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Bathroom Floor Tiles To Elevate Your Private Space

bathroom floor tiles

Gone are the days when people used to prefer normal cemented bathroom floors. Today, you will see a variety of bathroom floor tiles in every home or office space. You can choose these bathroom floor tiles at the time of the construction of your home or during renovation. It not only gives a new look to the room but adds an aesthetic vibe to it. There are multiple types of tiles available in the market like patterned bathroom floor tiles, non-slip bathroom floor tiles, and wood effect. You can check out The Home Depot to explore different designs and prints of floor tiles. 

1. Types of bathroom floor tiles

  1. Ceramic tiles-

The most preferable tiles for bathroom flooring are ceramic tiles. They are durable, waterproof, and very easy to clean. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and sizes. You can buy them according to your interior and colour theme. 

2. Porcelain tiles-

More durable and water resistant compared to ceramic tiles, these porcelain tiles do not chip or get cracks easily. They are similar to ceramic tiles and share the same similarities. 

3. Mosaic tiles-

These types of tiles have patterns and designs engraved. They can be used to create a whole new look for your bathroom floor and walls. 

4. Natural stone tiles-

Natural stone tiles are simple marbles, stones, and travertine, that add luxury to your bathroom at an affordable price. They are created using natural stones because they are durable and water-resistant. 

5. Pattern and solid coloured tiles-

If you are someone who likes solid colours, and abstract and geometric patterns, then these pattern tiles will be your first choice. They look amazing and can add a different touch to the bathroom floor.   

2. Bathroom floor tiles for a personal touch 

1. Copana ceramic bathroom floor tiles

Copana ceramic bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb
Copana ceramic bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb

Not just for the exterior parts but these ceramic bathroom floor tiles are good for interior use too. You can use them for your bathroom floor and walls as they have a stone design, giving a natural look. It gives great coverage and is water resistant. If you want something durable for your bathroom you can go for these tiles from The Home Depot. 

2. Piso fresno cafe bathroom floor tiles

The wood touch effect with these tiles is an ideal choice for a modern interior setting. This will add an elegant and fresh element to your private space. It is 45 x 45 centimetres and has an attractive stave-type wood design appearance in brown colour. It is made from ceramic and has a glazed finish and moisture absorption for durability. It is equally functional for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

3. Alpes multicolour bathroom floor tiles

Alpes multicolour bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb
Alpes multicolour bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb

These Aples multicolour bathroom floor tiles come with a matte finish and geometric shape design with grey and brown tones. The Home Depot knows the demand of people and what type of tiles will be suitable for your home. These tiles will add an interesting element to your bathroom floor and walls. 

It is made from ceramic material which makes it a durable product. Also, it has good water absorption, is crack resistant, chemical attack and stain proof, and provides friction greater than 0.42. 

4. Volga ivory flat bathroom floor tiles

Nowadays, people prefer a modern bathroom to add a sophisticated touch. This Vitromex ceramic floor tile from The Home Depot is an ideal choice to pick your bathroom interior. It measures 55.5 x 55.5 centimetres and has an attractive marble-type design. The ivory colour of this tile is what makes it eye-catchy. It has moisture lock technology and durability. It is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean in case of stains or spots. 

5. Helmond flat bathroom floor tiles

Helmond flat bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb
Helmond flat bathroom floor tiles | Frontceleb

Marbles have been the most preferred choice for every bathroom floor. These marble bathroom floor tiles from The Home Depot give an appealing look to your bathroom floor. It offers a classic white look with some marble effect. It is 59.3 x 59.3 centimetres, easy to install, and has a high-pitch variation design.

These bathroom floor tiles are also recommended for use in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.  


No doubt bathroom floor tiles are a game changer, giving a whole new look to your bathroom floor. You can choose the tiles according to the interiors you have selected. There are various types of tiles available from modern bathroom tiles to wood effect bathroom floor tiles. These are available on The Home Depot along with other home interior options. Get these bathroom floor tiles for durability, moisture control system, and water resistance. For more such ideas for bathroom decor, you can visit FrontCeleb

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How do I choose the right size of bathroom floor tiles?
Always go for the smaller size tiles for the bathroom for an elegant look and minimum wastage during the installation of the titles.
What are the most popular bathroom floor tile colours?
Usually, people go for the white, blue, subtle green, and black tiles for the bathroom. You can also opt for colour contrast which is always in huge demand for bathroom floor tiles.
Are natural stone tiles a good choice for bathroom floors?
Yes, natural tone stone tiles are a good choice for bathroom floors and even for walls. They give a refreshing feel to your private space.

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