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School Stationery

New school year approaching? Restock your desks and backpacks with WHSmith’s expansive range of school stationery. From sturdy folders to stylish journals, this guide covers all the top-rated stationery for students available now at WHSmith. We break down must-have gear like smooth-writing pens, handy binders, and functional organisers. Find inspiration for decorating your notebooks and notepads to add unique flair. With quality brands, trendy designs, and budget-friendly deals, WHSmith has every essential cover to make organising success simple. Read on for the best back-to-school stationery that will set you up for an awesome year!.

Studying Smarter Starts with Quality School Stationery

New school year, new you – or so the saying goes. As summer days wind down, it’s time to restock your school stationery for a fresh academic start. But don’t just grab any ol’ pens and paper. Quality stationery optimises learning and makes homework less of a chore. Here’s why to invest in the good stuff:

Fine Writing Tools Prevent Hand Cramps 

Taking notes through 3-hour lectures and scribbling essays into the night means your hand gets one serious workout. Flimsy pens that catch or skip as you write lead to grip too hard and tiring out faster. Splurge on smooth ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils that glide effortlessly over paper. The writing feels almost effortless, reducing fatigue so you can maintain concentration longer.

Thick Paper Prevents Ink Bleed

Few things disrupt your studies like notebooks that let ink seep right through the pages. The thin, porous paper makes your notes look like abstract art and fills the next sheet with illegible smudges. Upgrade to a quality notebook with thick, bleed-resistant paper that keeps both sides pristine and professional. Your words will shine crisp and clear, keeping you focused on content rather than blurred ink splotches.

Sturdy Binders Prevent Catastrophes 

An overloaded backpack can spell disaster for flimsy folders and weak binders. One wrong move cracks the spine and suddenly your papers are scattered everywhere, often out of order. Durable bound stationery can withstand being stuffed, tossed, and carried all over campus. Invest in solid, secure folders, display books, and arch files to preserve organisation through even the rowdiest school days.

5 School Stationery Items That Will Make Your School Life Easier

1. Uni-ball eye Needle Ultra Fine Rollerball Pens Black (Pack of 5)

Uni-ball eye Needle Ultra Fine Rollerball Pens Black
Uni-ball eye Needle Ultra Fine Rollerball Pens Black | Frontceleb

Glide into writing bliss with these sleek black Uni-ball rollerball pens. The needle-fine 0.38mm tip effortlessly creates crisp, elegant lines perfect for journaling, note-taking, or drafting intricate works of art. Write on and on with no skipping thanks to the smooth, fast-drying water-based ink. At just $10 for five pens, it’s a steal for the budget-savvy writer looking to stock up on an ultra-reliable favourite.

2. CASIO FX-991 CW Scientific Calculator Black

Calculate with confidence using this classic Casio scientific calculator. The sturdy black body houses an impressive array of maths and science functions essential for success in algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, physics, and more. The bright 12-digit LCD display makes it easy to view entries and results. Solar panel and battery power means you can crunch numbers anywhere without worrying about outlets. Small, lightweight, and loaded with every feature you need – it’s the perfect match machine for students looking to ace their exams.

3. WHSmith Black Premium 40 Pockets A4 Plastic Display Book

WHSmith Black Premium 40 Pockets A4 Plastic Display Book
WHSmith Black Premium 40 Pockets A4 Plastic Display Book | Frontceleb

Organise essays, reports, photos and more in tidy style with this expansive WHSmith display book. 40 clear plastic sleeves provide plenty of storage for all your important pages. The sleek black polypropylene cover looks professional on any shelf. The built-in clip secures the book closed while the powerful magnetic closure keeps contents securely inside. Great for displaying a growing portfolio, protecting cherished memories, or simply tidying paperwork around the home or office.

4. WHSmith Black Lever Arch File

Keep documents neatly ordered with this classic WHSmith lever arch file. Durable black vinyl overboards with a handy 2″ spine perfect for labelling contents. The interior features 20 pockets for organising papers and dividers. Heavy-duty mechanism firmly grips contents while allowing easy access. Metal corners protect against wear. Ideal for transporting important files or archiving records around home, school, or work. A tried-and-true essential for keeping your life neatly in order.

5. Botanique Floral Clear Cube Pencil Case

Botanique Floral Clear Cube Pencil Case
Botanique Floral Clear Cube Pencil Case | Frontceleb

Store pens in style with this delightful floral pencil case from Botanique. The durable clear plastic cube shows off the vibrant pink peonies and greenery print inside. Snap closure keeps contents secure. The roomy 8″ x 5″ x 2” interior has plenty of space for all your writing essentials and more. Pops of pink elastic bands hold items in place. The clear case lets you find what you need in a flash. A fresh and fashionable way to keep your desk accessories organised with this school stationery.

6. WHSmith Black Poly A4 Notebook

Jot, scribble and sketch your thoughts in this versatile WHSmith poly notebook. Sleek, flexible black cover withstands being tossed into bags. Inside, 100 pages of quality paper take pen and pencil beautifully. Measurements align with the international A4 standard, perfect for school or office use. Built-in pocket lets you tuck away loose papers and receipts. The affordable school stationery price makes it easy to stock up for all your notetaking needs. A simple no-fuss notebook ready for whatever inspiration strikes.


As you gear up for the new term, give your schoolwork a boost by investing in the right school stationery. Far from frivolous, premium pens, paper, binders and more make studying easier and more enjoyable. Smooth writing prevents hand strain so you can take thorough notes in comfort. Thick paper keeps ink from bleeding through to provide a crisp canvas for your masterpieces. Durable construction means your folders stay intact despite the chaos of school. 

Choosing quality over saving a few bucks ensures your classroom supplies help, rather than hinder, your success. With the right tools, you can focus on the joy of learning new things. Here’s to an organised, optimistic, and most of all, academically accomplished year! What premium school stationery will you stock up on to start the semester off on the right foot? 

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What do you usually find on a school supply list?
A typical school supply list includes pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, notebooks, binders, folders, graph paper, index cards, sticky notes, rulers, calculators, pencil cases, and scissors.
How does having these school supplies help with learning?
Good school supplies make learning easier. Pens and pencils help you write nice, clear notes. Binders, folders, and dividers keep your papers neat and easy to find. Highlighters and sticky notes help you remember important things in your books and notes.
Can you get school supplies that are good for the environment?
Yes, there are eco-friendly school supplies available. Some options include pens made from recycled materials, notebooks with recycled paper, and pencil cases that can biodegrade. Brands like EcoSmart have a whole range of school supplies that are good for the Earth. Using these helps reduce waste and teaches us about taking care of the environment.









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