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What Is A Revolut Company Debit card: Benefits, Uses And Everything You Need To Know!

Company Debit card

A Revolut company debit card allows businesses to keep control of employee and organization related transactions. Instead of following the lengthy process of getting transaction approval, employees can just use company assigned business cards and purchase the necessary items they require. Revolut company debit cards have both physical and virtual options, plus they are extremely secure. They allow a multitude of advantages and help organizations authorize transactions better. Plus, it is easier to ensure that employees or other workers are not misusing company funds.

Why choose Revolut?

Revolut is a financial services website catering to both business and personal needs. Whether it’s investing, security, exchange management, or foreign payments, you can do it all with this handy and functional platform. Revolut believes in making money matters an easy and quick process. With its services, you can handle such matters with a few clicks! You can borrow, spend, invest, and send money easily on Revolut. Started in 2015, Revolut has managed to establish a strong footing in the finance world and is a go-to for many customers.

What are the benefits of having a company debit card from Revolut?

Revolut’s company debit cards have expansive benefits and uses; here are a few of them-

1. Team Size

It doesn’t matter if your team is big or small, the debit cards are an asset for everyone and make bookkeeping and data integration a much easier and quicker process.

2. Card Control

You can set limits and rules on company debit cards and even freeze them whenever necessary.

3. Keeping up to date

Managers and company owners can stay up to date with employee expenses and get access to readymade receipts to check the data.

4. No missing information

Instant reminders and notifications are sent after every debit, which means that companies don’t have to worry about missing information.

5. Easy Bookkeeping

Through readymade receipts and available data, companies can easily integrate them with their existing bookkeeping records. There is no need to follow lengthy procedures like manual bookkeeping that take too much time and effort. Using Revolut and other handy accounting tools, the process is easier than ever.

6. International Payments

If your organization regularly deals with foreign clients, then this is great for you! You can use these debit cards to send payments abroad through the web or the mobile application. Revolut’s currency exchange system has no hidden charges, and the fees charged are reasonable.

Are there specific features that Revolut offers to help companies manage their expenses effectively?

Revolut’s company debit cards and expense management system offer specific features to help the company keep better track of its transactions. Here are a few of them-

1. Automated Expenses

Through an automated expense system, managers and superiors can set spending limits, block, freeze, or add rules to certain transactions. Besides that, you can also manage where the cards can be used. You can set spending limits for different team members as per their roles.

2. Review and Approve Transactions

Through these debit cards, companies and superiors can review and approve transactions before actual payment is made. This prevents fraudulent or unnecessary transactions from happening. It is easy to control the team’s spending by using the access feature. This way, you can ensure how much access and features they can control with the use of debit cards.

3. Safety

The anti-fraud and 3D security systems of Revolut cards protect one from processing fraud or unauthorized transactions. Plus, there is a limit on contactless cards to help prevent fraud.

How can businesses apply for a Revolut company debit card?

It is easy to apply for a debit card on Revolut. There are many ways you can proceed with this.

  1. Before making a decision, you can contact Revolut’s sales. They will provide comprehensive information about your team’s spending management and how to opt for better tracking using analytics. To apply and send a contact request, go to Revolut’s business contact sales page.
  2. After you have made your decision, create a Revolut business account, and you are good to go! You can also use Revolut’s app to do this.
  3. Now you can decide what card you want. There are three options to choose from- Virtual, metal, and Plastic. You can get up to 200 virtual cards per team member, three physical plastic cards, and metal cards that are exclusive and available in black and gold.

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In conclusion, Revolut has become a convenient place and made financial services a handy procedure. Gone are the days when we worried about how to send money to a relative abroad or looked restlessly for a good platform to start investing. You can do it all on Revolut effortlessly. If you want to get maximum control over your company’s expenses, then getting a company debit card is the best way! This way, you don’t have to worry about each and every employee’s spending; you will get a note of that all at once, in one place. Moreover, a company debit card ensures safety and thoughtful spending. If you feel like your team is ready for one, then head over to Revolut and start the process. For more information, visit Frontceleb.


What does a company debit card do?
A company debit card allows an organization to keep track of, integrate, and ensure security for employee transactions. Through control and access features, it can determine how much an employee can spend and where. This way, unauthorized and fraudulent transactions are avoided, and bookkeeping is made an easier process.
What are the different types of debit cards on Revolut?
On Revolut, you can opt for three different types of debit cards- virtual (online), plastic, or metal. Each card has a limit per employee, and you can choose whichever one serves you and your organization the best.
Can you use Revolut business cards abroad?
Yes! Revolut business cards operate well for international transactions. You can pay in more than 25 currencies, and the exchange rate is reasonable. There are no hidden charges. 

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