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Tap Into The Power Of Your Inner Ninja With These Ninja Knife Sets

Ninja knife set

Do ninja knives intrigue you or are you a devoted collector of these special items? Then this one’s for you! Newbies are also welcome to cultivate their knowledge on ninja knives. Ninja knives have been quite popular items due to their presence in various forms of media and association with ninjas.  Etsy, an online marketplace has been a popular choice for buyers when it comes to budget-friendly and exclusive items. If you are looking forward to owning a ninja knife set, then Etsy is the place for you! 

What is the purpose of Ninja Knives?

Ninja knives are used for various reasons. Some of the common ones are- 

1. Hobby and Leisure 

Ninja knives are ideal for recreational and leisure purposes. For this purpose, many people love to throw knives from a distance and set targets for themselves simultaneously. It challenges them and brings out their competitive side, making the activity even more enjoyable. 

2. Self-defense

Ninja knives that are made of strong and durable steel are perfect for being used as self-defense equipment. They are easy to carry and light which makes them a perfect option. 

3. Showcase of collection

Collecting ninja knives brings out a sense of pride for many people. Just like other kinds of artifacts including cards, stamps, stones, etc, many people derive pleasure from knife collection. Whether it is vintage knives, or ones that are a token of nostalgia, collecting knives is a pretty common activity that many people do. 

4. Entertainment purposes

Knife throwing and use of knives is very popular in the entertainment industry. Martial arts, drama, and exhibitions are some examples.   

Why shop Ninja knife sets from Etsy

Etsy is a trusted community that aims to connect people from different corners of the world through the strings of commerce. A platform filled with guaranteed and good quality products from various sellers, Etsy gives buyers the freedom to choose from a diverse range. The affordable and convenient shopping experience keeps buyers glued to this platform.

Etsy has multiple products related to Ninja knives. With customer reviews and seller star ratings, one can ascertain the quality and worthiness of the products. Whether it is throwing knives, collectible crafted knives or ninja knife sets, you will find all sorts of unique options here. 

Top 5 Ninja knife sets on Etsy you should consider! 

If you are a newbie in the field of Ninja knives or if you are looking forward to including more dynamic varieties into your set, then here are some recommendations for Ninja knife sets from Etsy! 

1. Throwing Knife Set 3 Piece Rainbow Bat Ninja Inspired Style

Throwing Knife Set 3 Piece Rainbow Bat Ninja Inspired Style
Throwing Knife Set 3 Piece Rainbow Bat Ninja Inspired Style | Frontceleb

Throwing knives is an enjoyable pastime for many. This three piece ninja knife set is a stylish option, especially for those knife throwers who are impressed by aesthetics! The rope covered handles help maintain grip and the polychromatic blades give a shiny finish to the knives. A sheath is included to help keep the blades durable and protected.  

2. Ninja Style Balanced Throwing Knives

Jet black blades exude a magnetic vibe. And that is why this Ninja knife set is perfect for those who like it minimal and simple. The handles are hand wrapped with red ropes which add a flush of color to the monochromatic knives.  

This ninja knife set comes with a carrying pouch for safekeeping the knives and preventing accidental injuries.

3. 5 Pieces Ninja Knives

5 Pieces Ninja Knives
5 Pieces Ninja Knives | Frontceleb

These 5 handmade knives are absolutely classy and visually appealing. The pointy slate colored blades are made of Damascus and alloy steels. This ninja knife set is an excellent option for newbies who have just entered the world of knife throwing. 

For better retention, avoid keeping the knives under leather sheath for a long time.

4. Throwing Knives 12 pc Set

A 12 piece set of ninja knives is a lavish delight for knife lovers. The knives are heavy and have a belt loop attached which makes it easier to hold and store them. The black colored blades are given a clean-polished finish.

As a final detail, the handles are wrapped with ropes to ensure a stronger grip.

5. Beautiful Hand Forged Throwing Knives 5 Pieces

Beautiful Hand Forged Throwing Knives 5 Pieces
Beautiful Hand Forged Throwing Knives 5 Pieces | Frontceleb

Easy to carry, this exquisite ninja knife set is a supreme option for knife throwing aficionados! Made of carbon steel, these charcoal colored knives are a convenient and light option. The set comes with leather sheath for storing the knives. 

A perfect pick to gift to a loved one, this ninja knife set will surely not disappoint!


With an array of unique products, Etsy has proved to be a game-changer in the online business zone. Ninja knives are just one of the products whose range and quality on Etsy is commendable. Whenever you feel like starting a ninja knives collection, then go through these ninja knife set recommendations! 

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How often should you sharpen Ninja knives?
Although this depends upon the durability and material of the ninja knife, it is generally recommended to sharpen them every 2-3 weeks. Sharpening knives ensures that they remain effective and last longer so make sure to do it frequently. 
What steel is used in Ninja knives?
Stainless steel is usually used to make Ninja knives. Stainless steel is an ideal component because of its ability to retain sharpness and durability, resistance of corrosion and low maintenance. 
How to maintain Ninja knives?
Maintaining ninja knives isn’t very time consuming. You need to keep your knives in a safe place and keep the blades covered to prevent rusting. Sharpen the blades regularly and always clean them after using. It is advisable to use water and soap for better results. 

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