Purses and Cardholders: Portable accessories For Carrying Daily Essentials

purses and cardholders

Both Purses and Cardholders are essential accessories that you need to carry your personal items. They are tiny and yet the most important accessories you can have. When you think of credit cards, debit cards, cash, driver’s licenses, ID cards, and business cards where would you find them mostly secure? It’s either a Purse or a cardholder. They might look small and inconsequential to some but they are accessories that enhance your daily experience. 

There are ways to buy them either at the store or online. But we recommend buying it online since here you save time and get amazing discounts. The endless collection also gives you a choice to choose the one that suits your interest. House of Fraser is where you can get the best selections of purses and cardholders. Bug some of you might still find it amusing to invest in a cardholder. But they are rapidly growing accessories among entrepreneurs. It’s simply because it keeps your multiple cards well organized.

On the other hand, purses and cardholders are valuable accessories for women who like to keep their important things in one place purses and cardholders still use the purse as a styling option. They both create utility for women who want to add a stylish look and keep their important items safe and secure. Check out some best purses and Cardholders on House of Fraser. 

1. Purses and Cardholders For style and Maintenance 

1. Accordion Zip Around Purse 

If you are looking for a seamless addition to your day essentials the Accordion Zip Around Purse is a must-have purse for you.  It has a nice zip around the main compartment with a central inner zip coin pocket. There are small compartments such as card slots, and spaces for notes where you can put all your tiny things together. The purse is made from durable leather which is quite elegant to look at and has high resistance to dust. 

This is a perfect accessory for women to escort you when you are dining out. Keep your things uptight in the purse and look casually free. 

2. Coach Purses 

It’s an exceptionally classic accessory for women. Having the Coach Purses in your wardrobe makes it easy to decorate yourself to look more fancy. The purse is made from durable leather. It looks sleek on the outside creating a sophisticated look. It comes with different compartments for keeping your cards, money, and tiny notes together in one place. When you feel like not carrying a clutch bag or a tote bag while dining this is an excellent piece of accessory to accompany you. It’s small purses and cardholders yet functional creating that sophisticated look you need. 

If you are not buying for yourself this is excellent for sending it as a gift. Think of someone who you will cherish this gift. 

3. Leather Joisery Crystal Top Purse

Make no mistake when you have a leather Joisey Cyrstal Top Purse on your shopping list. If you are not satisfied with the regular type of purse it’s high time to replace the old purse. This classic leather Joisery is designed to give a fully functional experience. The purse is functional to store coins, notes, cards, and other small essentials. The crystal top is also designed with a magnetic closure. Every time you need to pull out notes or cards it’s simply easy to have it done right away. 

4. Michael Kors MMK Parker 

Made with high-class Faux leather this is a fantastic purse for every owner who loves to show off their luxury lifestyle. This is an excellent accessory for women who need an elegant purse to match their formal outfits. If you are dressing up in a formal mini dress or maxi dress add the Michael Kors MMK Parker for a stunning sophisticated look. 

2. Cardholders

1. Coach Wyn Small Cardholder 

Coach Wyn Small Cardholder | Frontceleb
Coach Wyn Small Cardholder | Frontceleb

Small and compact design the Coach Wyn Small Cardholder is exactly what you are looking for. The material used is premium-grained leather so the cardholder is extremely durable. It’s a must-have cardholder if you want to keep all your essential cards in one place. 

There are multiple colours available for customers who would prefer to have a specific set of colour selections. This is a compact and spacious accessory with envelope button colours for a seamless experience.   

2. Coach IDcardholder LD34 

Coach IDcardholder LD34 | Frontceleb
Coach IDcardholder LD34 | Frontceleb

This is an ideal choice for every woman who is looking for a sleek compact design type of cardholder. It has a front zip fastening for easy zip and unzipping. The additional cardholder chain makes it even more convenient for the user to keep the cardholder stuck on the fingers or around the belt. Inside there is sufficient space for storing different types of cards including an ID card. 

3. Coach Cardholder LdOO

Coach Cardholder LdOO | Frontceleb
Coach Cardholder LdOO | Frontceleb

It’s a small size compact design cardholder. This is typically an ideal purses and cardholders to carry around. You can easily store different types of cards such as credit cards, business cards, debit cards, and ID cards for office or official IDs. It’s made with synthetic leather, durable, and less maintenance is needed. Plus, it’s easy to put in your pocket! 


The purses and cardholders are definitely important accessories you need to keep your daily essentials in order. They are some of the important collections you need to have. Overtime purses and cardholders are also becoming the most purchased times at House of Fraser. This is mainly because they contribute to style and functionality. Not having one of these purses and cardholders is like missing the important part of the puzzles. Since they are affordable to shop why not get your best selection right on House of Fraser. For more information on purses and cardholders visit Frontceleb



Which one is better to have a wallet or a cardholder?
They both carry different utilities so you might need to consider which one is suitable for you. the cardholders are mainly for cards and the wallet can hold both cards and money. Wallets are also slightly larger compared to cardholders.
What is the purpose of a cardholder?
It’s a small accessory for storing different types of cards. It’s similar to compact wallets but smaller than wallets. Due to their compact design, they are easy to slide into your pockets.
Can I use a cardholder as a wallet?
If you are carrying a lot of cash it will fit in a lot of cash since they are meant only to slide it cards. But yes, you can use it as a wallet if you are only carrying a few notes.  

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