The Best Waterline Eyeliner: Double Your Fun With These Expert Tips

Waterline Eyeliner

 Best Waterline Eyeliner

Waterline eyeliner is that sneaky little cat eye trick that makes your eyes pop. It’s a genius way to get an instant double whammy of feline-inspired eyeliner impact and a little bit of liquid-black magic, too. It’s not as weird as it sounds, trust us! If you have fair skin, the waterline (or inner rim of your eye) is the perfect place for a cat-eye look with just a hint of subtlety. You see, when we rock this particular kind of liner we can see it only on one side of our lids; the other side remains concealed by our natural epicanthic fold.

The kind of eyeliner that goes on your waterline is a little different.

The waterline on your eyes is the inner rim, so it makes sense that the liner we use on this part of our lids should be different from what we use on the other parts. The usual liner that goes on your top eyelids (or the waterline’s sister), is smudgy, has to be put on wet, and is difficult to work with. The ideal waterline eyeliner should be thin, precise, and easy to use. The best ones are usually liquid or gel-based and come with a fine tip that makes the application process super easy and fuss-free. The best ones also come with a little brush that is specially designed to fit the tiny waterline.

We’re talking thin precision and accuracy here.

If you can’t get the precision right, all the best techniques in the world won’t make your waterline look the way it should. This is the one place where you should be super careful. Remember, this area of your eyes is very delicate, so you don’t want to get it all messy. The best way to get around this is to use a tiny brush to get as close to the inner rim as possible. This way you can use as little liner as possible, which is good since the liquid or gel formula used here is a little thicker than the usual liquid eye liner.

5 Expert Tips for Rocking This Cat Eye Look

Stay Away from a Wet Brush:

You don’t want water trickling into your eyes as you try to apply the liner. While the water will help you form the flick, you don’t want to get it on your waterline because it will make it very painful and irritating to keep the eye closed.

Make Sure Your Skin Is Clean:

The sensitive skin around your eyes is the last place you want bacteria. Wipe it clean with a special eye cleaning pad and use a special cleanser to avoid infection.

Use a Sharp Liner Brush:

It’s best to use a thin liner brush to achieve the thin and precise look you are aiming for.- Practice Makes Perfect: No one can get this cat eye look right on the first go. You must practice, practice, and practice some more until you get it just right.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Draw a Waterline:

Draw the Line too Close to Your Lashes: Your waterline has to be in the correct place. If you draw the liner too close to your lashes, it will be visible to everyone. It’s best to be as close as possible but not visible.

Forget to Seal It Off:

All of that careful precision and thinness of your waterline can go to waste if you forget to seal it off. Your eyeliner could smudge and ruin the look. Make sure you use an eyeliner sealer to keep the liner intact. Forget to Plan your Application The part of your eyes that you apply the eyeliner to is very small. So make sure you practice enough to get the application right without fail.

Final Words

These tips will help you achieve a perfect cat eye look on your waterline. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a thin and precise eyeliner and get ready to make your eyes pop!

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