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Cosy Double Bed Frames to Help You Sleep Peacefully Through the Night!

Double Bed Frame

Do you also lie awake at night trying to get a decent night’s sleep? Everyone is aware of the significance of sleep for health. As a result, many people are confused when choosing a bed frame. This guide will assist you in locating the finest double bed frames and show you how to pick one that will enhance the quality of your sleep while also fitting into your budget.

Your Guide to Double Bed Frames

  • Comfort & Space

Choosing the right size is crucial for both comfort and ensuring enough room. Popular options are king-size, queen-size, and single beds.

  • Room Size & Sharing

Consider your room size and how many people will be sleeping in the bed. If sharing, think about each person’s size and sleeping habits to find a suitable size for both.

  • Style & Function

The material not only affects looks but also functionality. Popular choices include solid wood, veneer, engineered wood, and padded beds.

  • Upholstered Options

Upholstered beds add warmth, while veneer with marquetry creates a modern statement.

  • Classic Elegance

Solid wood beds offer timeless elegance. Choose a material that complements your room’s style and your personal taste.

  • Planning is Key

Creating a budget is crucial before buying. Double bed prices vary by brand, so research and compare prices before making a decision.

  • Prioritise Comfort & Cost

While getting the right mattress is important, factor in your budget. Consider your needs and financial situation before purchasing.

  • Research First, Buy Smart

Research teak wood bed prices in your area to get a general cost idea before making a purchase.

  • Cohesive Look

Imagine putting a car-shaped bed in a forest-themed room – not exactly ideal! Consider your bedroom’s overall style when choosing a double bed frame.

  • Versatility of Wood

Wooden beds tend to complement most styles. If unsure, seek advice from furniture professionals. Tell them your needs, and they can guide you toward the perfect fit.

  • Hidden Storage

Did you know some wooden beds have storage space underneath? These create a space-saving solution, allowing for more than just sleeping on the bed. A wooden storage bed maximises space and keeps your room organised.

By considering these key factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect double bed frame for a restful and stylish sleep haven!

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Cosy and Affordable Double Bed Frames by The Range

1. Corona Wooden Double Bed Frame

Corona Wooden Double Bed Frame
Corona Wooden Double Bed Frame

Craving a touch of rustic charm for your home? Look no further than the Corona Country furniture range! This collection features high-quality, affordable pieces crafted from waxed natural wood, accented with stylish black metal hardware. The Corona furniture is built with solid pine for long-lasting durability. Most pieces, like the Corona Double Bed Frame, come flat-packed for easy assembly and convenient delivery. So, purchase it right away from The Range at pretty reasonable prices.

2. Amber 4’6’’ Double Bed Frame

For outstanding durability, this traditional bed frame is made of solid pine that is of the highest calibre. The design gives your bedroom a classic look with its lovely curving headboard and low footboard. The bed has a slatted base that allows for optimal mattress support and air circulation for increased comfort and support. Select from grey slate, white, or antique pine to best match your current décor. Head over to The Range and take your pick today.

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3. Extra Strong Double Metal Bed Frame

Extra Strong Double Metal Bed Frame
Extra Strong Double Metal Bed Frame

This stylish Double Metal Bed Frame is built to last! Made from heavy-gauge steel, it features strong metal tube slats and a centre support leg for added stability. Plus, it offers a generous amount of under-bed storage space to help you declutter your bedroom. The best part?  It’s easy to assemble – all the components you need come conveniently packed in the box! So, grab this bed frame before it runs out.

4. Toledo Double Bed Frame

It’s time to upgrade your bedroom with this strong and stylish Toledo bed frame! It is made from long-lasting solid pine slat material, which gives this frame both comfort and a decent look. You can pick this bed frame from different colours available as per your liking. Remember that you need to purchase the mattress separately. So, get this double bed frame today from The Range.

5. Freya Velvet Double Bed Frame

Freya Velvet Double Bed Frame
Freya Velvet Double Bed Frame

Get yourself this luxurious crushed velvet bed frame that will become the highlight of your room! The frame offers a sophisticated design and is available in two pretty colours to choose from. It comes with a comfy slate base that offers enough support, whereas the adjustable headboard lets you customise your comfort level. So, get this bed frame today.

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There’s nothing better than climbing into a cosy bed after a long day. Look no further than The Range for the ideal double bed frame to furnish your own haven of rest! To meet your needs and financial constraints, they provide a range of sizes, styles, and materials. So, put an end to your insomnia and peruse The Range’s assortment – delightful dreams are waiting! 

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Does the frame of a double bed need to include a centre support?
Since they normally don’t require one, twin and full size bed frames typically don’t come with a centre support bar. But if your weight is higher or your child or adolescent is active, you may require more support than what a centre support can provide. In that case, you might think about getting a heavy-duty frame.
How much room does a double bed frame have?
A standard bed frame may typically hold 500–1,000 pounds. More weight can be supported by stronger frames, although lighter designs could support less.
What are the dimensions of a double bed frame?
A double bed usually comes with a 48-inch (1.22 meters) width and 72 to 75 inches (1.83 to 1.91 meters) length.

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