Top Best Concealers for Your Under-Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide


There are a ton of different concealers available out there, but when it comes to concealing the under-eye area, things get a little trickier. The skin under our eyes is pretty unique compared to the rest of our face, and that makes it tricky to find the best concealer for dark circles or undereye glow. If you’re struggling to find the perfect undereye concealer for your skin tone and eye shape, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll cover all the different types of under-eye concealers, what they’re great for, and which are best suited to your specific needs.

What’s the difference between highlighting and concealing?

Highlighters and concealers are often used together to create a more enhanced and put-together look, but they serve two very different purposes. Highlighters are designed to draw attention to parts of your face that you want to appear brighter or more defined, like your cheekbones, nose, or brow bone. On the other hand, concealers are used to cover up any imperfections or skin discoloration, like dark circles or blemishes. When deciding which product to use, it’s best to think about what you want to achieve with your makeup. If you want to draw attention to a certain area, use a highlighter. If you want to cover something up, use a concealer. Let’s say you have a couple of dark spots on your face: use a concealer to cover them up, and then use a highlighter to draw attention away from any redness or marks left behind by the concealer.

BB Cream Concealers

BB creams (or Blemish Balm BB creams) are already a great multi-use product, as they are often gentle enough to double as a daily moisturizer. BB creams are a combination of skincare and makeup, making them a great choice for people who want a simpler routine. BB Cream concealers have become very popular in the last couple of years, and for good reason: they’re a great, fuss-free product that can replace a couple of items from your makeup bag.BB creams are great for concealing undereye circles, but they can be used on other areas of the face too. It’s best to choose a BB cream with a yellow or golden undertone to suit the area under your eyes, which is naturally darker than the rest of your face.

Concealer Pencils

Pencil concealers are great for a more precise and targeted application, which makes them a great option if you have a specific spot you want to cover up. Pencil concealers are also excellent for extending and lifting the eye to make them appear bigger, especially if you use a lighter shade. Pencils are also great for creating a softer look, since they’re less creamy than other types of concealers and don’t settle into fine lines. A waterproof pencil is a good choice if you want to extend the eye or avoid smudging during the day.

Liquid Concealers

Liquid concealers are thicker than other types of concealers, but they blend into the skin seamlessly and can often be used as a full-coverage concealer. Liquid concealers are best used for covering larger blemishes or areas of discoloration, and they’re often the best concealers for dark circles. Liquid concealers are usually best applied with a makeup brush, since the thicker consistency often makes a sponge or a finger too messy. If your undereye concealer is not setting properly, you may want to try applying it with a brush to avoid pulling or tugging at the fragile undereye area.

Double-Ended Concealers

Double-ended concealers are very convenient, allowing you to blend two different shades together to create a custom color that matches your skin perfectly. Double-ended concealers are excellent for covering undereye circles, but they can also be applied to blemishes or other spots on the face. Double-ended concealers are often creamy and blendable, making them a good option if you use a liquid or a pencil and are looking for something in the middle.

Undereye Stickers & Discs

Undereye discs and stickers are a great option if you want a very subtle and natural look. These products are usually lighter than other shades, making them a good choice if you want to brighten up the under-eye area but don’t want a drastic change. Undereye stickers are applied by pressing them against the skin and gently pulling back to reveal the sticky adhesive. Discs are applied in the same way, but they usually come with a little applicator that makes them easy to use. If you want something even lighter, you can look for undereye stickers or discs in a very light shade. These are best used with a concealer or highlighter that is also light in color, since undereye stickers and discs can’t be applied over other products.


Choosing the best concealer for your under-eyes can be tricky, but with the help of this guide you should be able to find something that works for you. BB creams are a great all-in-one option if you want an easy one-step skincare and makeup routine, and liquid concealers are best for those who want a very full coverage. If you want something a little lighter and simpler, pencils, discs, and double-ended products might be the way to go. Whichever type of concealer you go for, make sure that it is especially formulated for the under-eye area. This will ensure that it is gentle and creamy enough to blend in smoothly and stay in place all day long.

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