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Enhance Your Interior Design With The Power of Skirting Boards

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Baseboards or base mouldings, commonly known as skirting boards, are essential in improving the charm and usability of indoor spaces. Apart from hiding gaps between floors and walls, they offer numerous benefits that often go unnoticed. They protect the walls from damage due to foot traffic and furniture movement while also adding a sleek finishing touch to room aesthetics. These boards can cover flaws in wall paint or flooring materials while simultaneously contributing to enhanced insulation properties for better temperature control. Moreover, they provide an excellent avenue for creative expression through various profiles, finishes, and material options available within interior design concepts always making them both practical yet aesthetically pleasing components. 

The advantages of having skirting boards in Home Decor

Damage Protection

The role of skirting boards is to create a safeguarding shield between your furniture’s lower sections and the walls. Their function involves shielding against scuff marks, scratches, and dents that can result from accidental bump-ins or movement caused by tables, chairs, and other items. This safety feature proves vital in places with high traffic or households comprising pets and young children.

Hiding Flaws

It provides a neat and refined appearance by concealing rough or flawed edges where the wall meets the floor, masking flooring flaws like gaps, cracks, and disparities to elevate your interior décor for an expertly polished finish.

Improvement of the Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from their practical purpose, it enhance a room’s overall appearance. They increase architectural allure and elegance by outlining the base of walls while matching your home’s design theme. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional or modern decor, there are various styles of boards to choose from that cater to your personal taste and interior style.

Interior Design Integration

There is a wide range of options available for these boards, including different designs and materials. Whether you prefer simple or intricate moulding profiles to complement your home’s architectural style and decor scheme, the versatility that comes with these features will suit any preference. Furthermore, painting or staining them can help match the walls’ trim finish while also integrating it seamlessly into any interior design plan you have in place.

Longevity and Maintenance

It plays a double role in your home by not only boosting its visual appeal but also adding to its durability and longevity. These edgings serve as an efficient barricade against moisture, dust, and debris that could harm the lower sections of walls and flooring. With adequate installation & upkeep, these boards can endure daily wear and tear without necessitating frequent repairs or maintenance measures.

Skirting Board Options for Home Decor

1. Skirting Board Timber Torus/Ogee – Standard 25mm x 175mm

Skirting Board Timber Torus/Ogee - Standard 25mm x 175mm
Skirting Board Timber Torus/Ogee – Standard 25mm x 175mm | frontceleb

The Metsä Woods Torus and Ogee boards made of softwood are a great addition to your home. These feature a natural finish, giving you the freedom to personalize them by painting or staining them as per your preference. They not only serve as the perfect finishing touch for any home decor project but also help in hiding joints between walls and flooring. Whether it’s protecting walls from furniture damage or adding versatility indoors, these unfinished boards cater to all decorative purposes with ease. Moreover, their unique profile adds elegance and style that complete the final stage of decorating any room beautifully!

2. WH Torus 1 Primed MDF Board 4400mm x 144mm x 18mm

Crafted from primed MDF that repels moisture, this board is meant to conceal the lowermost part of an indoor wall and give it a refined look. Its white completion adds chicness and contemporariness to any space while its knot-free, warp-free, defect-free structure allows for secure fixing using tacky substances or fasteners such as pins, screws, or nails. Thanks to its sturdiness and user-friendly setup procedure this board makes perfect sense when considering home renovation endeavors.

3. Skirting Board Timber Bullnosed Standard 19mm x 75mm – Finished Size 14.5mm x 69mm

Skirting Board Timber Bullnosed Standard 19mm x 75mm - Finished Size 14.5mm x 69mm
Skirting Board Timber Bullnosed Standard 19mm x 75mm – Finished Size 14.5mm x 69mm | frontceleb

Crafted from premium Scandinavian redwood pine, this board elevates the sophistication of your indoor settings. Responsibly procured and obtainable in a variety of designs and dimensions to align with your prerequisites, its finished sizes are typically 5-6mm shorter than nominal measurements while lengths vary extensively starting at around 1.8m or more extensive. Seamless amalgamation between walls and floors is guaranteed along with augmenting aesthetic allure into any home decor making it a perfect choice for you!

4. Skirting Board Timber Chamfered & Round/Pencil Round Best Pattern 19mm x 75mm – Finished Size 15mm x 69mm

Skirting Board Timber Chamfered & Round/Pencil Round Best Pattern 19mm x 75mm - Finished Size 15mm x 69mm
Skirting Board Timber Chamfered & Round/Pencil Round Best Pattern 19mm x 75mm – Finished Size 15mm x 69mm | frontceleb

Made from premium Scandinavian redwood pine, this board boasts an attractive design with chamfered and rounded edges. Responsibly sourced in several patterns and sizes to suit your exact requirements, finished dimensions are about 5-6mm less than nominal measurements while lengths vary randomly between 1.8m or more extended. Not only does it provide wall and floor protection&coverage but also adds a touch of refinement to any space.


Skirting boards are integral in enhancing home decor, offering a variety of aesthetic and practical benefits. They serve to protect walls and floors and conceal any blemishes or uneven surfaces while also adding depth to the visual appeal of your interior design. With various profiles, materials, and finishes available at Travis Perkin’s handpicked collection preference these boards offer tailor-made solutions for every homeowner’s unique preferences. If you’re searching for even more possibilities that can enhance your living space exponentially better than before – explore Travis Perkins today – where an extensive range awaits!

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How much gap should I leave under the skirting board?
To account for temperature and humidity changes that cause flooring materials to expand or contract, it is advised to leave a 5-10mm space between the floor and the board.
What are the standards for skirting boards?
The regulations for boards may differ by location and building policies. Nonetheless, the usual specifications incorporate a height of approximately 100-150mm and a thickness that ranges between 15-25mm. Additionally, personal preference and architectural style can influence profiles as well as designs.
Should the skirting board touch the floor with the carpet?
To avoid damaging carpet fibers and accommodate expansion or contraction, it’s recommended to maintain a slight space between boards and carpets during installation.

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