Shine Bright With These Gorgeous Gold French Nail Tips 

gold french nail tip

Fashion is a comprehensive expression of personal style that goes beyond clothes and cosmetics. In this fashion journey, nails are essential because they act as a blank canvas for creativity. There are many options available, ranging from chic nail tips and trendy accessories to classic nail paints and press-on nails, depending on whether you prefer a bold statement or a minimalist look. This season, up your look by giving your nails a glamorous touch. Discover our carefully chosen collection of the top 5 gold French nail tips from Etsy to get a stunning and fashionable manicure that goes well with your individual sense of style.

Why shop with Etsy?

Etsy is filled with a diverse range of products. This platform gives small and budding businesses the opportunity to share their talent with the rest of the community. The buyers on the other hand get access to a myriad of versatile and unique items. Etsy is an affordable, convenient and trusted place to get a variety of products. 

Top 7 Gold Nail tips

When it comes to adding nail tips, nothing compares to the royal color- Gold. The ultimate symbol of luxury, this color exudes boldness and lavishness. Keep reading to know about our top gold nail tips recommendations! 

1. Gold Chrome French Tip Press on Nails

Gold Chrome French Tip Press on Nails
Gold Chrome French Tip Press on Nails | frontceleb

These Gold Chrome French nail tips are a shiny embellishment that you cannot miss out on! 

Available in 14 different shapes including Almond and Coffin, these custom gold french nail tips give you a range of choices. An added benefit of choosing this item is the option of personalization! Add your own unique touch of fashion to your nails.  

2. Chrome Gold French Nail Tips

These Chrome Gold nail tips are here to give you a bold vibe. Avoid unnecessary hours and unavoidable costs of a salon by getting this seamless finish at home, by yourself! A final glossy touch to your fancy evenings, this will surely elevate your look. 

This nail set is currently available in 10 different shapes. Choose the shape that is most suitable for you. 

3. Ombré chrome Gold French Nail tips

Ombré chrome Gold French Nail tips
Ombré chrome Gold French Nail tips | frontceleb

Whether you want a soft classy look or a full on glamorous one, these nails have got every aesthetic covered. Choose the nude shade you want for the base and let the product do its magic. 

4. Gold Chrome 3D Swirl French Tip Press On Nails

These swirl gold french nail tips are a perfect adornment for your stylish getaways and outings. The sophisticated vibe of this product is one of the reasons why it is so appealing for women. Look ever ready with these chrome gold tinted nails and exhibit your charm. 

5. Gold Tips (Transparent)

Gold Tips
Gold Tips | frontceleb

These Gold tips are here to give a shimmery touch to your looks. Paint your nails with your favorite color and just apply this glittery item on top. The transparent base of this product makes it an outstanding match for other nail paint shades like blue, brown, black and gold french nail tips and more. 

6. Gold Baroque Design 3D Press On Nails

Light pink and golden, who would have thought this combination could be so chic? The designs and gemstones are an excellent addition to the nails. Get a flawless finish with this fresh set and wrap up your look with grace. The set comes with items like a mini buffer, mini file and a cuticle stick. 

You can also customize the set with colors and designs of your choice! 

7. Green Land’s Local Gold Press On Nails

Green Land's Local Gold Press On Nails
Green Land’s Local Gold Press On Nails | frontceleb

This gold and green shaded set of nails is the ultimate pop of color you need this summer. These nails are a blend of vibrancy and elegance. We are sure that you’ll never get bored of wearing them. 

The basic application kit includes all the items you’ll need, including filer, nail glue, wooden cuticle stick, buffer and more. 

These are just some Gold French nail tip options, for more please visit Etsy’s website. Make sure to set your location and appropriate filters to find your suitable nail tips 


Styling nails doesn’t always include painting them. And that is why press on nails exist. They are easy to wear, classy and fashionable. There are a multitude of designs available for you to choose from. You can get your ideal press on nails at home or professionally done. The choice is yours! Just remember our gold nail tips recommendations whenever you feel like adding a tinge of gold to your style. For more information, visit Etsy and the official website of frontceleb.  


How long should gold French nail tips last?
Gold French nail tips last about a week or two. To prevent damage and make your nails last longer, avoid activities like lifting heavy items, heat and try to keep your artificial nails dry. Do not keep them on for long periods of time, this will only cause damage to your nails and increase susceptibility to infections. 
How do you maintain nail tips?
Maintaining nail tips isn’t that hard if you know the basics well! Make sure your nails are moisturized and clean before applying the nail glue and tips. The key to ensuring a longer last is by choosing the correct size and shape. Make sure to choose good quality and trusted products. Finally, apply the nails as per the instructions given and you are good to go! 
Can press on nails cause damage?
Yes, unfortunately press on nails are capable of causing damage. If you do not take proper care of your nails then you can catch infections. Press on nails can cause your natural nails to become brittle and dry. The adhesive used can be toxic and consumed indirectly while eating food with your hands. That is why it is important to use artificial nails for only a week or maximum two weeks. Wash your hands and keep the nail area clean after removing the pressons.  

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