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Lounge In Style With Hooded Robes For Women

Hooded robes for women

After getting out of the shower, you’ll be in a world of pure pleasure. Don’t bother with thin, scratchy towels or dull blankets. The hooded robes for women will change the way you do things after taking a shower. This dress is surprisingly versatile and very cosy, but it doesn’t get enough credit. A hooded blanket is warmer and more convenient than a regular one, but it also has a lot of other benefits. The hooded robes for women are your secret tool for ultimate relaxation. It can dry your hair in seconds and keep you warm on cold mornings.

Why Are Hooded Robes for Women Underrated?

Dries Your Hair After a Bath

Most people have a plain bathrobe in their bathroom, but you might want to get a bathrobe with a hood. After taking a shower, a robe with a hood can help you in many ways.

A bathrobe with a hood can keep you warm and dry after a bath, just like any other bathrobe. Even better, the hood can help dry your hair, which is a bonus!

Don’t forget that the hood is made of the same material as the robes. In other words, it can also soak up all the extra water in your hair. This keeps you from having to towel-dry your hair before bed or styling it.

Provides Extra Warmth During Winter

It’s helpful to have clothes that keep you warm and cosy when the weather gets cooler, even if you’re inside. When people are inside, they often forget to cover their heads.

Remember that your head is a big way for body heat to leave, especially when you’re wrapped up from the neck down. In the cold, don’t turn up the heat to stay warm.

Wear a long robe with a hood instead to stay warm and cosy! Green living is not only fun but also good for the earth. Because you wore a robe with a hood, you’ll save a little money on heating.

Keeps You Dry In Between Swims

For swimming parties, hooded gowns are the best thing to wear. Having one on is helpful when you’re hanging out with family or friends between times in the water.

You might want to hang out by the pool with your friends after taking a swim. Or maybe have a quick snack together before going back into the pool.

Not only will a robe with a hood keep you dry, but it will also keep your hair in place so you don’t get drenched. It also helps you spend less time in the sun if you don’t want to get too brown or even burned.

Use as a Towel at the Gym

A long, relaxed shower is the best thing that can happen after a hard workout. Being in a shower at the gym with a bunch of people can get in the way of the relaxation you need.

Bringing a bathrobe to the gym is a great way to add some privacy and style to a scenario that could be awkward. A bathrobe is a much safer way to cover up in the changing room than a towel.

There’s no need to worry about your towel falling off as you walk from one room to another when you wear one. Additionally, if you bring a cape with a hood, it can be used as both a towel and a sheet to keep you dry from head to toe! It’s like having a warm, all-around answer for taking a shower or bath and drying off.

Works Well for Overnight Outdoor Activities

These days, staying outside all night is all the rage! Hooded robes for women are a great way to stay warm whether you’re glamping or conventional camping.

Remember that the weather changes all the time. You can pretty much guess what the weather will be, but the wind or rain can make it feel colder than it is.

Best Long Hooded Robes For Women on Simply Be

1. Pretty Secrets Short Sherpa Hooded Dressing Gown

Pretty Secrets Short Sherpa Hooded Dressing Gown
Pretty Secrets Short Sherpa Hooded Dressing Gown | Frontceleb

You should get this new Super Soft hooded Gown from Pretty Secrets instead of your old, worn-out dressing gown. The dress has a tie waist and a hood to make you feel extra cosy. You do not want to miss out on this very soft piece! Get this women’s hooded dressing gown on Simply Be now!

2. Hooded Zip Through Dressing Gown

Want to relax in style at home? This Pretty Secrets hooded zip-through gown is the only one you need. This soft and cosy piece comes in a beautiful purple colour and is the perfect way to dress up your loungewear. Since it’s made of 100% polyester, it’s easy to clean and can be done in a machine. It will make your night feel like a spa-like experience if you wear it over your best pyjamas for extra comfort and style.

3. Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown

Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown
Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown | Frontceleb

Cosy robe made of fleece and borg fabric, with contrast piping to keep you warm. Big hood. Two big patch pockets on the front flap. Self-fabric waist tie belt with an inside tie closure. Loop to hang from the back of the neck.

4. Geometric Luxury Fleece Hooded Maxi Robe

The Geometric Luxury Fleece Robe is here. With its beautiful champagne colour and stylish pattern, you’ll be able to relax at home without giving up style. This piece is great for putting over your favourite pyjamas or as a gift. Check out other pyjama sets to get the full set on Simply Be!

5. Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown

Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown
Chelsea Peers Fluffy Fleece Hooded Gown | Frontceleb

This wool and borg fabric robe is the softest thing you can wear. This robe is pure luxury. It has a big hood to keep you warm, two useful front pockets for storing things you need, and a self-fabric tie belt to keep it in place. Stylish contrasting piping adds a touch of class, and a handy internal tie and hanging loop on the back of the neck make it useful. After a long day, it’s the best way to treat yourself. Shop now!


Whether you’re sitting by the pool or staying in on a cold night, hooded robes for women are the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable after a shower. Check out the different styles, such as plush fleece and stylish zip-throughs, to find the perfect hooded robes for women to make your relaxing time more enjoyable. You can treat yourself to a spa-like experience when you read this blog and buy one of the long-covered dressing gowns shown.

Get a long dressing gown with a hood on Simply Be today! 

For more information, visit FrontCeleb


Why do dressing gowns have hoods?
To keep you warm and help to dry wet hair.
What are the key qualities of hooded robes for women?
The perfect hooded robes for women should be Soft, smooth and warm.
How should a dressing gown fit?
It should match your body measurements and give a comfortable fit. 

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