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How A Heated Clothes Rack Saves You Money During The Energy Crisis

Heated clothes rack

Imagine having clean, dry laundry without having to pay a high energy cost. Many of us are searching for methods to cut expenses at home in light of the rising cost of energy. Although giving up the tumble dryer might seem drastic, a drying rack- or should we say, a creative solution- is in the works. You can dry your clothes gently and economically with heated clothes racks, which also benefit the environment. Continue reading to find out how a heated clothing rack might serve as your go-to tool in the event of an energy crisis.

How Heated Clothes Racks Work and Save You Money

Heated clothes racks are your secret weapon against damp laundry and rising energy bills. 

Here’s how they work:

  • Mild Heat: The heated rails used by the airer are usually composed of aluminium. This metal dries your garments rapidly since it warms up quickly and stays heated long after you turn it off.
  • Effective Drying: A cover that captures and distributes heat around your clothing is a feature on many models, which increases drying efficiency and reduces energy waste.

Heated airers require power, although their operating costs are far lower than those of tumble dryers. 

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Low Wattage: Most airers operate around 300 watts.
  • Quick Drying: Running the airer for 3 hours is enough to dry most items.
  • Cost-Effective Drying: At this rate, drying a load costs around 27 pence. Even drying two loads together on a larger airer wouldn’t double the cost. 30 loads of laundry could cost you as little as £4!

Therefore, by making the transition to a heated clothes airer, you’ll be choosing a more environmentally responsible option in addition to saving money on your energy bills.

Perks of a Heated Clothes Airer

Beyond saving you money on your energy bills, heated clothes airers offer a bunch of other benefits:

  • Clothes that Last: Unlike tumble dryers, airers won’t shrink or damage your clothes, keeping them looking their best for longer.
  • Kiss Ironing Goodbye (Almost): Hanging clothes in the airer helps minimize wrinkles, so you’ll spend less time (or maybe no time!) ironing.
  • Flexible Drying: You can stop putting your clothing in the kitchen to dry. Anywhere in your house can benefit from heated airers, and smaller spaces are ideal for them because of their tall, compact appearance.
  • Calm & Stillness: Tumble dryers that make noise are no more! Your garments will dry quietly on heated racks.
  • Easy Storage: Most airers fold flat for convenient storage when you’re not using them.

Best Heated Clothes Rack by The Range to Shop Today

  1. Tiered Heated Clothes Airer with Cover Option

Tiered Heated Clothes Airer with Cover Option
Tiered Heated Clothes Airer with Cover Option | frontceleb

Do you want to dry your clothes quickly? This Tiered Heated Clothes Airer is the answer!  It dries clothes quickly and efficiently, any time of year. Plus, it’s gentler on your clothes than a dryer and cheaper to run than using your radiators. This airer is perfect for big families with its ample drying space. 

And the best part? It easily stores because it folds up neatly! To discover the ideal solution for your laundry room, select between a 2-tier and a 3-tier option. Anyone who needs dry clothes quickly should definitely have this heated clothes rack, so act fast to get it today!

 2.  Neo Electric Clothes Dryer Rack

Sick of damp clothes during gloomy weather? The Neo Electric Heated Airer is your laundry hero! This clever drying rack uses gentle heat to dry your clothes quickly and hygienically, leaving them soft and fresh. No more waiting ages for laundry to dry – the heated bars work fast, perfect for those days when the washing line isn’t an option. 

But that’s not all! This airer folds up neatly for compact storage when you’re not using it, saving you precious space. With a 1.4-meter cord and a waterproof switch for safety, the Neo Electric Heated Airer is the perfect solution for all your drying needs. Explore The Range and quickly make the purchase.

3.  Electric Heated Clothes Dryer

Electric Heated Clothes Dryer
Electric Heated Clothes Dryer | frontceleb

Need to dry those long items like sheets or bathrobes? No problem! The HOMCOM dryer boasts extendable wings that provide extra drying space. For ultimate stability and durability, the dryer is constructed with a strong aluminium frame and a sturdy X-shaped base. 

Plus, the heating temperature is kept between a safe 45-55 degrees Celsius, ensuring your clothes dry gently and efficiently without any damage. With its easy assembly and user-friendly features, the HOMCOM Electric Clothes Dryer will transform your laundry routine for the better.

 4.  Homefront Electric Heated Clothes Airer

Homefront Electric Heated Clothes Airer
Homefront Electric Heated Clothes Airer | frontceleb

With the Homefront Electric Heated garments Airer, say goodbye to soggy laundry and hello to clean, dry garments! With just 90 watts of power, this portable drier effectively dries your clothing while maintaining its natural freshness, much like line drying. This airer is lightweight and strong because it is constructed from durable ABS plastic and aluminium. 

It saves space as well! Just fold your clothes up and store them in a cabinet or beneath your bed when you’re done drying them. Damp clothing hanging over radiators or large drying racks is out of style since it causes condensation to accumulate in your home. Thus, purchase this heated clothes rack right now.


So ditch the damp laundry and soaring energy bills! A heated clothes airer is the perfect solution for quick, gentle drying that’s kind to your clothes and your wallet. Plus, they’re quiet, flexible, and easy to store. The Range offers a fantastic selection of heated clothes racks in different sizes and styles to fit your needs. Visit The Range today and discover a more energy-efficient way to dry your laundry

For more information, visit FrontCeleb.


What are the advantages of using a heated clothes rack?
Even with the heated ones, they’re gentle on clothes, ensuring they won’t get damaged regardless of how long they’re left on, making it a cost-effective method that preserves your clothes, extending their lifespan.
Are heated clothes racks inexpensive to operate?
Yes, heated clothes racks are budget-friendly appliances that not only dry clothes faster but are also cheaper than tumble dryers.
Can a heated clothes rack dry delicate fabrics?
I’ve discovered that laying delicates across the bars instead of hanging them can prevent stretching. Using hangers through the bars is also effective for drying shirts and avoids the criticism that heated airers only dry the parts touching the bars.

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