Drape In Style And Art With These Kimonos For Women

Kimonos For Women

Who says kimonos for women are just a traditional outfit? Wear them in various other ways from formal events to casually as a layer. Kimonos stand out as dynamic and expressive wardrobe staples for women in the ever-changing fashion world. These components naturally blend into a variety of styles, allowing individuals to express their personalities and inventiveness of kimonos or the bohemian allure of crochet shrugs, these flexible clothes offer a voyage of self-expression and aesthetic enjoyment. In this blog, you will get to know about kimonos and how you can style them to look different among people. With Cato Fashion, you can get help in selecting wonderful and elegant kimonos for women. Let the world be amazed by your styling as you drape your kimono to that casual or semi-formal event!

Let’s check out the types of kimonos that you can wear and add to your wardrobe

Varieties Of Kimonos For Women 

1. Traditional kimonos

Classic or traditional kimonos are of ankle-length and also known as long kimonos for women. They have featured elaborate designs and flowing materials. They give you comfort and freedom to move easily when worn. 

2. Bohemian feels

Fringed or crochet shrugs of kimonos can let you give a bohemian look which is in trend. They exhibit a carefree and creative appeal, embracing the free-spirited bohemian ethos, and are ideal for festivals or laid-back events. 

3. Structured elegance

To add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your look, use structured or short kimonos for women. These pieces are frequently available in solid hues making them a stylish layering choice for formal occasions or professional events. 

4. Comfortable casuals

Shorter, loose fittings shrugs in comfy material like cotton or jersey are ideal for casual wear. These kimonos or shrugs are for everyday wear since they easily combine comfort with a laid-back, casual atmosphere. 

Kimonos For Women That You Can Can Be Your Staple Wear

With Cato Fashion, you can choose something that is not just beautiful but also versatile and comfortable. Check out these kimonos for women

1. Velvet Lace Trim Kimonos For Women

Velvet Lace Trim Kimonos For Women
Velvet Lace Trim Kimonos For Women

This velvet lace trim kimono for women will simply elevate your look. This gorgeous ink-blue colored base with lace sleeves adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the whole look. It has a tie-up front with ¾ sleeves for a sleek style and is appropriate for both casual and formal events. It is also available in different sizes that as a short kimono type. 

2. Tie Front Embroidered Sleeve Top

Get rid of the mundane and embrace this beauty! Tie Front Embroidered long kimono is full of subtle elegance. Consider airy mesh sleeves with gorgeous gold embroidery, a trendy tie hem, and a figure-flattering shape. Dress it up for any event whether a party with friends or a small get-together at home. This flowy long sleeves and easy front tie make it comfortable to wear. It feels as nice as it looks. 

3. Crochet Fringe Kimonos In Tan

Crochet Fringe Kimonos In Tan
Crochet Fringe Kimonos In Tan

With this airy bohemian kimono, you can enjoy a cool and carefree day. It has a chocolate brown and tan color shade that emanates warmth and the fringe trim adds a whimsical movement. It is made from a silky rayon and polyester blend that drapes smoothly over your frame and feels comfortable. So if you have some plans for a beach vacation, wear it over your shorts and slippers beneath and move around freely and enjoy the cold breezes of the sea. 

4. Ruffled Mesh Long Kimonos For Women

This ruffled mesh long kimono for women is like a breath of fresh air, instantly altering your style from casual to stylish, consider a velvet soft touch of mesh base embellished with beautiful wine embroideries. This is gilded over cloth and gives a luxurious and classy look to the woman. It is made from 100% nylon for easy drape, with sleeves made of silky polyester. The perfect wine color and ruffled sleeves give it a touch of royal look and you can go for a sassy party look easily with this amazing kimono shrug. 


At last, we conclude that kimonos for women are dynamic and expressive outfits. They are just versatile and stylish enough to enhance the look of your whole attire. Be it formal kimonos for women or short kimonos for women, they can rock any outfit easily. Whether you want to go to a corporate event and want to look different among people layer these kimonos. A few options for the best kimonos from Cato Fashion are described in the blog for your idea. You can check them out on their official website and see a few more options to add to your clothing trousseau. Various types and styles of kimonos are available in the market. 

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Can kimonos be worn as both outerwear and innerwear?
No. kimonos are meant to be worn as outwear. They are like a shrug for layering up in moderate cold weather. You can even wear them above any tank top or style them in different ways. 
Are there specific fabrics that are more comfortable for kimonos in warmer weather?
There are a few fabrics that are more comfortable for kimonos in warmer weather like ramie, linen, cotton, etc. One can even go for velvet or faux according to the weather. 
Can I wear kimonos with both casual and formal outfits?
Yes, you can wear a kimono with both casual and formal outfits. They come in different options that you can choose and style for purposely for any event. 

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