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Tired of Mealtime Meltdowns? Discover Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes!

Everyday Favourite Meal Box

Dinner parties don’t have to take place at this time. Having trouble making decisions, preparing meals, or finding inspiration? Presenting Gousto’s Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes, the best way to enjoy delicious weekday meals without having to worry about getting groceries! Pre-portioned ingredients and simple-to-follow recipes for a range of crowd-pleasing dinners are delivered by this unique service. Let’s investigate how reviving the dinner table with Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes might eliminate the stress associated with cooking!

Are Meal Boxes Healthy to Have Every Day?

Worried meal kits are unhealthy? Relax! Most offer options like “Calorie-conscious” or vegetarian dishes, making them a step up from frozen dinners. You even get to pick from different plans and menus to get the best meals for your diet.

  • Portion control: No more overeating – each meal comes with just the right amount of ingredients.
  • Variety and control: Pick meals that suit your taste and health goals with multiple menu options.

It’s true that some meals may have more fat or sodium than others, but you can always select the much healthier options. While meal kits might be a handy and healthful choice, make sure to check the labels and select foods that suit your needs.

How Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes Can Make Cooking Fun?

Here’s how Everyday Favourites Meal Boxes can streamline your cooking and bring back the joy of mealtimes:

1. No More Planning Paralysis

Bid adieu to wondering “What’s for dinner?”, while glancing at the refrigerator. Meal planning and creating grocery lists are no longer necessary thanks to Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes, which provides pre-selected meals.

2. Simplify Shopping

Forget battling crowded grocery stores and impulse buys. With precisely portioned ingredients included in every meal box, you can save both time and money.

3. Quick and Simple Recipes

It doesn’t require any prior cooking knowledge! With the help of Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes’’ simple and straightforward recipe instructions, even inexperienced cooks can produce tasty meals.

4. Variety makes life more enjoyable!

Get out of your supper rut and taste fresh flavours. Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes’ extensive recipe collection is likely to please even the pickiest palate.

5. Unstressed Planning

Less preparation time and mess in the kitchen are achieved with pre-portioned components and straightforward directions. Concentrate on the enjoyable aspect of cooking and sharing a delectable meal with loved ones.

6. Delicious and Healthful

Healthy choices are given priority in Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes without compromising flavour. Savour nutritious, balanced meals that are ideal for hectic workweeks.

With Everyday Favourites Meal Boxes, you can ditch the stress of going grocery shopping and rediscover the joy of cooking. Just imagine the satisfaction of making delicious meals right from the start and filling the house with delightful aromas. Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes make it possible! Try it out now!

Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes to Try from Gousto

1. Big Flavour Beef Lasagne

Calling all lasagna lovers! This recipe delivers a big flavour in just 45 minutes, perfect for a crowd-pleasing weeknight meal. It features classic lasagna layers of savoury meat sauce, cheesy béchamel, and lasagna sheets, but with a delicious twist: a splash of Henderson’s Relish for a unique Gousto touch. Plus, leftovers keep well for 4-5 days, making it a great option for meal prepping. This recipe serves 2 and boasts around 599 calories per serving. Order it now!

2. Chicken Breast & Cheese Veg-Packed Pasta Bake

Looking for a satisfying and wholesome midweek meal? Try this flavourful Chicken Breast & Cheese Veg-Packed Pasta Bake! Rich tomato sauce, melt-in-your-mouth cheddar cheese, fresh zucchini, and Italian hard cheese are stacked on tender chicken breast to provide even more flavour. It’s a great weeknight supper alternative, ready in about 25 minutes. This recipe serves 2 and provides nutritional information (around 575 calories per serving). Note that there’s also a 3 Cheese Veg-Packed Pasta Bake option available.

3. Feel Good Fish ‘N’ Chips with Peas

Ditch the greasy takeaway and make this feel-good fish and chips at home in just 30 minutes! You can cook this recipe whenever you like. Lightly breaded fish in parsley crumbs replaces the typical fried batter, and a lemony mayo adds a zesty touch for dipping your chips. With around 533 calories per serving, this satisfying dish is also good for you (and your wallet!).

4. Mild Chicken Curry

If you’re searching for a tasty weeknight dish, give this mild chicken curry a try! Despite having a low amount of spice, this recipe is really flavorful. Serve the chicken with a creamy sauce over fluffy rice mixed with sultana and turmeric. It is ideal for gluten-free diets and can be prepared in only 25 minutes. It is a flavourful and filling supper with 727 calories per dish. Keep in mind that this recipe will be good for just 2-3 days.

5. Creamy Chicken Potato-Topped Pie

This comfort chicken pie is sure to satisfy you! It’s a hearty and delicious dinner filled with juicy chicken, creamy gravy, tender vegetables, and golden crispy potatoes. The recipe only takes 45 minutes to make and includes full nutritional information (about 434 calories per serving). Don’t forget to whip up some garlicky greens on the side for a complete and flavourful meal.


Are you prepared to take back your evenings and savour delectable, stress-free meals? The Everyday Favourite Meal Boxes from Gousto are the solution! Everyday Favourites takes out the stress of cooking and makes it much easier to cook your favourite dishes with carefully portioned ingredients, simple-to-follow recipes, and a wide range of crowd-pleasing foods. Come see how Everyday Favourites may completely transform your weeknight routine by visiting Gousto today! Go to FrontCeleb for additional details.


What makes meal boxes so well-liked?
Meal boxes are popular because they make cooking easier. They remove the trouble of going grocery shopping and make cooking fun. They enable you to prepare delicious restaurant-quality meals at home and are both economical and practical.
Who buys meal boxes?
The majority of meal kit purchasers are Millennials and Gen Xers, many of whom makeover $80k a year and have bachelor’s degrees or beyond.
Are meal boxes good for you?
Meal kits can be healthier due to built-in portion control, preventing overeating commonly seen with dining out or homemade meals.

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