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Embrace Your Inner Diva With These Platform Sneakers For Women

Platform Sneakers For Women

Staying forward in fashion requires staying up to date with the trends and elevating personal style accordingly. With the marvelous one such fashion phenomenon is- Platform Sneakers for women.

This footwear is known for its elevated soles. A symbol of edginess and sophistication, platform sneakers are a highly coveted footwear in the market. Etsy, one of the trusted online markets is a popular platform for buying an assortment of products. Whether it’s a mainstream product or a vintage item, you’ll find it all here. Keep reading to find out our top 5 platform sneakers for women recommendations.  

Platform sneakers for women- a blend of comfort and style 

Platform sneakers for women are such in-demand products because of the multitude of benefits they provide. Apart from being a contemporary style icon, this footwear is known for its ability to provide comfort, balance, durability, and added height. 

Platform sneakers are super functional and a perfect fit for any event or outing. Whether you want to go for a casual look or an elegant one, you can do it all with them.  Also, if you are a sneaker lover but want to enjoy the advantage of heels, then voila, this is the best option for you! 

How to style platform sneakers?

An added benefit of buying platform sneakers is their ability to fit in with various kinds of outfits and aesthetics. There are many ways to style a platform sneaker. 

1. Dress and Skirt

You can wear the right kind of platform sneakers with short dresses and flowy skirts which will give your outfit a trendy look. 

2. Hoodies and Oversized fits

Whether it’s an oversized tee with jeans or a hoodie with cargo pants, platform sneakers are a great match for this type of wear. Choose platform sneakers that have a sporty kind of feel for better coordination. 

3. Sporty and Athletic Look

Platform sneakers are an ideal choice for sports because of their comfortable and thick soles. An early morning visit to the gym? Or getting ready for your next game? Well, these sneakers got you covered. Look outstanding and give your best performance. 

These are just some suggestions to style platform sneakers. Remember that you can rock any look of your choice and aesthetic! 

Top 5 platform sneakers for women on Etsy you need to try! 

Although platform sneakers for women are a stunning addition to one’s wardrobe, it can be difficult to choose the right ones for you. To find the sneakers that cater the most with you, have a look at these recommendations. 

1. Women’s Extra Tall Platform Sneakers White

Women’s Extra Tall Platform Sneakers White
Women’s Extra Tall Platform Sneakers White | Frontceleb

These white platform sneakers for women are the right addition for completing a casual fit. Approximately 12 cm in length, these sneakers are exactly what you need if you feel like ditching high heel sandals!

With the inner material being synthetic, these shoes are soft, comfortable, and easy to walk in. Adorn your basic outfits with a touch of chic and classy.

2. Women’s Chunky Platform Fashion Sneakers Black

Chunky Platform sneakers for women are totally apt for everyday wear. These raven colored shoes are ideal for their remarkable ability to blend fashion and magnificence. Suitable for fancy outings, casual hangouts and even extravagant events! 

An excellent match for every kind of aesthetic!You can style them with a gothic skirt, oversized fits, or even casual outfits. One thing is for sure, you will never get enough of these platform sneakers!

3. Women’s Chunky Sports Sneakers

Women's Chunky Sports Sneakers
Women’s Chunky Sports Sneakers | Frontceleb

Are you a sporty girl? Well, you don’t need to worry because you can also include the “platform style aesthetic” with sports. These chunky platform sneakers for women are a perfect go-to for gym, running, sports and even other activities that may require physical exertion. The added chunk gives balance and thickness of the soles keeps the feet soft and comfortable.

4. Gothic platform sneakers 

A fusion of goth and contemporary fashion, these platform sneakers are exactly what you need if you are a lover of dark mysterious vibes. Embellished with a cute heart on the laces, these platforms are the ultimate showcase of modern style. It is available in colors- Black and White.

5. Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers White Black

Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers White Black
Women’s Chunky Platform Sneakers White Black | Frontceleb

If you want a blend of colors in your platform sneakers then you are in the right place! The durability and mesh material guarantee breathability and ease while walking. The black colored designs on the soles give them a sharp and edgy finish.


Choosing the right platform shoes can be tricky. One needs to consider various factors. Etsy’s list of platform sneakers for women is extensive and diverse. The variety of choices are wide-ranging. If you feel like adding this fashionable item to your closet, then have a look at our top 5 recommendations whenever you need guidance. For more information, visit Etsy and the official website of frontceleb


Why are platform sneakers popular?
Platform sneakers are popular because of their versatile functionality. They give a height boost and are super comfortable and convenient to wear. The thick platforms help maintain balance and provide cushioning which makes these shoes an ideal go-to. 
Are platform sneakers suitable for every season?
Platform sneakers have good quality and durability. Although their use for every season depends on various factors like material used and their design. You can style your sneakers as per your preferences. Some ways to style them are- with socks, leggings, dresses, and other types of outfits. 
Is it easy to walk while wearing platform shoes?
Platform shoes provide utmost comfort. It is easy to walk while wearing them but it isn’t suitable to wear them for long periods of time or run in them. Because of their height, platform shoes can cause back pains, foot pain and increase susceptibility to foot sprains. Therefore, while buying these shoes, choose your size carefully.  

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