Pokémon Cards Enthusiasts- It’s time to expand your collection!

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When it comes to building a collection, we all have our preferences. People love to collect certain items they deem meaningful and keep them safe for as long as possible. Some articles that are a popular choice are bottle caps, stones, stamps, books and cards! Cards are symbolic for so many people. Whether it is sports fans or video game lovers, cards are either a fun hobby or a sentimental item for them. One such popular collectable card is- Pokémon Cards. Excited fans use them for maintaining a collection, playing games or trading with other fans. If you are one such fan, then you have come to the right place! Keep reading to find out about 4 Pokémon card products sold on Etsy that you might like! 

The High Appeal for Pokémon cards 

We all have heard the name “Pokémon” at least once in our lives. Pokémon cards are a highly sought out item because of the gaming, cartoon and movies franchise. Known for their popular characters and extraordinary designs, they are an inspiring and nostalgic item for many collectors. Pokémon has managed to keep its popularity ever-growing. This media franchise has been in the market since the 1990s and yet even today its merchandise, games and cards are in high demand. There are different types of Pokémon cards, some are rare and vintage, while some are easily accessible. It totally depends on the character and type of card. Some of these types are- Basic, VMAX, Trainer, and Energy cards. 

4 Pokemon Card Sets on Etsy that you need to turn your attention to!

Are you ready to add to your collection but still confused about where to go? Don’t worry because here are some options that you can consider! 

1. 55pcs Pokémon Metal Foil Black/Silver/Gold Mint Cards

55pcs Pokémon Metal Foil BlackSilverGold Mint Cards | frontceleb
55pcs Pokémon Metal Foil BlackSilverGold Mint Cards | frontceleb

This 55-piece set of Pokemon cards is absolutely ideal for newbies looking forward to building a collection. Available in black, gold and silver, you can decide the deck of your preference. So relax and get 55 cards consisting of your favourite characters in the colour of your choice! 

2. First Edition Pokémon Card- Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise

Are you a huge fan of Charizard, Venusaur or Blastoise? Then these Pokémon cards are exactly what you need. If you cannot afford the real edition cards but still want high-quality ones, then add these to your basket immediately! A feature of this bestselling product is that it contains one of the most popular- Charizard Pokémon Cards. So go ahead and show off to your friends and make these special cards a part of your collection!

3. 45 HOLOS Pokémon cards

45 HOLOS Pokémon cards | frontceleb
45 HOLOS Pokémon cards | frontceleb

This set of 151 cards is a dream for every Pokémon card collector. This assortment of cards includes the base, jungle and fossil packs. And how can one miss the 45 HOLO cards? Holographic Pokemon cards are eye-catching with shiny reflective surfaces. A legend in the Pokemon cards community, they are visually appealing and definitely stand out from the other cards. One thing is for sure, your collection is definitely going to sparkle!

4. Custom 50 Pokémon Card Pack – Guaranteed Ultra Rare In Every Pack!

Custom 50 Pokémon Card Pack - Guaranteed Ultra Rare In Every Pack! | frontceleb
Custom 50 Pokémon Card Pack – Guaranteed Ultra Rare In Every Pack! | frontceleb

A pack of 50 unpredictable cards is what makes card collecting fun and mysterious! This pack includes 42 common/uncommon cards, 5 holo cards, 2 rare cards and 1 V. The ‘V’ may include a VMAX, V card, EX, GX, Full Art or a Rainbow Rare. A delightful treat for fans- Ultra Rare Pokemon Cards which are extraordinary and highly valuable.


Etsy has managed to give its users a brilliant platform when it comes to getting their desired products. Being a trustworthy and convenient website, it is an optimal option for budget-conscious users. The craze for Pokémon cards is ever-growing. Etsy offers a diverse range of options for the entertainment and satisfaction of these card fans. For more information, visit Frontceleb.


Are Pokémon cards expensive?
The price of a Pokémon card depends upon many factors such as the demand, age of the card, and character exhibited. Some cards are affordable and easy to find while others are expensive and precious vintage cards that are very rare to find. 
Where should I buy Pokémon cards?
There are various online and offline outlets available for card lovers to buy their desired cards. Some places that you can consider are- Pokémon Center, Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon and Etsy. Make sure to check the authenticity and quality of the cards before making your purchase. There are a lot of duplicate and fake cards circulating in the market and that makes it hard to distinguish between the cards. For more clarity, check ratings and reviews before buying. 
How do I keep my Pokémon cards safe?
While maintaining a card collection, it is crucial to keep them safe and maintain their quality. A box where you can organize and keep your cards or a cardholder are great options. If you have a drawer that you can dedicate to keeping your card then that’s even better! 

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