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pay monthly sim

Want the best plan for your SIM card? Then you are in the right place. Let’s discuss the different plans O2, a telecommunications company provides. There are varying plans depending on the phone and tablet. Each plan offers unique features like unlimited texts, calls, and benefits related to flight booking, music, and OTT channels. The amenity or offers you get depends upon the type of plan you choose. The Pay monthly SIMs have different types of data including a specific amount of unlimited options. If you are ready to explore the pay monthly SIM plans of O2 Mobiles then keep reading to find out more. 

What are the different types of Pay Monthly SIM plans on O2?

The pay monthly SIM plans on O2 Mobiles have differing features, prices, and benefits. Let’s talk about a few of them to help you get an idea. There are different plans for mobile and tablets. 

For Phone

1. 150 GB Data Plan 

This monthly SIM plan is for mobiles and has unlimited minutes and texts. It is available for £11.50 monthly for 6 months. To continue the plan later, you will be charged £22.99 a month. The offer and benefits with this plan include no roaming charges in 75 destinations, 6 months free Apple music or another extra of your choice, and double data if you are using Virgin media broadband in your household. 

2. 30 GB Data Plan

This plan offers unlimited minutes and texts. You have to pay £10 monthly for 6 months and after that, you will be charged £19.99 per month. This plan also comes with SIMilar benefits like the 150 GB plan. You can enjoy free roaming with no charges in 75 destinations. This includes the USA and Australia. You will also get 6 months of Apple Music or other extras. The extras include- Disney Hotstar and Prime. Amazon Music, McAfee, cafeyn, and audible. You can decide whichever one you want as per your preference, 

3. Unlimited Data Plan

This unlimited data plan is available for £16 per month for 6 months. And then you will be charged £31.99 a month. The expansive benefits that this plan includes are- No data roaming charges in about 75 destinations. There is no upper use limit. And of course the option of extras for 6 whole months! Whether you are a TV show fan or like music, you can decide as per your convenience. All you need to do is decide the extra while placing the order and you are done. If your household has Virgin Media broadband then you can avail the benefit of double data with a broadband boost. 

4. 12 GB Data Plan

This pay monthly SIM plan offers unlimited minutes and texts for £16.99 monthly. Of course, there is no roaming for 75 destinations and you can enjoy extras too. For the extras, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee because it will be included in your plan. But once your plan expires, you will be charged separately for it. So keep track of the dates! With Virgin Media’s inclusion, you can enjoy supercharged connectivity, tech treats such as other custom plans, and other exclusive perks. 

Keep note that to find ideal plans, you can also use the month/day filter feature so it is easy to find one that suits your preference. 

For Tablet 

To find ideal tablet plans you can find 30-day plans or monthly ones. These include 12-month and 24-month plans. If you want to enhance connectivity with your tablet, then you can easily find plans depending upon the price range and benefits it offers. Although, most tablets pay monthly SIM plans have up to six months of Apple Music free. The GB data and texts may vary though. So it is best to see which one caters the best to your budget and needs.

The popular tablet plans include- 20 GB data, 5 GB, Unlimited, 2 GB, 250 GB and 100 GB. 

For Mobile Broadband

If you want to find a plan for mobile broadband then O2 has a wide range of options for that too. This way you can ensure connectivity in your household and don’t need to worry about obstructions with work or other tasks. Stay connected at home and keep up to date with your tasks and in touch with your distant loved ones. Most mobile broadband plans also have the feature of 6 months of free Apple music. The 30-day plans don’t have this feature though, it is only a part of 12 and 24-month plans. 

How to choose a pay monthly SIM plan on O2? 

The process of choosing a plan is simple and efficient. O2’s handy website has made it super quick and fun. All you need to do is choose your SIM plan depending on your budget and the type of features and amenities it offers. The next option will ask whether your device is 5G ready or not. Choose the correct option. 

The next step requires you to add a spending cap. It will help you keep a limit on the amount you spend, whether it’s monthly or for calls, texts, and data functions. In the spend cap option, if you have data usage outside your monthly allowance, then you will be charged for the same. This way you only spend money on the features you want and use the data in a controlled manner. 


O2 Mobiles has a wide range of options for paying monthly SIM cards. Whether you want a plan for your mobile, tablet, or broadband you can find it all here. It is a convenient place to get all your ‘connectivity’ related needs sorted. Plus, some plans have many benefits and features that you can enjoy throughout. So, if you are ready to find a plan for yourself then let O2 Mobiles be your ultimate navigator. 

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What happens if I go over my data allowance on pay monthly SIM?
If you go over your data allowance and use more than the amount in your plan then you may be charged extra for the over usage. The charges may depend on the amount of data you use and the company’s plan rates. 
Do pay monthly SIMs come with international roaming?
Pay monthly SIM cards do come with international roaming options! There is free roaming in 75 countries and this is included in most of the plans. But for better clarity check the plan features before making a decision. And make sure that the plan you are choosing has that option. 
How much does a pay monthly SIM cost?
The cost of a pay monthly SIM may depend upon the days and data it offers. The price range is distributed as per that. Plus, each plan offers different benefits and features that may influence the cost too.







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