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Are You A Messy Person? Try Plastic Storage Drawers For A Simpler Life

Plastic storage drawers

I don’t know a more messier person than my sister. Are you a messy person too? If yes then investing in plastic storage drawers can be your saviour, which will help you to organise the mess in your room. You can store your essentials in convenient plastic drawers from The Range to not only tidy up your space but also make it look organised. 

You can store anything in plastic storage drawers, from toiletries and paper products to clothes, books, cooking tools, and more. As they are made of plastic, drawers are better for storage than other choices because they are easier to clean.

Kinds of plastic storage drawers

  • Plastic baskets: Plastic bins are a must-have in the kitchen, especially for storing stuff like fruits, veggies, and more. These storage boxes last longer and cost less than metal ones.
  • Plastic cupboard: A plastic cabinet that is well-organised can hold many important things, such as cooking and lifestyle accessories, books, newspapers, files, documents, clothes, and more. It’s easy to store plastic cabinets in the corner of your room. It is an inexpensive way to store your important things. 
  • Plastic storage bins: You might not need everything in your room all the time. Put those things in a bin box, which is very handy and not heavy. There are many places in your home where plastic bin boxes can be useful.
  • Plastic organiser for stationery items: A drawer for organizing stationery is one of the most-used types of plastic drawers. These are the best choice for students because they can store all kinds of stationery without losing the things they need to study.

Large plastic storage drawers for organising daily essentials

1.  3 drawer plastic storage

3 drawer plastic storage
3 drawer plastic storage | Frontceleb

This A4 Three Drawer Plastic Storage is light in weight and sturdy enough to hold all your things, making it a perfect addition to any office space or craft room. Available in blue, black, or pink, these plastic storage drawers are ideal for storing a wide variety of arts and crafts materials or keeping important documents safe and organised.

2. Rolling Storage Cart with 4 Plastic Drawers on Wheels

This 4-drawer storage trolley comes with 2 lockable wheels to ensure both flexibility and stability. The design makes full use of limited space allowing you to store different items separately. You can remove each of the drawers and use it as a simple storage box too!

3. Storage Drawers – 12 drawers

Storage Drawers - 12 drawers
Storage Drawers – 12 drawers | Frontceleb

Made of fir wood, you can paint or stain plastic storage drawers if required. The metal drawer handles in this can hold individual labels. It is ideal for storing craft items, jewellery, make-up, or other small items. It is a great desktop organiser and gives a rustic storage effect.

4. 5 drawer plastic storage

Keep your desk or surfaces tidy and in tip-top condition with this handy Pastel 5 Drawer Storage. Incredibly stylish and functional, plastic storage drawers feature five beautiful pastel drawers, providing plenty of room for tech accessories, stationery or arts and crafts essentials. Ideal for organising and de-cluttering your home, these storage drawers are a fantastic solution for a messy person!

5. Plastic Drawer Storage Organizer for Desk

Plastic Drawer Storage Organizer for Desk
Plastic Drawer Storage Organizer for Desk | Frontceleb

If you need more room on your desk, these plastic storage drawers by Livingandhome are perfect. Because it is made of good plastic, it is strong and won’t break easily. The deep box has plenty of room for papers, stationery, and other office supplies, and the top can be used to show off things. For a clean and organized place to work, get one for your office or bedroom.

Creative Storage Ideas to Organise Small Spaces 

Substitute Closet Space: Many homes don’t have enough closet room, which can make it hard to store things in the entryway. There aren’t many storage ideas for small areas near your front door, so add a bunch of hooks and open shelves to make a drop zone that works for your family. Sort your things by a family member or type by putting them in bins or boxes on the shelves.

Hide Your Storage: Some things don’t look good enough to be kept out in the open. Use hidden storage ideas for small areas to keep things out of sight but still easy to get to and keep the look clean. With furniture tricks like this flip-top cushioned storage bench, you can hide things you don’t want to show off in a stylish way.

Add Incremental Storage: Simple add-ons to basic storage solutions can help you get more room out of small areas. Take this new small shelf as an example. This little shelf with a raised back has just enough space for glass containers that keep things that are used often close at hand.

Stagger Shelves: Shelving units that are all the same size and shape can make a small room feel even smaller than it is. Instead, look for pieces that are shaped like ladders and have shelves that get smaller toward the top. This can help make a room feel lighter and give you useful store space for things of different sizes.

Include Out-in-the-Open Storage: For small places, closed doors and drawers aren’t the only ways to store things; you may need to use areas that are easy to see. Think about putting things of the same size together in an artistic storage piece that goes with the style of the room. In this case, the rolls of necessary kitchen paper and wraps are grouped together. You can easily find aluminium foil, parchment paper, and other food supplies in a mesh file.


Being suffocated by junk? Plastic storage drawers come to the rescue! The Range has many styles and sizes to help you clean up any mess and make your space calm and organized. They’re great for getting rid of chaos because they’re easy to clean and stacked. Change the look of your home today by buying from The Range!

For more information, visit FrontCeleb.


What will make plastic drawers slide easier?
You can use liquid silicone, wet up a small rag or use a cotton swab to apply to the runners.
What should not be stored in plastic containers?
Leather items
Delicate fabrics
Electronic gadgets and batteries
Important documents
Food supplies
Pet food
What do you use plastic drawers for?
Plastic drawers help store all documents and other everyday accessories quickly and efficiently.

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