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Walk Out In Style With High-Quality Fashionable Apple Watch Straps

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Upon the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, one of the smartest things they did was to devise a way for users for swift interchangeability of Apple Watch straps. Normal watch bands with diminutive spring bars are hard to substitute and can break easily, so most people don’t change the same unless the band is worn out. The Apple Watch, however, allows for quick band swaps, enabling users to effortlessly adapt their watch’s appearance to suit varying contexts for attire, disposition, or activity. This versatility proves invaluable, particularly for individuals desiring a waterproof band during aquatic pursuits or workouts, juxtaposed with a more elegant band for formal engagements.

Apple Watch Straps Compatibility

Apple has changed the Apple Watch’s size several times over the years. From the very first one to the third, the cases were 38 mm and 42 mm. You could get the Series 4, 5, and 6 and the SE in 40mm and 44mm. All of them were 41mm or 45mm thick. The Apple Watch Ultra was 49mm thick.

Most bands will fit any Apple Watch Series 3 or later case that is the same size. A 41mm band fits a 40mm or 42mm watch, while a 45mm band fits a 42mm, 44mm, or 49mm watch.  

Apple Watch Straps Materials

Apple now sells bands made of rubber, cloth, and stainless steel as of February 2024. They stopped selling leather bands when the Apple Watch Series 9 came out in late 2023. This included both their own bands and Hermès bands. Apple didn’t use the words “rubber” or “textile” before, and you only see them when you order a watch and pick out a band. Apple has also added bands that are neutral to carbon. 

  • Sport Band
  • Solo Loop
  • Sport Loop
  • Nike Sport Band and Sport Loop
  • FineWoven bands
  • Stainless steel bands
  • Apple Watch Ultra bands
  • Hermès bands

Designer Apple Watch Straps on The Range

1. Gold Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap 

Gold Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap 
Gold Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap

Since it does not rub against the skin, this Apple Watch gold strap is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. This metal-chained Apple Watch band is chic. It works with 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm Apple watches from Series 1 to 7 and SE. Get it at The Range! 

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2. Apple Watch Strap – Faux Leather 

This faux leather Apple Watch strap is compatible with several Apple Watch models. It is very easy to wear because it is light and made of fake leather. It won’t rub against your skin. With its simple fake leather strap, the stylish and trendy Apple Watch straps look brighter and more up-to-date. Get this Apple Watch leather strap now!

3. Multi-coloured Apple Smart Watch Resin Strap 

Multi-coloured Apple Smart Watch Resin Strap 
Multi-coloured Apple Smart Watch Resin Strap

This multi-coloured Apple Watch strap is compatible with series 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. It’s light in weight and very easy to wear. It’s comfortable against your skin as it won’t rub on it. The best thing to add to your Apple Watch is a unique, stylish strap in bright colours. Get it on The Range now!

4. Fabric Apple Watch Strap 

Your Apple Watch can look different with this comfy nylon strap. The 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm sizes fit your Series 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 model well. Due to its light fabric, this strap will stay comfy all day without rubbing. Its three fashionable versions have colourful straps for a lively and modern look. Your Apple Watch can become a fashion statement that expresses you.

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5. Silver Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap

Silver Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap
Silver Metal Chain Apple Watch Strap

This stylish metal chain strap will make your Apple Watch look better. It works with all 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm models, including Series 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. For everyday use, this strap is great because it is light, comfortable, and won’t get wet. Choose the colour that matches your style to make your Apple Watch look chic and trendy. Explore more on The Range!

Choosing the right Apple Watch Straps

This article focused on Apple Watch bands. Many online retailers like Amazon and The Range sell compatible bands from third-party suppliers. Third-party bands are generally inferior to Apple bands. However, if Apple doesn’t sell the design you desire, you want more accessory options, or you want to save money by buying a lower-quality band, a third-party band may be worth considering.

There are plenty of Apple Watch straps to choose from in the market. Some are sporty, some are classy, and since they’re easy to alter, you may get many for different occasions. It is an excellent way to customize your Apple Watch

Find your Apple Watch Strap on The Range today!

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The Range’s Apple Watch straps may turn your watch into a fashion statement. The article covered strap materials, compatibility, and how to get the right fit for your wrist and style. You can choose a strap for any occasion in soft materials or stylish metal chains. Explore The Range’s broad range and express your personal style with every outfit!

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Spoiler title
Tie a string around your watch wrist area. Make a mark where the two ends meet. Then find the length and change it to MM.
Spoiler title
Your Apple Watch shouldn’t be too tight or loose. It should have enough breathable space too to keep you relaxed and give the sensors space to work properly. The sensors will work only if you’re wearing the watch on top of your wrist. 
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Wrist Size Compatible Apple Watch Model
130mm – 200mm 38mm / 40mm / 41mm
140mm – 220mm 44mm / 45mm
130mm – 210mm Apple Watch Ultra 2

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