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Sunny Escapes: Discovering The Best Hotels In South Tenerife’s Coastal Paradise

hotels in south tenerife

South Tenerife is a popular holiday destination located in the Canary Islands, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and year-round sunshine. When planning a trip to this beautiful island, finding the perfect accommodation is essential. For travellers seeking indulgence and luxury, South Tenerife offers an array of high-end hotels that provide exceptional services and world-class facilities. These hotels in South Tenerife are renowned for their elegant decor, breathtaking views, and impeccable hospitality. On Onthebeach, you can find a selection of luxurious accommodations in South Tenerife that cater to discerning guests. 

Budget-Friendly Hotels in South Tenerife:

For travellers on a tighter budget, South Tenerife offers numerous affordable hotel options that

do not compromise on quality or comfort. On Onthebeach, you can find a selection of budget-friendly hotels that provide excellent value for money. These hotels often feature comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and convenient locations close to the main attractions of South Tenerife. 

One of the major draws of South Tenerife is its stunning coastline and picturesque beaches. If you dream of waking up to the sound of waves crashing and having direct access to the golden sands, then a beachfront hotel is the perfect choice for you. On Onthebeach, you can find a variety of hotels located right on the beachfront, allowing you to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand just steps away from your room.

Here is a list of hotels in south Tenerife on Onthebeach 

1. Checkin Bungalows Atlantida

Checkin Bungalows Atlantida
Checkin Bungalows Atlantida | frontceleb

Checkin Bungalows Atlantida is a charming holiday resort located in the beautiful region of South Tenerife, offering a delightful retreat for travellers seeking relaxation and sunshine. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the stunning sandy beaches, this hotel is an ideal choice for beach lovers and sun-seekers. 

The resort boasts comfortable and spacious bungalows that are tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities. Each bungalow features a private terrace or balcony, allowing guests to soak up the warm Tenerife sun or enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The hotel’s friendly and attentive staff ensure that guests’ needs are met, offering excellent service throughout their stay.

2. Gran Oasis Resort

Gran Oasis Resort
Gran Oasis Resort | frontceleb

Gran Oasis Resort is a fantastic accommodation option nestled in the vibrant region of South Tenerife. As one of the premier hotels in South Tenerife, it offers a truly remarkable experience for travelers seeking a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Situated in a prime location, the resort provides easy access to stunning beaches, exciting entertainment venues, and an array of local attractions.

The Gran Oasis Resort boasts a wide range of amenities and facilities designed to cater to the needs of every guest. The spacious and comfortable rooms feature modern decor, ensuring a pleasant stay for visitors. The resort offers a selection of swimming pools, including a large outdoor pool where guests can unwind and soak up the warm Tenerife sun. Additionally, the resort boasts beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

3. Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel 

Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel 
Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel | frontceleb


The Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel & Spa is a luxurious and highly acclaimed hotel located in the beautiful region of South Tenerife. Offering an exquisite blend of comfort, elegance, and world-class amenities, this hotel is a perfect choice for travellers seeking a memorable and relaxing stay in this stunning part of the world.

Situated in a prime location, the Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel & Spa stands out among the many hotels in South Tenerife. Its proximity to the renowned Golf del Sur golf course makes it a dream destination for golf enthusiasts. The best hotels in Tenerife South boast stunning views of the verdant fairways and the majestic Atlantic Ocean, creating a serene and picturesque setting for guests to enjoy.

4. Laguna Park I

Laguna Park I
Laguna Park I | frontceleb

Laguna Park I is a charming hotel located in the beautiful region of South Tenerife, known for its breathtaking landscapes and sunny weather. Situated just a short stroll away from the stunning Playa de las Americas beach, this hotel offers a fantastic holiday experience for both families and couples alike.

With its prime location, Laguna Park I is conveniently surrounded by a wide array of hotels in South Tenerife, providing guests with plenty of options for dining, entertainment, and relaxation. The hotel itself boasts comfortable and spacious rooms, designed to ensure a pleasant stay for every visitor. From cosy studios to larger apartments, there is an accommodation option to suit all preferences and group sizes.

5. Columbus Aparthotel

Columbus Aparthotel
Columbus Aparthotel | frontceleb

The Columbus Aparthotel, located in the vibrant region of South Tenerife, is a fantastic choice for those seeking a comfortable and convenient stay on this beautiful island. Nestled in the heart of Playa de las Americas, this aparthotel offers an array of amenities and services that cater to both leisure and business travellers.

The Columbus Aparthotel stands out among the many hotels in South Tenerife due to its prime location and excellent facilities. The spacious and well-appointed apartments provide a welcoming atmosphere, allowing guests to feel right at home during their stay.


Choosing the right hotel is a crucial part of planning any vacation, and when it comes to South Tenerife, Onthebeach offers an extensive selection of accommodations to suit every traveller’s preferences and budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury, family-friendly, budget-friendly, or beachfront hotels, you can find a wide range of options on this website. For more information, visit Frontceleb.


Is there a hotel tourist tax in Tenerife?
Tenerife’s “IGIC” tourist tax applies to tourists staying in accommodations, including hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. The rate varies depending on the establishment and type of accommodation. As of September 2021, the general IGIC rate is 7%. Verify the current rate and details with the hotel or authorities before planning your trip. Hotels often include the IGIC tax in the total cost, but confirm with the hotel to ensure a clear understanding of the total price.
What should I be careful of in Tenerife?
To ensure a safe Tenerife visit, prioritize sun protection, beach safety, outdoor activities, pickpocketing, valuables, transportation, cultural sensitivity, and natural hazards. Pay attention to warning flags and follow lifeguard instructions. Explore natural landscapes, respect local customs, dress modestly, and follow authorities and tour guides. Use common sense and precautions for a memorable experience.
What do you need to know before going to Tenerife?
Tenerife, a Canary Island in Spain, is known for its stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and pleasant weather. Its subtropical climate has mild winters and warm summers, with varying conditions depending on the region and altitude. Tenerife requires a valid passport or ID card for EU citizens and a visa for foreign visitors. The island has two major airports, and public transportation, and offers activities like beach relaxation, water sports, hiking, golfing, nature reserves, historical sites, and nightlife.

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