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Best In Class Radiator Covers That Are Totally Worth Every Penny You Spend

Radiator covers

Radiator covers are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the United Kingdom; however, do these covers restrict the amount of heat that is produced by the radiator? The purpose of this post is to investigate whether it is judicious to purchase a radiator cover, as well as present some of our preferred designs.

What are Radiator Covers?

A heater unit can be hidden with a radiator cover. They are available in a variety of materials and designs, giving you an effortless aesthetic detail in your living space. It is convenient as it protects kids and pets from heat and provides extra storage space too. If you don’t have the time or money to do a full rebuild, radiator covers are a great option. They also protect your radiator from damage.

In what ways does radiator heat work? 

Radiators get heat from three different sources: radiation, convection, and conduction. When radiation hits a surface, it turns into heat. This makes convection happen when the air is hot and starts to spread. The heat then moves through solid things, like your radiator, heating them up. This is called conduction. Radiators get warm because heat moves through the metal that conducts heat. The area around the radiator then gets warmer through convection. The room will be warmer all around if your heater is strong.

Does it Block Heat?

Putting something solid around your heat source will, of course, change how much heat it gives off because it works as a barrier. A radiator cover, on the other hand, won’t keep out too much heat as long as it has holes and gaps that let heat leave and warm the air through convection. If the cover on your radiator is solid, you’ll lose heat and energy. It will cost more to run because your boiler will have to work harder to hit the temperature that your thermostat sets.

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Best material for a radiator cover

Wood is often used for a radiator cover, even though it doesn’t let heat flow very well. It is, however, the best material to keep children from getting to your heaters. Because of this, it will soak up some of the heat and not get as hot as metal or other materials. There should be lines and holes in your radiator cover to help it give off more heat. This is a good way to keep your rooms warm.

Heat won’t escape through galvanized metal, but this isn’t the kind of metal you want to keep your kids from getting burned!

Best-selling radiator covers on The Range

1. Horizontal Striped Radiator Cover

Horizontal Striped Radiator Cover
Horizontal Striped Radiator Cover | Frontceleb

Buy horizontal striped radiator covers to get a classic and simple way to transform your radiator into a practical and eye-pleasing home item. It has horizontal slats that help with air circulation and give a pure white finish. It can suit any kind of interior, be it modern or traditional. It is a convenient additional surface for personalising your decor. Know more here.

2. MDF Radiator Cover

MDF radiator covers are the modern and contemporary solution for hiding your old radiator aesthetically. It protects your surface and gives extra shelving for decoration. It is made from white-painted MDF and is ready to be assembled without any extra finishing touches. The slanted design with enough vents lets heat flow freely while still keeping kids and pets from touching the hot radiator surface and getting hurt. This is a beautiful and useful thing to have in your home or office. Buy now!

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3. Radiator Cover Painted Slatted Cabinet

Radiator Cover Painted Slatted Cabinet
Radiator Cover Painted Slatted Cabinet | Frontceleb

This HOMCOM radiator cover is a useful addition to any home. It hides radiators that aren’t looking good and gives the room a modern feel. You can also decorate it. It is beautifully crafted from MDF board and comes in a natural wood colour, so it will go with most home decor. The radiator’s front slatted design makes sure that heat is distributed evenly and keeps kids or pets from touching the hot surface by chance.

Get painted radiator covers on The Range now!

4. Chelsea Radiator Cover

These stunning radiator covers, although simple, will elegantly enhance your interior decor while adding a contemporary touch. It is the perfect combination between design and ventilation system and ensures that you do not lose any heat. This cover has a modern grill design and chamfered sides. It also has a very useful shelf on top where you can put your decorations.

5. Adam Fairlight Radiator Cover in White

Transform the look of your radiator with easy-to-assemble radiator covers. It has a straight-panelled pattern that allows heat to transfer from your radiator into the living space, allowing the room to warm up. It gives off a white finish, transforming your living space instantly. This radiator cover fits radiators that are 900 to 1500 mm wide (with the valves included).

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Installing a Radiator Cover

  • Ensure at least 5 cm clearance around the radiator (width, height, depth) for optimal heat distribution.
  • Maintain at least 20 cm of space between furniture and the heater to allow proper heat circulation.
  • Install a reflective panel behind the radiator to redirect heat back into the room (optional, if concerned about heat blockage).


So are these covers worth it? Radiator covers are good for both safety and looks. They hide ugly radiators and keep kids and pets from getting burned. But picking the right cover with enough airflow is important to keep heat from escaping.

This blog post talks about the different radiator coverings that The Range has to offer, such as those made of metal, MDF, and wood. Make sure there is enough space between the heater and any furniture to let the heat flow properly.

For more information, visit FrontCeleb.


Is it safe to put things on a radiator cover?
Yes, it is safe to put things on radiator covers.
Is it a good idea to cover radiators?
There is a cap on the radiator that keeps you from getting too close to the hot surface for too long. This is done for safety reasons.
How close can a radiator cover be to the radiator?
It should be fixed about 5cm away from the radiator. 

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