Review For Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G- Price, Features, And Other Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G

With the rise in the techno era, we have often seen many changes and innovations in gadgets and other accessories. One of them is Samsung’s own Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G, which is now in everybody’s demand. Whether you see the smart dial, the display and the colour variant it has for the users. The Samsung watches are much more affordable and with advanced features when compared with the other expensive gadgets. With O2 mobiles, you can buy and get to know the updates about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G. 

Let’s know about the key features Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G has-

Price & Availability of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is now available for the starting price of $449 which is an affordable option with a Wi-Fi model. The Samsung watch model is easily available at the official site of Samsung and at the retailer shops at the financing plans and the lowest price of $210. 

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 

There are several specifications that Samsung has brought with this Android watch-

  • It comes with a size of 45mm and a band thickness of 20mm D-buckle sport band. 
  • The case of the watch is made up of titanium making it durable to use. 
  • The weight of this Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is not more than 46g. 
  • The display screen is 1.4-inch AMOLED with 450 x 450 resolution, 330 PPI. Made up of sapphire crystal glass which is 2x stronger than the Galaxy Watch 4 version. 
  • The processor includes an Exynos W920 dual core of 1.18ghz. The memory of 1.5GB RAM and internal storage of 16 GB. 
  • It comes with a battery power of 590mAH and WPC-based wireless charging. 
  • You can easily connect it with Bluetooth, have dual-band wi-fi (2.4GHz %5 GHz), with GPS, NFC, and LTE technology. 

Durability Of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung is famous for its durable and long-lasting gadgets with the best technology. Now they have come with the updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro that has an IP68 rating that makes it dust and water-resistant. It has been tested with ASTM D 5 for the waterproof technology and has the MIL-STD-810H certification. 

Colour Variant For Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

It has basic and neutral colour options as black and grey which suit every gender. 

Sensor Technology  

The sensor in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro includes-

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Barometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Electric Heart Sensor (ECG)
  • BIA (Body Composition Analysis)
  • Continuous Sp02
  •  Skin Temperature Sensor

Performance Of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G

The performance of this Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro gives accurate fitness tracking, can respond to incoming text messages, has good speed compared to other versions, and lasts for 3-4 days with a one-time charged battery. 

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G


Pros Of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO 4G Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO 4G
It has a titanium case and sapphire glass that makes it durable and reliable. It is a bit thick to track sleep.
Great battery life that lasts for 4 days. Heavy body for daily use as it can be a little uncomfortable.
The fast-charging charger of 10W No such difference between Pro and Standard GWS
Software of One UI Watch 4.5  The band can cause issues for athletes
Sensors to give accurate results of health and fitness. Does not come with the temperature sensor or is not active.


You can check this information about the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G before buying it. Those who are into athletics and into sports may not like bulky watches but it does have many features that make them the best watch to buy. 


With the proper information and description about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G, you can see that it is durable, versatile, and has proper embedded updates. If you are looking forward to buying this Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro 4G, then you can check offers from 02 Mobiles and also get information about the performance, features, specifications of the watch and other gadgets. With the larger display, sturdier build body, long battery life, water-resistant properties of Google Wear OS 4.0 and OneUI 5.0 operating system, and other sensors it is the best Android watch to go for. Visit Frontceleb for more.


Which operating system does the Galaxy Watch5 Pro 4G use?
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 4G is powered by the Google Wear OS operating system and the latest update of Wear OS 4.0 and OneUI 5.0. 
Is the Galaxy Watch5 Pro 4G water-resistant?
Yes, the Galaxy Watch 5 pro 4G is made up of water and dust-resistant technology. Even if you sweat a lot during an intense workout, this watch will not get any damage. 
What sensors are included in the Galaxy Watch5 Pro 4G for health and fitness tracking?
There are several sensors that include health and fitness like accelerometers, barometers, gyro sensors, and geomagnetic and light sensors. 

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