A Closer Look At Designer Shoulder Bags For Women

Telfar bags

Thanks to high demand, limited drops and celebrity fans like Dua Lipa, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé, Telfar bags have an average value retention of 195%, meaning that they appreciate to nearly twice as much as their original retail price.

Hermès bags

Like Telfar, Hermès is a designer “unicorn.” On average, the brand’s products retain their initial retail value and are worth more on the resale market.

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Chanel bags

The resale value of Chanel bags climbed with its primary market price increases. Up 12 percentage points from 2021, the brand’s average value retention is 87%, although several bags exceed 100%.

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Louis Vuitton bags

Another designer “unicorn,” Louis Vuitton boasts some impressive resale values, especially on their short-release styles.