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Trendy Wide-Fit Shoes For Ladies That Won’t Cramp Your Style!

Trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies

Over half of women surveyed in the UK said they struggle with shoe fit!  We say it’s time for comfortable and trendy shoes for all. Here at Simply Be, we offer a wide selection of trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies that are anything but boring. No more squeezing – give this article a read and discover the comfort and style of wide-fit shoes, and step into a world of happy feet!

Wide Feet: What Causes Them?

Ever wondered why your feet feel a bit wider than most? There are actually a few reasons, which we can break down into three main categories.

1. Genetics

Foot width is something you can inherit from your parents, much like eye colour or hair colour. It’s likely that you have wide feet if your parents do.

2. Surroundings

It’s true that wearing the wrong shoes for years can widen your feet. Furthermore, not wearing any shoes at all while a youngster is developing may also be important.

3. Health Conditions

Certain medical conditions like foot swelling, obesity, diabetes, or circulatory issues can contribute to wider feet. Pregnancy and ageing can also cause temporary changes in foot width.

Fortunately, if you think you may have wide feet, there is a fix! Your feet can get the support and comfort they need from wide-fitting shoes.

How to Tell if You Need Wide-Fit Shoes?

Finding the perfect fitting shoe can be a struggle, especially if you have wide feet. Here at Finn Footwear (with over 40 years of experience!), we recommend getting sized by a professional, but there are some signs you can look for too.

  1. Blisters: If you have blisters all the time, your shoes may be too small.
  2. Hammer toes: These painful toes can be caused by shoes that cause your toes to cramp.
  3. Bunions: Wearing small shoes can cause bony bumps called bunions.
  4. Toes: Friction from wearing narrow shoes can cause thickening of the skin in certain areas.
  5. Swollen feet: Pregnancy or medical problems can cause swelling in feet that can tolerate wide shoes.
  6. Orthotics: Wide shoes allow more room for orthotics, which are used to treat various foot problems.

If any of these sound familiar, then you should surely consider trying comfy yet trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies!

Trendy Wide-Fit Shoes for Ladies to Shop From

1. Mya Platform Heeled Shoes

Mya Platform Heeled Shoes
Mya Platform Heeled Shoes | Frontceleb

Level up your look with these gorgeous Mya platform heels from Simply Be, only £42!  They feature a trendy chunky block heel for comfort and style, a closed toe with mixed pattern detailing for a touch of personality, and an adjustable ankle strap for a perfect fit. These trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies will work with any outfit, so buy them right away.

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2. Sienna Toe Cap Ballerina Shoes

These comfy ballerina flats are the perfect everyday shoes! They feature a classic round toe, a cute contrasting toe cap for a touch of style, and a cushioned sock for all-day comfort. Available in a wide fit for just £9.50, you can’t go wrong with these ballet beauties! So, get these trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies from Simply Be today.

3. Aurora Twist Front Loafer Shoes

Aurora Twist Front Loafer Shoes
Aurora Twist Front Loafer Shoes | Frontceleb

Slip into comfort and style with the Aurora Twist Front Loafer Shoes, now only £19.80!  These trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies offer a great fit (EEE) and feature a chic twist detail on the upper. Sitting on a smart outsole with a squared toe, they’re perfect for adding a touch of polish to your everyday office look. So, shop them today from Simply Be.

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4. Dorothy Comfort Flexible Court Shoes

Looking for a comfy and stylish work shoe? These Dorothy Comfort Court Shoes are perfect! They feature a trendy block heel, a flexible sole for all-day comfort, and incredible padding for happy feet. Plus, the extra wide EEE fit ensures a great fit. You can get these trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies just for £34 – treat your feet! So, get them right away.

5. Parma Twist Knot Ballerina Shoes

Parma Twist Knot Ballerina Shoes
Parma Twist Knot Ballerina Shoes | Frontceleb

At just £12.80, these stylish wide-fitting shoes for women from Simply Be are a great deal! They’re sleek and comfortable for daily wear. A lovely twist knot pattern on the soft microfiber top lends flair, and the wide fit guarantees all-day comfort. Wear them with dresses or pants for a put-together yet carefree style.

6. Cushion Walk Lightweight Leisure Shoes

Tired of uncomfortable shoes? These lightweight trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies from Cushion Walk (exclusive to us in extra wide EEE fit!) are designed for ultimate comfort. The padded sock keeps your feet snug and relaxed, while the slip-on style makes them perfect for easy on and off. All for just £30 – your feet will thank you! So, get it today.


Say goodbye to cramming yourself into unflattering shoes! For women, Simply Be has an amazing assortment of stylish Trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies. We offer shoes for every occasion, whether you’re searching for stunning heels, cosy flats, or fashionable boots. Don’t let having broad feet prevent you from slaying the newest styles. Accept your distinctive feet and walk out with flair and confidence! Discover the wide-fitting shoes that will quickly become your new best friend by visiting Simply Be’s trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies collection.

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What does it mean when shoes are labelled as wide fit for women?
Trendy wide-fit shoes for ladies have the same length as regular ones but offer more space in the toe box and forefoot to accommodate wider feet. They’re usually deeper to accommodate the extra width, as wider feet are often taller or deeper.
How do I know if I should get wide-fit shoes instead of regular ones?
If your feet are wide, wide-fit shoes might feel better than regular ones. They give your feet more room and can prevent discomfort and foot issues like blisters.
What foot issues can wide-fit shoes help with?
Wide feet can cause problems like bunions, corns, and calluses. Wearing wider shoes can stop these problems and make walking more comfortable. They relieve pressure points and give the support older feet need.

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