What Are Revolut’s Metal Cards: Highlighting Revolut’s Metal Cashback Cards!

Metal Cashback Cards

Revolut’s metal cards are here to give you a seamless experience. They are streamlined to provide various benefits. Whether it’s traveling, insurance, or investing, there are a variety of exclusive everyday features that you can take advantage of with these cards. One of the most special features is cashback. Metal cashback cards give you 1% cashback in different currencies depending on location. Keep reading to find out more about metal cashback cards on Revolut.

Revolut: A Financial Tool

Revolut is a financial services platform that specializes in both personal and business preferences. It encompasses various financial functions, including investing, security measures, currency exchange, and global payments, all streamlined for user convenience. Revolut’s mission is to provide a seamless financial experience, enabling users to effortlessly handle tasks like borrowing, spending, investing, and money transfers. Established in 2015, Revolut has solidified its position as a game changer in the financial industry, earning the trust and preference of many customers worldwide.

Benefits of Metal Cards From Revolut:

Metal cards on Revolut have a plethora of advantages-

1. Cashback

The best feature of the metal card is 1% cashback. Revolut currently supports 29 different currencies, so if you spend the card on any of those currencies, then you will earn 0.1% cashback for those transactions that occur in Europe and 1% for those that occur in other locations.

2. Lower Investment fee

You can invest in crypto and other commodities at lower fees of 0.99% and 1.49%. You may need to pay tax and remember that your capital is at risk and the value may go down as per market factors.

3. Commission-free stock trades

If you are an avid investor then you’ll love this one. With the metal cards, you can have 10 commission-free stock trades every month! The trade is free but other charges may apply so do check that first.

4. Easy Transfer

With metal cards, it is easy to transfer money. Not only that, you will also get unlimited domestic transfers. There is an option to check the progress of your transactions. If you want to send money abroad then there is a 40% fee off on every international transaction without any limits.

5. Fee-Free Withdrawal

You can also withdraw up to £800 per month with no extra fees. You can choose any ATM from any location and the process and benefits will stay the same.

6. Purchase Protection

You’ll love this one! If you are a risk taker or always worry about unnecessary purchases then the metal card gives £10,000 per year protection for any uncertainties. Plus, if you cancel any ticketed events last minute, you will be refunded £1000.

7. Option for Kids

Now kids can also enjoy the benefits of Revolut cards! There is an app and card specifically for kids and teenagers in the age group of 6-17 which is easy and convenient for kids as well as their parents to manage.

8. Insurance

If you love traveling but hate the uncertainties that come with it then Revolut’s metal card has got you! Whether it’s a delayed flight, lost baggage, injury while winter sports, or dental cover. The insurance covers many situations so you can have a worry-free travel experience and be less stressed.

What are the features of metal cashback cards?

The metal cashback cards offer extensive features for its users to enjoy

1. Exclusive Option

The metal cashback card feature is exclusive only to the metal plan. The benefits and features of this subscription are only included with the metal card.

2. Location Specific

The cashback amount and return rate depend upon your location or country. It may vary and for better clarity, you can check the rates beforehand. Revolut has a comprehensive list of all the countries that are considered within the European geo, and you can ascertain the rate on that basis. For that, please visit Revolut’s website to get an idea.

3. Monthly Cashback

The monthly cashback return is dependent on your Metal plan subscription amount and will be decided based on that.

4. Accommodation cashback

With this option, you can choose any accommodation of your choice with no additional booking charges. You will also be able to take advantage of exclusive and attractive rates. There is 10% cashback when you make the payment and confirm the booking.

5. Additional Charges

If you undertake any additional charges like taxes, fees, penalties, or fines, then you will not get any cashback on that. Moreover, cigarette and tobacco purchases, charities, lotteries, or gambling are not eligible for any cashback either.

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Revolut’s metal cards come forth with a multitude of benefits. These include free money transfers, fee-free withdrawals, purchase protection, and options for kids. With the metal cashback cards, you can take full advantage of experiences like travel, and get insurance coverage from uncertainties like medical injuries, winter sports, and loss of baggage. Revolut has made sure to provide you with optimal and seamless options at reasonable rates with a plethora of fulfilling benefits. If you are ready to start your journey with Revolut then the metal cashback cards are a great option to begin! For more information, visit Frontceleb.


Can I use my metal card for international payments?
Of course! You can use your metal cards for payments abroad. The exchange rate is reasonable and no additional fee is charged for the same. Moreover, there are more than 29 currencies included.
What is the cashback rate on metal cashback cards?
You can only get a cashback on metal cards once you make a full payment. The rate of cashback is different as per location. It is 0.1% for customers in Switzerland, the UK, and EEA that are in Europe and 1% for those who are outside Europe.
Are there any additional charges with the use of metal cashback cards?
Additional charges like taxes, fines, lotteries, gambling, and other utilities are excluded from the metal cashback cards and hence will not give you any sort of return.

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