style shreds. The pizza is loaded with plant-based mini peppy-ronis made from pea protein and expertly seasoned to taste like traditional pepperoni without the meat. Pizza sauce drizzle and oregano add signature finishing touches. This Peppy-roni pizza will satisfy even the strongest pepperoni pizza craving with its meatless take on a classic.

 3. Plant-Based Margheri-tastic

Plant-Based Margheri-tastic
Plant-Based Margheri-tastic | frontceleb

Domino’s new Margheri-tastic pizza puts a plant-based twist on a Margherita classic. Starting with their famous hand-stretched sourdough base, they top it with sweet tomato sauce made from ripe Italian tomatoes. Next comes a generous helping of mozzarella-style shreds that melt deliciously. Fresh tomato slices and baby spinach leaves provide garden-fresh flavour and texture. A basil drizzle infuses each bite with aromatic essence. This simple yet satisfying meatless pizza lets high-quality ingredients shine. It’s an instant plant-based classic.

 4. Plant-Based Vegi Supreme

Plant-Based Vegi Supreme
Plant-Based Vegi Supreme | frontceleb

For a meatless pizza loaded with toppings, try Domino’s Plant-Based Vegi Supreme. It starts with their signature thin and crispy sourdough base layered with rich tomato sauce. Next comes a hearty helping of dairy-free mozzarella shreds. The pizza is piled high with meatless pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, red onions and tomatoes for a supreme flavour experience. A sweet balsamic glaze ties all the fresh veggie toppings together. Each slice delivers a fun plant-based twist on the ultimate veggie lovers’ pizza.


With endless possibilities for creative toppings and cheese alternatives, cheesy vegan pizzas really do deliver satisfaction. Try out different crusts, sauces and plant-based cheeses to find your perfect slice. Share the joy by hosting a vegan pizza party for family and friends. However you choose to enjoy it, vegan pizza night is a fun way to come together over deliciously melty, stretchy comfort food. So embrace the cheesiness and say yes to pizza – the vegan way!

Domino’s menu showcases five delectable Plant-Based pizzas: the freshly introduced Plant-Based American Hot, the classic Plant-Based Margheri-tastic, the flavorful Plant-Based Chick’n Winner, the hearty Plant-Based Vegi Supreme, and the renowned award-winning Plant-Based Peppy-roni. Crafted using Plant-Based dough and a delightful Plant-Based cheese alternative, these vegan pizzas offer a diverse range of flavours for every discerning palate.

Visit the store of Domino’s today and opt for your favourite vegan pizzas. Besides, for more such insightful blogs, follow  FrontCeleb


What type of pizza can vegans eat?
Vegans can enjoy pizza with dairy-free cheese alternatives such as soy, almond, or cashew-based cheese. A tomato sauce and veggie toppings like mushrooms, peppers, and onions also make great vegan pizzas.
What is a vegan pizza made from?
Vegan pizzas are typically made from plant-based ingredients like a whole wheat or veggie-based crust, tomato or pesto sauce, and topped with vegetables, faux meats, vegan cheese, and fresh herbs.
What do vegans do for pizza?
To make or order vegan pizza, vegans use plant-based cheese substitutes made from nuts, soy, or other veggies instead of dairy cheese. Vegans also avoid meat toppings and often choose whole-grain crusts.

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